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Right now, the most obvious need in the world economy is in alternative fuels.

While the enemies of progress -- a loose coalition of oil industry interests, corrupt politicians and science-denying religious fundamentalists -- thwart attempts by government to promote alternative energy, nations such as China are leading the world in developing new energy technologies. That country, already feeling the constraints of energy shortages on economic growth, has become a leader in solar and wind technology, and has some of the biggest hydroelectric projects in the world (Fang, 2006). Other nations such as Germany are also taking the lead in the rollout of alternative fuels. If the United States allows other nations to take the lead in the development of alternative energy, it is allowing them to take the lead in development in the next century (LaMonica, 2010).

Under the current woeful alternative energy programs, the next century will see other nations surpass the United States. While we are slurping up the last few gallons of oil out of the earth's crust and destroying our environment to do it, the world's progressive nations will already have moved into the 22nd century.
We will be forced to play catch-up. With our current alternative energy policy, America is ceding leadership of the world's most pressing issue to other countries. That is not how this country became great, and it is not how we will remain great. An alternative energy policy needs to be developed now, with long-term vision, to take America into the post-oil world still the world leader in innovation and technology.

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