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Title: Democracy in ancient Greece

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Essay Instructions: Describe the conditions underlying the rise and fall of democracy in ancient Greece. At what point in the decline of Greek democracy do Socrates and Plato come in, and why were they advancing a return to aristocratic elitism rather than enthusiastic supporters of direct democracy? How can the classical anarchist vision of society (e.g., Kropotkin, Bakunin, and Goldman) be compared to Athenian direct democracy?

-on-line sources needed
Excerpt From Essay:

Cartledge, P (2011). Critics and Critiques of Athenian Democracy: Retrieved on 29/6/2012 from:

Preston, K (2003). Anarchist Law: Some Hard Questions: Retrieved on 29/6/2012 from:

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Title: A Background Ancient Greece developed eastern side Mediterranean a series loosely connected City States Here seeds modern science Greek philosophers scientists Plato Aristotle Hellenic Era wealth devote time study natural phenomena abstract ideas mathematics astronomy

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Essay Instructions: A. Background
Ancient Greece developed on the eastern side of the Mediterranean as a series of loosely connected City-States.
Here were the seeds of modern science. Greek philosophers / scientists, such as Plato and Aristotle (Hellenic Era) had the wealth to devote time to the study of natural phenomena, abstract ideas about mathematics, and astronomy. They developed many theories based on their observations of Natural Phenomena, some of which are still relevant today
Greek scientists came pretty close to predicting the size and circumference of the earth (20,000 miles) but they didn?t accept the extremely large numbers they found when calculating the distances of the stars (again, they were pretty accurate). They just assumed there was something wrong with their calculations
Alexander the Great (Hellenistic Era) conquered the known world of the time and expanded Greek culture throughout the area around the Mediterranean. The city, Alexandria, was named for him. Even though Alexander died young, the great culture of Greece was adopted by the Romans as they took over. Note that this was the transition to the unit 4 (the rise and fall of Ancient Rome, the rise of Christianity, and the Dark Ages

B. Assignment :
Summarize all the assigned readings; 1-2 pages total
Your reactions to the information you read about
What was the culture/society like? Imagine living there.
** The impact did science and technology have on this time in history.
The influence of the past on this society.
Relevance to today's world.
*Identify specifically where your information come from (text, website, newspaper)

Some Issues to think about as you read

The differences between Ancient Greece and Egypt.
The topography of Greece and its development.
The governmental structure of Ancient Greece vs.that of Egypt.

Aristotle thought the Earth was the center of the universe (Geocentric vs. heliocentric).
Relevance of Aristotle on future societies.


Greek Culture:
Greek Philosophy:
Greek Science:
Excerpt From Essay:

Greece and the birth of science. (2012). University of Arizona. Retrieved:

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Title: Please answer questions submit a 2 3 page double spaced essay citations question Do text book a citation The due date exam final exam meeting class Please submit exam electronically completed type word processed format complete citations foot note

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Essay Instructions: Please answer the following questions and submit it as a 2-3 (or more!) page double-spaced essay, with citations for each question. Do not use the text book as a citation. The due date for this exam is at the final exam meeting in class. Please submit your exam electronically here in completed, type/word processed format, complete with citations/foot note. The final exam will be due by Friday, December 17, 2010 by 12 midnight.

1. What were the main causes behind the development of democracy in Greece? Why was the polis the preferred form of government in ancient Greece? What role did ostracism and political exile play in maintaining a political balance in Ancient Greece? 2. Why was Alexander so successful in building his empire? What specific measures did he take in order to ensure that Greek rule would be successful beyond the borders of the Greek homeland?
Excerpt From Essay:

Davies, J.K. (1993). Democracy and classical Greece. Boston, MA: Harvard University


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Title: ancient Greece and ancient Rome

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Essay Instructions: Compare and contrast the legacies of ancient Greece and ancient Rome in the area of development and use of mathematics.

Discuss possible reasons why there were a lot of mathematical developments in ancient Greece but mostly applications in ancient Rome.
Excerpt From Essay:


Lecture 7: Hellenistic science and Roman Science. November 5, 2009.

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