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Title: argumentative essay

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Essay Instructions: Sending assignment requirements to Mark Dee. The book to which the essay should refer to is Female Chauvinist Pigs by Ariel Levy (ISBN-13 = 978-0-7432-4989-8, ISBN-10 = 0-7432-4989-5).
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Title: Death and the maiden

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Essay Instructions: Death and the Maiden, written by Ariel Dorfman explores the use of power and the repercussions of abuse in this gripping play. In reading the play, and then seeing the play, you will note the differences between one medium and another. Both plays and films utilize space and persons to put forward the plot and characterizations. The set in a play is a facsimile of a location while in a film, the actual location can be presented. In both, actors interpret the work to bring it to life. Films do not have the same sort of immediacy as the theater, and the theater is never able to completely an absolutely duplicate its performances because the audience and the theater itself is always being modified. Because something is on film, it can be fairly exact every time it is shown. Nevertheless, audiences for films do change too. Everyone of us is sure to remember if we have seen a film or television show repeated that the people we are seeing it with can react differently than the audience we were with the first time we saw it. In that way, films have similar problems because audience do not always react the same way.

Read Death and the Maiden first. Take note of the stage directions and the arrangement of the set. All the action takes place primarily within the first set that we see. There is a terrace in view, a bedroom door, a sideboard. As much as you can, picture that set in your head. Also picture the characters. Even though the actors are pictured on the front cover, as much as you can try to see Gerardo and Paulina as clearly as you can. Imagine their home, its comfort and feel. If you can read to the end of the play. Then get the movie. It should be available at any video rental store or the library. It is a well-known film. Watch the film and even follow some of it in the book to get a feel for what is left out. In film pictures are considered more important than words. In the theater, we do not have the option of getting a close-up of an actor or actress, so there have to be more sweeping gestures and obvious action that will take our attention to where we want it to go. On the other hand, we are a captive audience in the theater. We can?t stop the production to make a sandwich or go to the bathroom.

Once you have followed this process, write down some of the things you notice in either format. What is left out of the film? What comes across more dramatically in our minds than on the silver screen.

In a paper indicate the significance of this story. Like Wiesel, Paulina has had some devastating experiences. She is remarkably normal despite these events in her past. However, the appearance of Roberto at this particular time in her and Gerardo?s lives may have triggered a kind of delayed stress syndrome, or, if we believe her, she is coming face to face with her tormentor. Make a case from the text for Paulina?s actions?either for or against her certainty that Roberto is the man she believes he is. While the text is ambivalent, does the author of the story seem to indicate one way or another more likely? Is it possible that depending how Paulina is interpreted by the actor, we may be content with one view or another? In what way does the dramatic movement of the play suggest the validity or lack of validity concerning Paulina?s accusation? If she is correct, what does the play mean to say? If she is not correct, what do we make of this event she has constructed. Discuss your ideas based upon the characterizations, the camera angles or set design, the pacing of the play, and the significance of the ending. In other words, as I have said before, use the text to back up your opinion.

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Title: Little Mermaid Advertisement

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Essay Instructions: You are an advertiser who markets products to adults. Create an ORIGINAL magazine advertisement( i will provide it through Customer Control Panel), no larger than 81/2 x 11, using a fairy tale theme. This can be done on the computer, be hand-drawn , or with cut-offs from magazines/clip add, but must reflect college level work. Then write a 1 ½ - 2 pages analysis(MLA formate) of how you used the audience’s knowledge of fairy tales to successfully market a product. Staple the analysis to the top of your ad.

Things to consider in you analysis:
-Name of fairy tale used
-Images and details(including any text) used to convey the visual message
-Intended audience, including what type of publication you would place the ad
-Responses you hope to evoke in viewers/consumers
-A conclusion that defended/ supports the use of fairy tales in advertisements

The following Advertisement Ad i will provide through Customer Panel is Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" in this Advertisement i use Ariels love for "collecting" anything humans forget or loose in the water. For example, pots,pans, forks, treasures,books,flashlights, etc.. Ariel collects different objects and that made me realize "Goodwill stores" which is a place where you can donate any clothes, objects, furnature etc.. to the store. Then other people in need of these objects or clothes come and purchase what you donated and that money is to fund programs throughout the United States. So i use Ariel from the little mermaid to advertise "Goodwill."
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Title: religious studies regarding Hurting the Body for the sake of the soul

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Essay Instructions: Essay on "Hurting the body for the sake of the soul. One reference can be Ariel Glucklich "Self and Sacrifice" This is for a religious studies course emphasizing religious experiences and this essay is to be concentrating on the psychology of sacred Pain.

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