In his youth, Jimmy had missed becoming a pro pitcher because of a
shoulder injury. Now Jimmy receives a rare second change to perhaps live
his youthful dream after all, in midlife, a time when, realistically
speaking (at least for the vast majority of would-be baseball
professionals) anyone not making it long before this has simply missed his
chance. Jimmy Morris's late-life professional baseball story is true (with
a few Hollywood add-ons); put perhaps more importantly than that, it rings
true - probably within the collective American psyche in particular. After
all, very occasionally in America (and in baseball, two near-synonymous
entities in our culture) unusual exceptions to the rules, or to the long-
held norms and averages of life do occur.
Such special and singular occurrences, moreover, are plausible
entirely plausible to our psyche. We need not suspend disbelief. We need
not disbelieve at all. That is the real...
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