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Title: alternative fuels

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Essay Instructions: the paper is an online opinion piece. it has to be about 500-750 words. t has to advocate a policy change or a need for use of alternative fuels. i will send the instructions and the rubric. it has to include an annoted bibliography also.
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Title: Alternative Fuels

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Essay Instructions: Argumentative Paper - Topic "Should the federal government fund private research into alternative fuels? {More Specifically Ethanol Blends (E85, etc)}

Thesis Statement: Yes, the government should fund private research into alternative fuels based on ethanol because...

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The Paper

Prepare a six-eight (6-8) page, typed (double-spaced) argumentative paper. The paper will argue a clear thesis in response to the research question selected by the student and approved by the instructor. In the course of arguing the thesis, all counter-arguments should be systematically refuted using reasoning and the evidence collected through research.

Presentation Format

Present the paper stapled together with a typed cover page including the paper?s title, student?s name, class title and meeting time, and the professor?s name. Use Times New Roman # 12 font. The paper should use one inch margins on all sides. Do not present the paper in a jacket or folder of any kind.

Documentation Style

All sources used must be cited using separate endnotes and references pages at the end of the paper. The Chicago Manual of Style numerical citation format is the only format acceptable for documenting sources. For permission to use any other citation format, see the instructor immediately. The endnotes page should include all citations of sources quoted or paraphrased in the text of the paper. The references page should include a list of all sources used in the paper in alphabetical order by the authors? last names.


A minimum of ten (10) sources must be utilized and cited on the references page.
Seven (7) sources must come from the first four categories below. The following are
categories of acceptable sources for use in this assignment in order of importance:

Books (Select works written within the last 1-5 years if possible.)

Academic Journal Articles (Please see the Social Sciences Index.)

Government Documents (All pages at official government web sites count!)

Laws, Bills Pending in Legislatures, Administrative and Court Decisions

Newspapers (Use of any specific newspaper articles must be approved by the instructor.
Generally only the Wall Street Journal, L.A. Times, New York Times, Washington Post and Washington Times will be approved. All of these papers except the WSJ have free web sites.)

Personal Interviews (Experts may be interviewed in person or by telephone with the instructor?s approval and guidance.)

Internet Sources (Students are encouraged to use the internet for academic research. However, the same standards of documentation apply. All of the information expected for any other non-internet source is necessary. In addition, the entire website address should be cited at the end of the citation.
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Title: Alternative Fuels affect the environment in California

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Essay Instructions: This is the assignment: Prepare an assessment for Lotus Rental Car’s CFO on the feasibility of adding alternative fuel vehicles to the fleet. I need to write about the how alternative fuels affect the environment in the state of California. Must be between 500 - 600 words.

Also need a reference and need to write 75 - 100 words on why this was a good reference on the reference page

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Title: Nuclear Power Plants

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The Assignment:
(Due at the end of week eight)

Throughout the Liberal Studies program you will find that we ask the big questions and try to come up with important answers. Just as important as the answer is that we approach these types of issues in a researched, thoughtful way. We have to be objective and have the correct information if we hope to come up with the right anwers.

One of the great issues of our time is alternative fuels. Fossil fuels won't last forever, so at some point we are going to have to find alternative energy sources. As important as this is, the average person really doesn't know that much about it. In addition, it is a very emotional and political issue, so often people take sides based on biases and political affiliation without having much information.

Studying alternative fuels is also a very good interdisciplinary exercise because it contains elements of the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanites. In addition, on this particular issue, they all effect each other. We think you will find this a great opportunity for exploration and discovery. Choose ONE of the three alternative fuels to write about. Click on the item for detailed instructions about writing the paper.

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