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Title: I attended Narcotics Anon Alcoholics Anon meeting AA meeting Greenville a United Methodist Church a Friday night The NA meeting Greenville a Wednesday evening SC I insights reaction papers follow based 3 peer reviewed professional journal references include 6 page wrap paper

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Essay Instructions: I have attended one Narcotics Anon and one Alcoholics Anon meeting..... the AA meeting was in Greenville at a United Methodist Church on a Friday night. The NA meeting was in Greenville on a Wednesday evening. (SC) - I am really looking for some insights into reaction papers as well as the follow up based on those 3 other peer-reviewed professional journal references that we must include in our 6-page wrap-up paper.... after attending these meetings.

This assignment is designed to provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of the role that self-help groups play in recovery from substance use/addictive disorders.
Students are expected to evaluate two mutual/self-help meetings related to addictions (Alanon, NA, AA, SMART Recovery).
You will write and submit one six-page paper regarding the recovery groups. This assignment must include a title page, reference page, and follow APA format.
The 6-page paper must include a minimum of a two-page written reflection about the face-to-face meeting and a two page written reflection about the online or second face-to-face experience. In these reflections about your recovery group experiences, indicate what meetings you attended, specifying the dates, location and types of meetings (AA, NA, Al-Anon, etc.). Briefly summarize and explain the key points in the readings you did online, and discuss if you noticed characteristics you expected to see. Describe your reactions to the meetings, the mood in the room or in the chat room, and description of structure, and the key features of how the group was delivered.

In addition, based on your experience in the meeting, articles read online (AA, NA, Smart Recovery websites), and articles read in class (Bevilacqua & Golman, 2009; Bickel et al., 2011), you must conclude the paper with a two-page discussion on your understanding of the disease concept and the etiology of addiction. Please include at least 3 additional references for this final section of the paper.

Tips about in person attendance:
1. Attend one (or two) open meetings in person and/or one online.
2. Note in advance if the meeting is smoking, non-smoking, or wheel chair assessable.
3. If you are already in recovery, attend a meeting of a group that is new to you.
4. Be on time and stay until the end of the meeting.
5. If asked, identify yourself with first name only.
6. Maintain the role of an observer, there to learn.
7. You may make a monetary donation when the basket is passed around, but it is not required.
8. Respect the anonymity of the attendees, and if you see someone you know please remain neutral in your response.
9. If asked, respond that you are there to learn about the meetings.

Before visiting a meeting, please review the website that go along with the meetings you will attend and complete the readings that are listed below. If you choose another meeting that does not have assigned readings please check with me for approval and to get an assigned reading list before attending.
o The Big Book, the Basic Text for Alcoholics Anonymous, Chapter 5: How it Works (pg. 58). Please read this entire chapter.
? Available by visiting:
o Narcotics Anonymous- Click on the ?For the Public? link-Click on Resources for professionals-Once there please read ?In times of Illness? and ?information about NA.
? Available by visiting:

o Smart Recovery-Resources- Articles and Essays. Please choose 2 articles to read from the reading list on this page.
? Available by visiting

o Overeaters Anonymous-Please read the information found on the newcomer?s link. Once there please read the ?About OA? and ?What you can expect at OA? links.
? Available by visiting

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The Big Book, the Basic Text for Alcoholics Anonymous, Chapter 5: How it Works (pg. 58). Please read this entire chapter. Retrieved:

Leshner, A.I. (1997). Addiction is a brain disease, and it matters. Science 3 October 1997: Vol. 278 no. 5335 pp. 45-47

Narcotics Anonymous. "For the Public" and "In times of Illness" and "information about NA." Retrieved:

Parssinen, T.M. & Kerner, K. (1980). Development of the disease model of drug addiction in Britain, 1870-1926. Cambridge Journal of Medical History 24(3).

Peele, S. (1999). Diseasing of America: How We Allowed Recovery Zealots and the Treatment Industry to Convince Us We are Out of Control.

Wallace, J. (1990). Controlled Drinking, Treatment Effectiveness, and the Disease Model of Addiction: A Commentary on the Ideological Wishes of Stanton Peele. Journal of Psychoactive Drugs 22(3): 261-284.

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Title: alcoholics anonymous

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Essay Instructions: need evaluation of the alcoholics anonymous program and an opinion on the effectiveness of this program in america.

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A.A. Factfile." 1998. Alcoholics Anonymous Official Website. 21 October 2002

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Title: Two essays

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Essay Instructions: Below are the instructions for 2 , one page assignments. In other words, 1 pg for each assgmt.
Alcoholics Anonymous, one of the most widely known self-help groups, has recently gone ?online? and there are several websites that individuals can access to ?attend? regular online AA meetings. Assume that you are a clinician at a residential substance abuse treatment who has been asked to develop a list of community resources and supports for clients after they leave your program. Using the text material about the benefits of self-help groups as well as the warnings about web-based groups, access and describe 2 or 3 of the online sites. Which of thee sites would you include on the list of community resources and which would you exclude. Provide a rationale for inclusion or exclusion. Some current sites are:

The cover of the July 29, 2010 edition of TIME magazine shows a young Afghan woman who was facially disfigured by the government as punishment for violating a marital custom. Students should use the internet to research this story as it relates to marriage and family customs in Afghanistan. Discuss the following questions:
Was this an isolated incident used or misused by the media or does the story present a fairly accurate portrayal of family life in this country?
The text acknowledges that the family theoretical perspectives presented in the chapter may or may not apply to families of different cultures. How useful do you think any of the theoretical perspectives are to provide insight into what you learned about family life in Afghanistan? Why or why not do these theories apply?
Are there any interventions, either at the macro or micro level, suggested by any of the theoretical perspectives presented in the chapter? Describe.

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The July 29, 2010, cover of Times Magazine is certainly disturbing and intended to raise public awareness concerning the way in which cultural values can affect society in general and some individuals in particular. Although it would be ignorant to claim that events like the one that happened to Aisha are very common in Afghanistan, the article is nonetheless important because of the way it addresses this matter.

The "Women of Afghanistan Under Taliban Threat" Times article addresses the topic of women being severely discriminated in Afghanistan. The article brings forward a series of women who had the courage to come out and speak about their suffering and the way that gender in general represents a reason for discrimination in their community. The Taliban authority made it especially difficult for women to be able to be considered equals in the Afghan community and it shaped the public's idea regarding gender roles. Men have traditionally been inclined to believe that they have the right to oppress women simply because of their gender.

Stories like Sakina's further emphasize the gravity of the situation, with her marriage being especially harmful for her. "He used her as an indentured servant and beat her with weaving tools when she didn't work fast enough." (Women of Afghanistan Under Taliban Threat) Conditions are critical when regarding gender roles in Afghanistan and articles such as the one in Times magazine provide society with the ability to actually understand them.

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Title: Is AA the best treatment of alcoholism

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Essay Instructions: I have to write an annotated bibliography on 5 sources with call numbers. Frist, the citation, then a paragraph on the summary information in the source, then a credibility paragraph, follwing with the call number. My topic is "Is AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) the best treatment for alcoholism?"

I will e-mail 5 pages with the specific quidelines: 2 pages on the assignment, 2 pages of examples, and 1 page of the topics.

This is a community college level assignment.

Please e-mail me with any questions.

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Excerpt From Essay:
Works Cited:

references so that the research can be reviewed by the reader (p. 560-561, p. 566). Also the journal in which the study was published is a reputable journal, so the results and study can be trusted for validity.

Call Number: AN 6582532, EBSCO Host

Vick, R. (Fall, 2002). Questioning the Use of Alcoholics Anonymous With College Students: Is an Old Concept the Only Alternative for a New Generation? Journal of College Counseling, 3 (2): 158-168.

Vick examines the effectiveness of A.A. within the college student subset of the population (p.160-161), and includes research in the area of A.A. related treatment (p. 160). In addition, Vick focuses on the reasons why A.A. may not be the best solution for college students (p. 160-161). Research of the prevalence of drinking in college students is also provided (p. 185-159). Alternative approaches which may be more effective than A.A. are also evaluated (p. 161-164). Vick concludes that, for many college students, alternative treatment methods are more successful than A.A for college students (p. 164-165).

This article is important because it shows that A.A. may not be the best treatment solution for all areas of the population (p. 164). In addition, relevant research is evaluated (p. 160-197), and appropriate citation is given at the end of the article (p. 168). Alternate methods are evaluated, providing a counter point to other studies (p. 161-165). In addition, the journal in which the article is published is a well-known, credible source of information.

Call Number: AN 5197914, EBSCO Host.

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