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Title: Symbolism Three Stories

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Essay Instructions: Topic: Symbolism in Three Stories:
Write a five ?paragraph essay in which you discuss the symbolism in the story title ?Clothes? by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni; ?The Hand ?by Colette ; and ?Battle Royal? by Ralph Ellison.

Three body paragraphs of at least eight sentences; one introductory paragraph and one concluding paragraph, each approximately four to five sentences.
Each body paragraph should have a clear topic sentence, two pieces of evidence to support the topic sentence, and a total of at least eight sentences. At least one piece of supporting evidence should be a brief direct quote from the story. The other piece of evidence could be an exact paraphrase from the story, or another brief quote.

The symbolism may be about Clothes (first story, first body paragraph), hands (second story, second body paragraph) and Blond woman in battle Royal (third body paragraph.)
The work cited page must be about those three authors and where the three stories came from.
Remember: ?Clothes? is from Arranged Marriage; ?Battle Royal? is from Invisible Man etc.
Note: You could found and read the three stories in the Ninth edition (The Bedford Introduction to literature) BY Michael Meyer on page 265 through 277.
Excerpt From Essay:

Colette. "The Hand." Retrieved online:

Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee. "Clothes." Retrieved online:

Ellison, Ralph. "Battle Royal." Retrieved online:

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Title: Argument essay Arranged Marriages v. Traditional Dating:

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Essay Instructions: Write a 5 paragraphs academic essay:
In a paragraph explain how Yumiko Asano defines Success in Marriage, In the remaining paragraphs of your essay state whether you agree or disagree with Yumiko''s definition and explain your point of view, giving examples to support your opinion.
Success in Marriage

There are two main ways of selecting a spouse in Japan: by dating and by using a matchmaker for an arranged marriage. Traditionally, people in the United States meet future spouses through dating. Unfamiliar with arranged marriages, most Americans reject them without knowing what they are really like. In an arranged marriage, prospective spouses meet each other through a matchmaker, and they have the opportunity to meet many different possible mates. At the same time, they can refuse any of the matches proposed by the matchmaker. Which means they are not obligated to marry anyone the matchmaker introduces to them. Marriage is a serious matter everywhere: It is not merely for playing house, nor is it just for fun. When people make a mature decision to get married and resolve that their first marriage will be their last one, it is time to get married. Comparing dating and arranged marriage as ways to find the right mate, I am sure that arranged marriages result in more successful marriage.

In an arranged marriage, both prospective spouses are committed and have a very clear objective: marriage. They are both serious about getting married and have a mature attitude toward marriage. This point becomes very clear when we consider that the average age of Japanese seeking an arranged marriage is higher then the average marrying age. In arranged marriages, the average is 28 for women and 32 for men. With a clear objective in mind and a mature outlook, one is more likely to choose a mate who will help build a long, successful marriage. On the other hand, marriages which are the result of dating are not always approached with the same commitment. Although a woman may want to continue working instead of getting married, very often her fianc? will pressure her to quit working and get married. Moreover, more young couples get married because they are curious about married life, which they think will make them seem older and more sophisticated. If only one partner wants to marry, or if one marries merely to seem older, there is not a full commitment to marriage.

People choosing an arranged marriage follow more mature criteria when selecting a mate than people who marry after dating. Seventy-eight percent of Japanese women seeking an arranged marriage put a strong earning potential as the first requirement for the prospective husband. This does not mean that he must have a lot of money but rather that he should have a stable job, which will contribute greatly to the success of the marriage. Financial problems are always painful, and in marriage they can be destructive. The criteria which men follow usually stress the social status of the woman''s family. Women from good families make good wives. Women from good families are also often traditional wives who are obedient, respectful, and content to stay home. On the other hand, young people who are dating follow different criteria in choosing dates, and predictably spouses. They are primarily interested in the appearance of the other person and in having fun. They are also interested in gaining experience by having relationships with different kinds of people. The criteria they follow are not as mature as the ones couples in an arranged marriage follow. And divorce statistics suggest that the criteria young people follow in entering a love marriage in both the United States and Japan do not lead to success. Over 40 percent of Americans get divorced, and one out of five Japanese marriages ends in divorce.

The matchmaker, or go-between, in an arranged marriage also plays a role in ensuring the marriage''s success. First, the matchmaker will look for someone of similar background and temperament. When people apply for an arranged marriage, they give the matchmaker a list of their personal qualifications to let the matchmaker know their background: educational level, work experience, family background, hobbies, and even salaries. The matchmaker will concentrate on finding someone who is similar. Even though many people claim not to care about the educational level of their spouse, for example, a discrepancy in how well each partner is educated can cause a couple to be at each other''s throats when they are married. Second, the matchmaker will screen potential candidates and proposes only ones that he/she can put a seal of approval on, ones that are found to be totally suitable. Since the matchmaker is usually someone older and wiser as well as a friend or relative of at least one of the people seeking marriage, he/she can be trusted to make the best possible match.

Last, the matchmaker has an interest in seeing that the marriage succeeds. If there are problems later in the marriage, the matchmaker will attempt to help the couple iron out the problems.

A successful marriage needs the support and commitment of both the husband and wife. In order to have success in marriage, a young man or woman needs to find a suitable mate because an unsuitable one will not make a successful marriage. A suitable mate is not only a partner that one gets along well with. A couple is suited to each other when they look at life in the same way and understand each other. A person must be mature to choose a suitable mate, but, to tell the truth, this is difficult for young people to do by themselves. Fortunately, there are matchmakers who can lead young people along the right way to choosing a spouse. Arranged marriages will create more success in marriage.

Yumiko Asano, Japan
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1. Answer either A or B.
A. Asian, Hispanic, White American, and Black American students tend to agree on what makes for an attractive female face. What are some of the differences in preferences of specific features among cultures?
B. Discuss why you either agree or disagree with Shoba Narayan on the potential benefits of an arranged marriage.
2. Answer C.
C. Describe a significant interpersonal attraction in your life. What or who initiated the contact? How did you become acquainted and what (if anything) did you like first about this person? What does the relationship mean to you today?
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Title: Genogram

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Essay Instructions: History about Dolly’s Family and background

Girl (Dolly) from Indian (India) Descents,
Race Punjabi.
Religion: Muslim
Was born and lived in Malaysia until she was16 years old and than later moved to Singapore for better life and education.
Came from huge family
Family rules were set by grandfather who died 60 years ago but rules are still being followed.
Only Dolly’s dad went against his family rules by sending all his five kids to school, graduate and holding white collar jobs including the females. Other family members (dad bothers and sisters family none of the kids went pass 8th grade and all of them have blue collar jobs) All the rest of the family members are still living in the same village except for Dolly’s family moved to Singapore.

Dolly’s parents got married (dad-21 years old and mom 17 years old). It was arranged marriage between for Dolly’s parents.
Dolly maternal family was much richer and educated than her parental family. Dolly’s maternal family refuses to acknowledge Dolly’s family because they were poor and her dad was not educated at all. Dolly’s dad died at the age 59 years old. Mom has never been to work before. Dolly’s brothers had to take over the family responsibilities by working and going to school at the same time. Mom became a widow at the age of 49 and never got married again.

Other family members looked down on Dolly’s family because going against family rules set by granddad many years back. All Dolly’s siblings are married to different race and religion spouses.

Dolly is very close to all her siblings, nephew and nieces and mom, works and goes to graduate school same time. Dolly has been a lot of rough times in life. Always helps other and smiles all the time but hides all her wounds from other people.

Older sister – married to Pakistani and have
1- 19-boy
1- 17-girl
1- 11-gilr
1- 09 – boy
Older sister married a Hindu guy from a lower cast
Older brother – married Sikh Girl from lower cast
1- 4 year old boy
1- 2 years old boy

2nd Older brother – married to Sikh Girl from higher cast
1- 7- years old girl
1- 4 years old son

5th child is Dolly not married yet

6th child Dolly’s baby sister married to White man from USAUSA and has no kids

Topic to be Covered in Genogram:-

1. Significant family events:-
- Death- dad/uncle and grand ma passed within six months
- Females are not allowed to go school and work- only Dolly’s and sister went to school and worked.
- Moved from Malaysia to Singapore for better education and job prospects.

2. Three family themes/Issues
- dad’ s family, all his brothers and mother died of heart attack
- all the family members on dad’s side illiterate and had many kids has socio economical problem/ everybody lived in joined family and only Dolly’s dad was supporting everyone else ( 40 family members)
- Only arrange marriages was allowed; older Cousion sister disagrees and married her own choice was disowned by family and not allowed to associate with her; consider her as death
3. Psychological impact of family events and themes:
- disowning sister ( if only parents could agree to her choice);
- if dad didn’t have to work all the time to support all the extended family members (uncles & aunties and their many kids).
- If only when dad passed away all the other family members could help Dolly’s mom and her siblings.

4. Reframe an experience –
- dad’s death and not having any income or savings. Dolly’s dad died of heart attack; he had to work despite knowing that he may die; he had to work to support his family and his brother and sisters and their many kids

5. What would you change in your family?
- Ensure my kids have the freedom to chose their life partner and will allow girls to go to school and wouldn’t mind if my daughter could help financially.
6. What from this information may impact you as a counselor?
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