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Title: Americas interests and Involvement in Cuba

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  • Bibliography:10
  • Citation Style: Chicago
  • Document Type: Essay
Essay Instructions: I need a Cuban research paper which is 13 pages in length. For this research paper you must use one of these as your primary resources which are listed below as well as some suggested secondary sources, which are not required to be used. This paper should also have at least two primary sources and eight books/articles/journals as your secondary sources. Each bibliographical citation should have an annotation. This paper must use 12 point font, Times New Roman Font, once-inch margins; double-spaced, and proper editing please. Also please make this paper easy to explain through a powerpoint presentation. The writer is free to choose a research topic, as long as it fits the specified requirements below.
Some suggested Topics are:
1. What were the USUS interests in the Cuban Revolution?
2. Americas interests in Cuba?
3. Platt Amendement vs. Teller Amendment
4. Monroe Doctrine: Advantages & Disadvantages
5. USUS trade agreements with Cuba
6. Human Rights in Cuba, and America's involvement?
7. Cuban Revolution?
8. USUS Involvement in Cuban Revolution, Was it beneficial or
did it hinder country's development.

This research paper must ask a question and then answer the question through evidence found or used through primary and secondary sources.

I would also like an detailed outline for the paper, a bibliography (according to Chicago Manual of Style), and please list which documents were your primary documents, and secondary documents, as well please explain why why you choose your sources for your paper, a brief annotation.
No internet sites are accepted citation for any sources!!!

Primary Documents

1. Ostend Manifesto
2. Teller Amendment
3. Platt Amendment
4. History will absolve me
5. Declaration of Havana 1 and 2
6. Cuban Democracy Act (Toricelli)

Secondary Sources


1. Louis A Perez: Cuba
2. Insurgent Cuba
3. Nationalizing Blackness


1. Gordan Adams
"The International Politics of the Liberation Struggle: A Documentary Essay"
Latin American Perspectives Vol. 8, No. 1, The Caribbean and Africa(Winter, 1981).pp 108-125
Stable URL:

2. Peiro Gleijeses
"Cuba's First Venture in Africa: Algeria, 1961-1965"
Journal of Latin American Studies > Vol.28, No.1 (Feb.,1996),pp159-195

3. Piero Gleijeses
"The First Ambassadors: Cuba's Contribution to Guinea-Bissau's War of Independence"
Journal of Latin American Studies > Vol.29,No.1 (Feb.,1997),pp. 45-88

The writer is free to choose a research topic, as long as it fits the specified requirements above.

I would also like an outline for the paper, a bibliography (according to Chicago Manual of Style).
Excerpt From Essay:

By the early decades of the 20th century the issue of the American presence in Cuba came to be seen as a problem in most of the areas of activity. There are several causes that are related to this matter which can be considered to be determinant for the revolution.

On the one hand, there was the increasing nationalist spirit. The Cuban nation had never established itself as a truly independent country throughout its history. The influence of the Spanish and then of the Americans had left the native societies of the Cuban island lacking any sense of national identity. In this sense, it is considered that there was a need for a revolution in a country from which "African- influenced culture was almost entirely excluded" (Moore,, 2) at the same time however, this emancipation attitude must be seen even from the perspective of the changes that were taking place at the time of the revolution, in the 50s and 60s. Therefore, after the Second World War the colonial powers realized that the nationalist flagellum would eventually destroy their grip on the colonies and they came to consider giving their independence. The case of Great Britain and France are relevant in this sense. However, Cuba was not officially a colony; still the pressure of the American side was felt just as intense.

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Title: Americas Rise to Industrial Power

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  • Words: 2937
  • References:7
  • Citation Style: MLA
  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: This paper needs to discuss Americas Rise to Industrial Power from the time period of 1865-1900.

- It needs to discuss the rise of Retailing-- (advertising; how it started and what it did to the people, also ( Mail order houses and chain stores, and how they affected the country.))

- It also needs to discuss Agricultural growth and change-- (needs to discuss the different kinds of agriculture; farming, mining, lumbering, and ranching and the growing economic interdependence of the people.)

- It also needs to discuss the Rise of Big Business--- The leadig industries (what were they), Robber Barons (who were they and what they did), and the Gilded Age. Also the Beginnings of Government Regulations and how it effected the businesses.

- The Bibliography and paper needs to come from 7 different book sources (no internet or newspaper sources can be used).

- There should be no more than 1 quote on each page and can not be more than 3 sentences long. Also there needs to be at least 34 citations and then put in endnotes (not footnotes).
Excerpt From Essay:
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Title: Advancing Democracy in Latin America Through the Church

  • Total Pages: 12
  • Words: 3554
  • Bibliography:0
  • Citation Style: APA
  • Document Type: Essay
Essay Instructions: 10-12 Page Research Paper on Advancing Democracy in Latin America through the Church. (Catholic & Christian Missions)

Standard Format w/intro, main points, and conclusion....using transition sentences between topic areas. Use end notes in lieu of foot notes.

Central Research Question(s):
Can Catholic/Christian missionaries be engaged to help stabilize Latin American States? Can these institutions be leveraged to advance the USUS National Securtiy Strategy goals concerning democracy, human rights, education, economic growth, and regional security?

Main Points
1. Current State of Democracy in Latin America. Where are we in terms of Human Rights, Education, Economic Growth, Political Stability.
2. Role religion plays in Latin American culture. Most readings indicate that the Church is the most respected institution in Latin American countries. The Churches Social & Cultural influence. The relationship betwen the Church and the People.
3. Political influence of the Church in Latin Amer. Church relationship with the government, the military, narco-trafficers, & businesses.
4. Briefly discuss Christendom vs secularism & liberation theology vs conservatism in the region.
5. Globalization. Can the Church speed globalization of the region? How to bridge the gap between poverty and wealthy? People & Church attitudes toward globalization in Latin America.
6. Would the church be willing to advance these ideas to secure a wider peace/more stabilized region? What are the obstacles to prevent their intervention.

Desired Objective/Conclusion: Would like to make a case that leveraging religion might be a step to take in advancing the U.S. democracy/human rights/economic growth agenda.

Request the following references be used in the bibliography and if possible be used as source material for the paper.

Understanding Contemporary Latin America; Richard S. Hilman; 2001
Latin America and the Caribbean; G. Pope Atkins; 1999
Modern Latin America; Skidmore & Smith; 1997
Rendering Unto Ceasar: The Catholic Church and the State in Latin America; James A. Gill; 1998
Religion and Political Conflict in Latin America; Daniel H. Levine; 1986
The Church, Dictatorships, and Democracy in Latin America; Jeff Klaiber; 1998
Globalizing the Sacred: Religion Across the Americas; Vasquez and Marquardt; 2003
The Struggle for Human Rights in Latin America; Ed L. Cleary; 1997
The Missionary Movement in American Catholic History; Angelyn Dries; 1998
?Bridging the Gap between Empowerment and Power? Transnational Religion; Rudolph & Piscatori; 1997
Catholicism, Social Control, and Modernization in Latin America; Ivan Vallier; 1970
Christian Democracy in Latin America; Mainwaring & Scully; 2003
"Catholicism, social control, and modernization in Latin America (Modernization of traditional societies series)"
by Ivan Vallier
"Globalizing the Sacred: Religion Across the Americas"
by Manuel A. Vasquez
"The Missionary Movement in American Catholic History (American Society of Missiology Series)"
by Angelyn Dries
"Christianity, Social Change, and Globalization in the Americas" by Anna Lisa Peterson
"Christian Democracy in Latin America: Electoral Competition and Regime Conflicts" by Scott Mainwaring
Excerpt From Essay:

Alvaro Llosa, Alvaro Vargas. Latin American liberalism: a mirage? Independent Review; 1/1/2002.

C. Rene Padilla. The future of Christianity in Latin America: missiological perspectives and challenges. International Bulletin of Missionary Research; 7/1/1999.

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Title: The Conquest of the Americas

  • Total Pages: 6
  • Words: 1654
  • References:0
  • Citation Style: MLA
  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: Please use the book VICTORS AND VANQUISED written by Stuart Schwartz.

Please write a well crafted sixpage interpretative essay (12pt and double space) The essay should be clearly written and well argued.

the story of the conquest of americas has capture the imagination of readers since the 16th centure Based on VICTORS AND VANQUISED dicuss the following.

First discuss how the conquest of the americas was an extension of the spanish reconquista. Make sure you discuss the religious and ideological motives and the Christians's past experience with the ethnic groups.

Sencond discrive how the native and spanish texts interpreted these events(The death of Moctezuma and the Massacre at Cholula) and also How do you explain the contradicotry interpretations of these events?

Finally how did the spaniards justify the conquest? how did they explain the success of the conques to themselves and how did native americans explan thier defeat of themselves?
Excerpt From Essay:
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