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Title: Adult Education Theories

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Essay Instructions: Adult Education Theories - is the broad topic

Here are the requirements:


Development of position paper on humanist education as a vital necessity in our world

Viewed philosophically, humanism is arguably the most important philosophical world view shaping adult educators? imagination and practice. You have the challenging task of presenting your position paper on humanist education to a group of mainly behavioural psychologists at a leading international conference.

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Essay Instructions: Outline of the task
You will write an essay that responds to the question 'In many organisations and fields of practice there are tensions that exist between the espoused purpose of adult education and the practice of adult education. Drawing on the discussions and readings in the second part of the subject consider the tensions between purpose and practice in either (a) your area of work / practice, or (b) if you do not have an area of work / practice then consider a specific area / field of adult education and training practice drawn from the literature.
Aim and objectives: The aim of the assessment task is to critically examine the contemporary contexts of the different areas of adult education and training, and analyse the relationship between theory and practice.
The completed assessment task should show that you are able to:
1. Develop critical and contextual analyses of adult learning and education;
2. Demonstrate scholarly rigour in analysing and discussing adult learning and education; and
3. Recognise the major influences on the practice of adult education and training in contemporary Australia and their influence on the work of the adult education practitioner.
4. Present your findings and analysis clearly written and scholarly academic essay.

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Essay Instructions: (APL) Assignment needed to be placed onto a DTLLS (Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector) Literacy course.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a teacher in the FE/adult education sector? What qualities and skills do you think are needed to fulfil this role?

Assessment Criteria
1. Plan appropriately according to audience purpose and situation
2. Draft, using teachniques at text, sentence and word level
3. Write fluently, coherently and cohesively
4. Write accurately and legibly using conventions of lexis and syntax, to include grammar, spelling and punctuation approprate to purpose
5. Edit and proof read at text, sentence and word level

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Title: Sociology and adult education

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Essay Instructions: Please conduct in-depth research on adult education for the empowerment of individuals and communities in society. This research should target topics such as socioeconomic status, gender, race, policys, new technologies, and the sociology of adult education and empowering individuals in american society. How adult education contributes to the successes and empowering of individual and communities. Please refer to the textbook "Handbook of Adult and Continuing Education, 2010 edition, authors Carol E. Kasworm, Amy D. Rose, and Jovita M. Ross-Gordon. ISBN 978-1-4129-6050-2 Chapter 19 and any other relevant texts, journals, articles, etc, that further the research on this topic. I need this resarch to steer me in the right direction for my future work. This is the main reference I need to have involved in the research, THANKS!!!

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