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Title: Adult Learning Assessment

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Essay Instructions: Adult Learner Assessment

You have completed assignments throughout the course that build upon your final course project. Revise the drafts you submitted based on your instructor's feedback and the knowledge you have gained from your other work in this course.

When you submit your project, it should include all of the following components:

•Introduction section: This section provides a background of the assessment that was developed for the course project. Include the nature of the assessment, the hypothetical learner subject being covered, the outcomes to be measured, and the target population.
•Assessment section: This section includes the actual assessment as well as directions for the people administering the assessment and taking the assessment. Consideration for learners with special needs should also be included in this section.
•Interpretation of Results section: This section includes the scoring rubric to be used and information on how you will protect the validity of the assessment. It also explains why you have chosen either criterion- or norm-referencing for this assessment.
•Conclusion: For this final section, summarize the previous three sections and present your thoughts on why your particular assessment demonstrates best practice in assessment. This section should also include your reflections on how the process of interpreting assessments can have an impact on your teaching.
•Bibliography: Your APA-formatted bibliography should include three to five references other than your text. This literature should focus on some aspect of assessing adult learning and teaching. Use these resources to help you consider best practices as you develop your project.

Your final project research paper should be submitted as one paper (a minimum of 3 pages using APA style and formatting) with the separate sections pulled together using the appropriate component headings.

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Title: Adult Learners ages 40 50

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Essay Instructions: Conduct a literature search and find at least two current research articles on adult developmental theories, adult learning theories, learning and information processing, and teaching strategies related to adult learners age 40-50. Write a 250-350-word summary, using APA format. These summaries will form part of an Annotated Bibliography. Be sure to use professional journals for obtaining research-related articles. Each article must be summarized for a total of 250-350 word between the both summaries. Please keep it to one page at 275 words total. Thanks. Must use professional journals for the articles too.

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Title: Nursing

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Essay Instructions: See below of instructions for Essay. Just to help you out the area that I live in is Florida.

Imagine your local newspaper printed a story regarding the lack of adult education and training opportunities in your area. Readers are encouraged to write in to the paper to express their support for more opportunities.

Write a 750- to 1,050-word letter describing the need for effective adult education. Make sure to address
? who the adult learner is
? history of adult education
? changing demographics
? government push to educate adults
? principles of adult education
Include at least three sources in your letter.

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Title: Facilitation Methods for Adult Learners

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Essay Instructions: Individual Assignment: Adult Learning Paper
Locate a peer-reviewed article on Adult Learning Theory, Adult Education, or Facilitation Methods for Adult Learners.
Write a 500-1000 word paper:
Provide a summary and analysis of the selected article.
Discuss the article’s main concepts and reflect on how the article’s concepts can assist you as a future facilitator of adult learning.
Note: Be sure to draw from readings for each aspect of your paper.
Use APA formatting and be sure to properly cite your reference(s).
The reference page must include the selected article for this assignment.

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