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Instructions for Air Transportation College Essay Examples

Title: The International Air Transport Association

Total Pages: 2 Words: 527 Bibliography: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Discuss the role of professional aviation organizations (non-government) in the development of air transportation regulation. Choose any aviation related organization and describe how they have helped develop, change, or implement regulation.

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Title: Types of airline marketing

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1139 Sources: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Passenger marketing is one of the most important activities in air transportation which include a broad are of business activity that directs the flow of services provided by the carrier to the customer.

a)Briefly explain in your own words the concept of airline marketing approach.

b) Discuss the difference marketing approaches. State examples for each approaches.

c) From your opinion, which is the best concept of airline marketing approach would you adopt for your airline company and state your reasons.

INTEXT REFERENCE ? should only have: Author name and Date (Ayah Cibulo, 2010)

END TEXT ? is complete one: Author name, date, article title, name of book & publisher, (from book), (Ayah Cibulo, 2010, Important Assignment Info, CASS Guidelines: CASS Publishing)

-??????????if from internet below is the sample:

Ayah Cibulo, 2010, Important Assignment Info, CASS Guidelines, Retrieve on 01 Aug 2010,www.emiratesgroupsecurity/CASS

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Title: aviation demands and capacity constraints at SFO Airport

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1082 References: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Position Paper Topic:
Airport Capacity and Long-term Growth ??" SFO is a very land-constrained Airport located 14 miles south of downtown San Francisco in an unincorporated area of San Mateo County between U.S. Highway 101 and San Francisco Bay. The Airport has two sets of closely spaced parallel runways. In poor weather, the Airport’s capacity declines to approximately half of its good weather capacity.

The San Francisco Airport Commission does not currently plan to expand SFO’s airfield capacity given the financial cost and environmental considerations associated with new or reconfigured runways, which would require significant Bay fill and environmental mitigation. The Airport’s current approach to managing demand and making the most efficient use of its limited capacity is to (1) promote the use and development of regional airport capacity to better serve the Greater Bay Area’s air transportation needs, (2) evaluate and implement advanced aviation technology to increase airfield capacity during poor weather and (3) assess and implement demand management measures to encourage the use of larger aircraft and reduce airline scheduling in peak periods.

What ideas do you have for addressing the Airport and the region’s long-term aviation demands and capacity constraints at SFO?

Please answer the above question "what ideas do you have for addressing the Airport.......?" Please do not dilute the paper with a heavy amount of quotations, but give original ideas. This is a position paper. I will provide one resource. It does not have to be used in the paper, it is only provided as a guide. Please be sure to specifically address the SFO Airport and not airports in general.
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Title: Naval Aviation

Total Pages: 2 Words: 678 Works Cited: 5 Citation Style: None Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Paragraph Appearance: Most paragraphs are short. On the average they are seldom more than five or six lines long, but they must contain at least 2 sentences. Sentences normally contain eight to twenty words. They contain an, introduction, discussion, and transition statement or closure. No hyphenation is to be used. No misspelled words, liquid white out or other correction material is permitted on the paper.


a. Catches the reader’s attention

b. Indicates topic and narrow it

c. Leads towards the body- sets the stage

d. Has a strong, very specific thesis statement

i. Limits what you will write about

1. If about an author, names the author and works to be explored

2. If about a period or genre, names the it and the authors involved in it

ii. Gives a focus as to what you will explore about topic

1. Defines the theme, symbol, plot device, character type, etc. that helps link the works or authors.

2. Minimizes the range of ideas that you will explore in the essay

3. Sets the boundaries, of which you will not stray

4. Puts forth an argument that you will defend

II. Background

a. Historical context

i. Does not provide an entire history of author or group

ii. Limits historical focus to relevant period and events

iii. Helps reader put essay in time context

iv. Helps reader make important links to influential events

b. Basic information for understanding context of thesis

i. Provides information about particular style of author or group

ii. Defines elements that are associated with the author or group

III. Analysis-Argument- Core of the essay

a. Breaks down the thesis into sub-points (separate paragraph for each)

i. Establishes broad points

ii. Identifies each point and defines it

iii. Narrows each point with specific details

iv. Shows comparisons or contrasts to be analyzed

b. Gives reasons for points or arguments that you make

i. Supports points with explanation

1. Fully develops the idea

2. Uses facts to support point

ii. Use logical reasoning

1. Connects ideas in a manner that does not confuse the reader

2. Makes assumptions or opinions that can be backed with evidence

c. Shows evidence of your points

i. Uses samples from works of selected authors (primary sources)

ii. Applies criticism and outside sources (secondary sources)

1. Quotes sources accurately

a. Introduces quotes with the author and source of the information

b. Provides only that much of the quote that is necessary to get across meaning

c. Explains the significance of the quote in relation to the point you were making

d. Uses correct parenthetical reference

2. Summarizes and paraphrases succinctly

3. Avoids any plagiarism and documents all sources

IV. Conclusion

ii. What does the future hold for military aviation?

The informational research will be developed from a minimum 5 sources. The sources must be identified within a bibliography. At least 2 of the required sources will be from some current professional journal or article. i.e. The Wall Street Journal, economic report of the president, The statistical abstract of the united states, survey of current business, Air Transportation, Federal reserve bulletin, the monthly labor review, or business weekly.

Excerpt From Essay:

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