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Title: whatever you think

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Essay Instructions: Assignment 2: Appeals

Chapter 7 describes in more detail how criminal cases progress from the trial level up through appeals and finally to the United States Supreme Court.
Explain how cases follow this path, in both the Federal system as well as your home state's system. (TEXAS) Show how cases are appealed and for what reasons they may be appealed. How do appellate courts (including the Supreme Court) decide which cases to accept? If a case is selected to have an appeal heard, what actually takes place in that hearing?

Assuming a case is heard by the U.S. Supreme Court, explain how the Justices arrive at, and publish their decision.

Cite any sources you use on a separate page by using APA guidelines.

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria
Discussed the basic methods by which criminal cases qualify for appeal.
Described accurately the steps involved as a case progresses through the Federal system.
Described accurately the steps involved as a case progresses through the state system.
Explained what an appeals hearing entails.
Explained the mechanisms by which Supreme Court Justices present their decisions; utilize correct terms.
Used correct spelling, grammar, and professional vocabulary and cited all sources using APA format.

Please add references and URLs in APA format. Thank you

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Title: Appeals

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Essay Instructions: What is the purpose of allowing appeals in civil and criminal cases? What are the limitations in terms of numbers of appeals and the courts to which one may appeal?

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Hello, I'm Eisaku, an international student from Japan. I would like you to write an appeal letter for me. I'm trying to appeal myself to UCR for transfer for Fall 2012 because UCR rejected me. I messed up the deadline to report my Spring grades. Meanwhile, I have been allowed to appeal myself to UCR to revert their decision by providing a good appeal letter and provable evidence about why I believe that I should be admitted. I did research about how to write a good appealing essay. In order to successfully appeal myself, I must prove that I am a much stronger candidate than what was presented in my application. Specifically, I must present new and compelling information that was not previously available to the admissions office. Actually, I have new and compelling information to UCR. Therefore, I provided you a copy of my transcripts in order for you to find the new and compelling information. Also, I attached a guideline for the letter.

Next, about the letter, I would like you to write my story regarding extraordinary hardship during my first college year with your professional English. As you can see, I have 2.88 GPA when I finished the courses for the Winter 2012. And my grades from the Fall 2010 to the Summer 2011 are terrible. And my GPA was dragged down by an F and a D, which I received for POL-1 and MAT-5. That's because my English was not good at all; I spent lot of time for study, but I could not get a good grade for the class. More Specifically, I didn't know how to successfully keep a high GPA in American college because I'm from a different country and because I could not handle the various class in each semester with my poor English. However, from the Fall 2012, as my English improved, I kept 3.25 GPA. Also, improvement of my word power helped me successfully finish the courses from Fall 2012. Since Spring 2011, I have memorized English words with a vocabulary building book, which is primary for high school and college students.. Also, as you can, before the Spring 2012, I failed the two classes: POL-1 and MAT-5 because I struggled taking the two classes with my poor English. So I retook these classes on the Spring 2012 and successfully passed these classes.

With the information, I would you to write my good letter for UCR. I really appreciate your help. Thank you very much!

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Title: Independent Research Project

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1926 References: 2 Citation Style: None Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: 1.
Read the selections in your textbook: Frederick Douglass' "Appendix" (448-452), Alain Locke's "The New Negro" (984), Amiri Baraka's "The Dutchman" (1946), and Alice Walker's The Color Purple (2454).
Locate AND READ the following articles from the TCC Database; ifI told you which database that would take away from the assignment! I have, however, provided the author's and titles:
A. James Wohlpart's "Privatized Sentiment and the Institution of Christianity: Douglass's Ethical Stance in the Narrative"
Clarence E. Walker's "The Philosophy of Alain Locke: Harlem Renaissance and Beyond"
Carole Hamilton's "A discussion of Dutchman"
Linda Selzer's "Race and domesticity in The Color Purple.
Write the MLA citation correctly for your textbook (all you need is a general citation and it should only be listed ONCE). Your textbook is an anthology and it should be cited as such. Next, complete the correct MLA citation for the four articles listed above. Once you have cited them all correctly, you would attach a Works Cited page as these are the sources you will use to answer the four questions.
Attached are four questions related to the works in the textbook and the articles. You will notice the articles relate to the works (thus primary and secondary). Answer each of the four questions and you will use both your textbook and the articles as support for your answers.
Once completed, here is what you tum in to me: The TYPED responses to the four questions (double-spaced, size 12 Times New Roman), and the Works Cited will be your last page. Length: As of now, you should know the length at which you should answer
. essay questions. Considering you are taking this horne, and it requires outside research, you determine your own length. At the same time, based on the tests you have taken in class, you know what constitutes a full 25 points (3-4 sentence responses will probably earn you 0-5 points); gauge yourself based on this.
These are the 4 topics
Appealing to a white Christian audience, many early African American writers used religious ideology to convince their audiences of the inhumanity and injustice of slavery. How does Frederick Douglass use Christian principles as a tool ofpersuasion in the "Appendix?"What clarification does Douglass provide in the "Appendix" ofhis views about the relation of religion and slavery?
What does Alain Locke mean by the "New" Negro? How does this figure differ from the "old" Negro? To what extent does this figure correspond to an actual social type, and to what extent might it be an idealization? What might Locke's pUlpose be in idealizing the new Negro?
3. Amiri BarakaiLeRoi Jones is calling for something of a revolution in this play. He is showing us that Clay's attempt to be "white" is futile and that he will never be received into "white" society. It is a dark view ofthe dominant culture and how that culture represses minorities in particular African Americans. The play also features a group of co-conspirators who can't be ignored; they are essential to the play's meaning in that they help push Clay's body off the train. This is quite an indictment of white society. And finally, neither ofthe two characters are what they appear to be. Clay cannot hide his "blackness" and ultimately his anger no matter what he does. Sadly, Lula knows how to exploit his weakness and uses her sexuality to manipulate and expose Clay's hidden hatred. These are complex and disturbing characters to say the least; explain how both Lula and Clay are complex characters. Be specific.
4. In Alice Walker's The Color Purple, the protagonist sees sex as a form of violence
committed against her or at best, an uninspiring obligation to her husband. That is, until
she meets a very inspiring woman named Shug. Shug defines "virginity" as an emotional
state, rather than physical: if you haven't enjoyed sex, you're still a virgin. Shug affirms
the goodness of sex by stating definitively that God created sex and wants humans to
enjoy it. Although sex is a normal, everyday thing to most characters in this novel, Shug
suggests that it transcends the everyday and becomes something sacred and divine.
Although Celie has already had several children and two sexual partners, when she meets
Shug, she is indeed a virgin. Discuss this sexual paradox as it relates to Celie's
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