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Title: Assisted Living

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Essay Instructions: Growth of assisted living facilities between 1990 and 2005. expected growth for assisted living facilites between 2005-2025. how many assisted facilites are there throuhgout the country. i want broken down, the top ten assisted living facilites in the country and how many facilites does each one have.I want to know what the average occupency rate for each facility is, and at what percentage rate do they become profitable? I would like to know how many of these facilites run above average occupency rate for profitability. What is the best way for a facility to market themselves in terms of filling the facility up? how many of these facilites throuhgout the country rely on generating leads to boost their bussiness? When you do the percentages can you also show grpahs. i would also like you to capsilize the future of assisted living facilities.

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Appendix A Comparison of Terminologies used for Supportive Housing Options

According to Mollica (2001), supportive housing options tend to differ widely in terms of size, cost, services, and facilities; the terms used to describe these options vary from state to state. Table 1 below outlines the most common terms and the differences among them:

Names/Types of Facilities


Personal Care Homes

Sheltered Housing

Homes for Adults

Board and Care

Domiciliary Care

Adult Foster Care

Senior Group Homes

Facilities using these names tend to be smaller (fewer than 10 individuals) and less expensive. Many of these are in traditional homes in residential neighborhoods. Shared bathrooms, bedrooms and living spaces are the norm.

Residential Care Facilities

Assisted Living Facilities

Adult Congregate Living

Facilities within this grouping tend to be larger, more expensive, and specifically designed to house the frail elderly or persons with disabilities, with an emphasis on independence and privacy. Most offer private rooms or apartments along with large common areas for activities and meals.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Life Care Facilities

These are usually large complexes that offer a variety of options ranging from independent living to skilled-nursing home care. These facilities are specifically designed to provide life-time care within one community. Facilities within this category tend to be the most expensive option.

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Title: Research paper on lack of proper eldercare in assisted living facilities

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Essay Instructions: 6 page research paper focusing on eldercare and/or eldercare in assisted living facilities. This paper needs to include a focal question (such as the lack of proper care for the elderly in assisted living facilities), and a review of literature on this topic, and finally an analysis of what issues need further exploration. Paper needs to be in APA format and there should be a minimum of 7 scholarly, peer-reviewed references (only journal articles). Double spaced, Times New Roman, 12pt.
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Virone, G., Alwan, M. Dalal, S., Kell, S.W., Turner, B. Stankovic, J.A., and Felder, R. (2008, May). IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine Vol. 12, No. 3. Behavioral Patterns of Older Adults in Assisted Living.

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Yu, H. Spenko, M. And Dubowsky, S. (2003). An Adaptive Shared Control System for an Intelligent MobilityAid for the Elderly. Autonomous Robots, Vol. 15. Retrieved from:

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Title: Fox Meadows Assisted Living

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Essay Instructions: Please read the case study labeled “Fox Meadows Assisted Living”, page 177-178, Sweeney-Feld and Oetjen textbook. On page 178 please answer question # 1(ad question) in detail. APA style.
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Adami, P. (2011). Marketing assisted living today. Long-Term Living. Retrieved October 18, 2013 from

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Title: marketing plan

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Essay Instructions: Each student will submit an eight- to ten-page comprehensive marketing plan for a healthcare service or product. A
marketing plan is a plan for marketing a particular service or product line in a particular geographical market. Your text,
At a minimum, the marketing plan shall include the following:
1. Management Summary
2. Economic Projections
3. The Market ??" Qualitative
4. The Market ??" Quantitative
5. Trend Analysis
6. Competition
7. Problems and Opportunities
8. Goals and Objectives
9. Action Programs
Marketing plan is an assisted living facility that is connected to a hospital. I would prefer the region to be southeast Michigan but that is not an absolute.

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