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Title: Alcohol available in corner stores in Ontario

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1078 Bibliography: 6 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: This essay is for a class on alcohol and drug addictions. It is important to keep that in mind and focus arguments on related concepts and definitions. It is graded on clarity, strength of argument, comprehension of subject matter and evidence of investigation.

Topic: Should alcohol be available for sale in corner stores in Ontario, like it is right now in Quebec?

Answer yes or no, and support your argument with clear reasoning, sound definitions, and an understanding on the concepts of alcohol addiction. Support your answer with details and explanation. Why do you believe what you do?

-formal essay, do not use "I"
-the fact that Quebec does sell alcohol in corner stores must be looked at, and the benefits/cons of that must be used to support which ever position is taken.
-perhaps it should be looked at as well that marijuana can be boughten in Amsterdam in coffee shops, and they have MUCH less addiction problems with it then we do here with it being illegal and less available... just an idea

- I would prefer no direct quotes to be used, unless somethign is extremely relevant and works well.

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Title: Hypnotherapy as a Treatment for Substance Abuse

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1863 Sources: 6 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Research study:
Study is addiction symptoms of substance abuse are very difficult to treat. In this study, I would like to determine what kinds of Hypnotherapy are effective for clients, and what attributes are important to find a method of hypnotherapy that can produce sustained effects for clients.

Hypnotherapy helps in the control, thus producing positive effects in individuals ceasing substance abuse, especially with regard to withdrawal symptoms. It decreases withdrawal symptoms, thus reducing the risk of relapse to addiction. It is, however, not as effective as psychotherapy, which yields results that are more positive. Hypnotherapy is a treatment with therapeutic goals and techniques and is used in patients in a hypnotic state. In drug addiction cases, it helps patients to deal with issues of self-esteem, anger, and impulsiveness, and to achieve serenity. These symptoms are usually present during relapse, thus creating negative feelings that may result in individuals returning to substance abuse.
Hypnotherapy helps in raising self-esteem, enhancing serenity and reducing anger and anxiety. However, the effects are improved when it is used as an adjunct to other therapies. Orman (1991) suggested that hypnotherapy is useful in cocaine and alcohol addiction to help the individual refrain from the substances for 6-12 months. It produces rapid, long-lasting results.
Hypnotherapy has recently been used to treat nicotine addiction. In the treatment of addictions, it enhances the use of dream imagery and the patients relate the drug to other things in their lives. For instance, Page and Handley (1993) suggested that the patient recovering from cocaine addiction substituted ‘coke’ for ‘weight control’, thus resulting in effective hypnotherapy.
Hypnosis yields positive and negative effects depending on the method of induction. Positive effects results from intense hypnosis, trances and the use of imagery. Negative effects are very rare and are brought about by the patient falling asleep during induction (Wickramasekera, 2009).

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Essay Instructions: This 6 pg paper is for a Clinical Practice class in 1st year MSW college. Topic: Psychosocial Assessment. The goal is to develop skills in the formulation of a biopsychosocial assessment. Assessment takes into consideration the interplay of bio-psycho-social factors. Both strengths and deficits in the person and in the situation are identified. Predicated on the readings mentioned below, and having in mind that I work at CUCS (, supportive housing for homeless, HIV, with mental disorders or alcohol addiction -- and I am helping the clients with these difficulties to get employed. I am working at CUCS (in New York) as an employment specialist. Please come up with a non-existent client, matching in the above scenario, with any of the above disorders or more than one. For example: Living in CUCS supportive housing, alcohol addiction/sober for 6 months and has PTSD. Needs employment to pay minimal rent required. Present the client in relation to his or her strengths and or difficulties in coping with life transitions, environmental pressures, maladaptive interpersonal processes and or intrapsychic conflict. Infuse the readings/citations throughout the paper.

1) Identify and describe your client and problems for attention, those identified by the practitioner and those presented by the client. Provide a brief description of any significant past and present circumstances (history of the presenting problem) that are relevant to the client's problems.
2) Summarize RELEVANT factual data about the client and the client's psychosocial situation using the problems-in-living formulation (life transitions, environmental pressures, maladaptive interpersonal processes, intrapsychic conflict) as a guide. Your discussion of the client must also be guided by the motivation/capacity/opportunity framework.
3) Your assessment of the identified client should include the following components:
A) Life cycle stage and tasks
B) Major life roles and current stressors
C) Ego functioning (use defenses, coping mechanisms, impaired/intact ego functions)
D) Sociocultural factors (e.g. race, class, ethnicity - most CUCS clients are Black/African American males between the ages of 30-55 , so please have that in mind when coming up with your non-existent/imaginary client).
E)Social pathologies (e.g. racism, poverty, gender inequity)
F) Client's health status
G) Clinical/psychosocial diagnosis ( e.g. addiction, psychiatric, medical)

4) Treatment Plan: (Identify and describe the treatment modality, short and long-term treatment goals, and prognosis of the case).

Gitterman, A & Germain, C (2008) The life model of social work practice: Advances in theory & practice
Goldstien, E (1995) Ego Psychology and social work practice
Woods, M & Hollis, F (1999) Casework: a psychosocial therapy
Northen H. (1995) Clinical Social Work: Knowledge and skills.

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Title: Intervention and prevention strategies

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1735 Works Cited: 6 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: 1. Introduction ?
Brief introduction to your topic: definition, population, prevalence, etc. ? The introduction should be no more than 1-2 paragraphs, and definitely no longer than 1 page

2. Name of the first treatment/prevention modality to be discussed
Example: if the topic were alcohol addiction, the title of this section might be 12-Step Treatment ? Description of treatment or prevention modality ? Discussion of effectiveness

3. Name of the second treatment/prevention modality to be discussed ?
Example: Inpatient Treatment ? Description of treatment or prevention modality ? Discussion of effectiveness

4. Name of third treatment/prevention modality to be discussed
Example: School-Based Drug and Alcohol Prevention Education ? Description of treatment or prevention modality ? Discussion of effectiveness

5. Conclusion ?
Summary of treatment/prevention modalities. Identify ?best? treatment and explain why

include a minimum of 5 scholarly/peer-reviewed journal articles that present either an intervention or a prevention method. These should be either original research studies (where the authors recruited participants, applied a treatment method, and evaluated the effects) or meta-analyses/reviews of the literature. Do not use introductions, editorials, books, or book reviews. All 5 scholarly/peer-reviewed journal articles must have been published within the previous 10 years (2003-2013).
In addition to the 5 scholarly/peer-reviewed journal articles, you must also include a minimum of 1 reputable web-based sources. search for national/international organizations as well as government websites.

if you state a fact please cite after each sentence

please I would like to have a copy of the 5 scholarly/peer-reviewed journal articles and 1 web-base source, you can send them to my email

Thank you so much

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