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Title: Experience and Learning

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Essay Instructions: Adult Learning: This is a first year PhD course and all of my assignments must be written by a PhD writer. This assignment and all subsequence assignments must have a strong introduction, and conclusion. No contractions in paper,and anyone else work must be cited in the body of the paper or it becomes plagarism.No bolded subtopics in the body of paper. A reference page is also needed.
INSTRUCTIONS: Write a 2 page response to this lecture.
***According to Pittenger & Gooding (1971), as published by Knowles (1995), Further differentiation occurs as an individual recognizes inadequacy of a present condition of knowledge level and realizes a change is needed to enhance the phenomenal self. The role of the teacher in this situation is to facilitate the learning process. The textbooks used for this class are:Merriam,S.B.& Caffarella, R.S.(1998),Learning in adulthood:A comprehensive guide. ISBN 07879-10430//Cross,P.(1992). Adults as Learners:increasing Participation and Facilitating Learning.Jossey Bass.ISBN:1555424457.Please feel free to use any other books,journal,or online sources as long as it pertains to this subject.I have 6 more assignments for this class and would like to use the same writer if that is possible.

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Title: Adult Learning

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Essay Instructions: Can you assist me with this assignment? I have listed the 2 articles for you to use. And I will fax textbook information tomorrow.

1st Website:
Article name: Adult learning: An Overview – National-Louis University

2nd Website
Article name: Principle of Adult learning


An article abstract is due as part of the class requirements. Students should pick two articles, written by different authors that address one training topic (for example, needs analysis, evaluation, adult learning etc.) Both articles should address the same topic. Students can select the topic.

After reading the two articles, the student should write a six page(doubles spaced) abstract that covers the items noted below. The purpose of the article abstract is to increase awareness of current trends in Training and Development and relate those trends to theories discussed in the texts.

The Abstract should provide a brief overview/summary of the two articles contents, distinguishing the main issues, accurately identifying the impact of each issue on today’s organizations and tying and discussing relevant information to issues found within the text.

Each complete abstract should include the following headings:
•Overview/Summary of Both Articles (naming the Article Titles and Authors)
•Main Issues of Both Articles
•Implied/Factual Impact of the Main Issues on Organizations (i.e. what is the impact of the main issues on organizations)

Completed abstracts should be no more than six pages double-spaced. The Abstract should be written using the APA format, including cover page, citations, references page, etc.)

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Title: Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2097 Bibliography: 7 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Application: Adult Learning Plan that Overcomes Learning Barriers

Since beginning this course you have no doubt become more aware of the great variety of teaching/learning opportunities within nursing and the many creative choices that an effective educator might make in any one situation. This Application assignment invites you to think creatively about how to apply adult learning and student-centered principles to an educational effort already under way in your own practice setting that involves an adult individual (s) or group with specific barriers to learning (i.e. elderly patient with low vision or hearing; nursing student with a physical, mental, or emotional issue; single parent trying to manage work, family, and school with little social support; a community group with high incidence of diabetes and low literacy; migrant farm worker with no insurance or transportation).

Select a learning plan or program for an adult individual(s) or group in which you and/or colleagues are already involved as educators. Perhaps you instruct diabetic patients on how to understand their diet, insulin, and exercise; or teach new parents how to give their baby a bath; or offer stress management workshops in your hospital. If you are not directly involved in providing the learning experience, consult with your manager and colleagues to find out details of this educational practice. After critiquing the learning plan, propose ways to improve it and to help the learner or group overcome some of the barriers to learning. Evaluate the effectiveness of this revised learning plan.

Review your Learning Resources for guidance on planning a learning activity. To further help you develop and support your ideas, conduct a literature search to become better informed about the subject matter, the population, barriers to learning, setting, materials, or teaching methods. Cite at least five peer- reviewed resources in your paper in support of your plan.

In your 6 to 8-page paper, you should include the following:

Describe the selected type of adult learner, learning topic, and any relevant circumstances about this educational effort in your practice setting. Identify the specific learning that needs to occur and provide relevant details about this individual or group. What are the most important features about these learners, the topic, and the environment that could impact the learning experience?

Describe in detail how this learning activity is currently being conducted. What kind of written plan already exists for this? On which learning theory or framework, if any, do you think this plan is based? As far as you know, how successful has this experience been for learners?

Critique the plan according to your understanding of adult learning theory and student-centeredness, and other relevant information from your Learning Resources and literature search. In what ways does it incorporate effective learning principles?

In what ways could the plan be improved and reasonably resolved, given the individual or group’s barriers to learning? Refer to other literature you have found through research as appropriate. Explain how you would apply your knowledge from this course, particularly on adult learning, to make the experience more effective.

Cite at least five sources, including peer-reviewed and other scholarly outside resources, to support your ideas.
Identify and explain the desirable and reasonable outcomes you expect from your revised teaching plan and consider how you could evaluate the effectiveness of this new plan.

Your written assignments must follow APA guidelines. Be sure to support your work with specific citations from this week's Learning Resources and any additional sources. Refer to the Pocket Guide to APA Style to ensure your citations in the text and reference list are correct.

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Essay Instructions: I have two articles to write my essay from, they are as follows:
1. Adult learning theory for the Twenty-First Century 9(chapter 9 from book by Sharan Merriam - New Directios for Adult and Continuing Education fall 2008
2. Adult Learning Theory applications to Non-Traditional Students article written by Cari Kenner and Jason Weinerman (Journal of College Reading and Learning Spring 2011:41,2;ProQuest Central pk 87)

They have to be 1 to 1.5 pages in length

The main points of the articles are summarized in one document without giving the author's opinion or response. 300-350 words in length

Contains well-thought-through ideas of how article content to life as an adult student in distance education. 300-350 words in length. A thoughtful response

Each portion begins with an introductory paragraph which contains the main idea and three body paragraphs and ends with a good, concluding paragraph that restates the main points

APA Style:
Double-spaced, 12 pt, Times New Roman font with 1" margin

Citation in APA format

Excerpt From Essay:

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