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They appear as dark circles on the sun's surface.

Ex. 6: The lifecycle of a star is determined by its mass. A typical star will follow the main sequence, become a yellow star like the Sun, and die as a Red Giant and then settle as a White Dwarf. A black hole is an area that has had gravity pull in on itself due to a supermassive explosion. Black holes need large stars to form. The Milky Way was formed in the aftermath of the Big Bang, and is around at the super dense core. There are billions of Galaxies spread out through the universe.

Ex. 7: The Big Bang Theory is a theory that states that the universe began with a super massive and dense collection of matter that contracted into itself, and then, in a matter of moments, exploded in an endless expansion into space. All matter, as we know it has been affected in this process. The universe as we know it is still expanding, and even moving faster, suggesting that expansion is speeding up and not slowing down. Open Universe is the idea that the universe is endless and there are no barriers or restrictions to its size. Big Crunch Theory is the theory that the big bang began with a collection of matter that crunched together, exploding outwards in the Big Bang. The Steady State theory is one that competes with the Big Bang, and proposes that matter Is constantly being created as the known universe expands.
This means there is an unlimited amount of growth in the universe. The Hubble Law is a measurement of the Doppler shift of an object as observed from Earth. The longer time that light has been traveling, the greater the Doppler shift will be, which allows scientists to measure distance. Dark Energy is an unknown energy which is causing the ever expansion of the universe in contrast to gravity's pull. Dark Matter is matter that does not emit light in the radio or electromagnetic spectrum.

Ex. 8: The law of planetary motions is a discovery by Johannes Kepler who proved that the Earth was not at the center of the solar system. The law of Gravity was discovered by Sir Isaac Newton to be a passive downward force that affected all things equally. Terrestrial planets are planets that are similar to Earth in having a rocky surface. Inferior and superior planets is the old way of understanding why Mercury and Venus had shorter orbits, and Mars, Jupiter and Saturn to have longer Orbits relative to Earth. Jovian planets are planets like Jupiter that are not composed of rock on their surface. The Asteroid Belt or the Kuiper Belt is the belt between Mars and Jupiter which contains millions of asteroids which orbit the Sun. The Oort cloud is the supposed cloud of rocky debris that is far….....

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