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Title: view two movies focusing on adolescent development

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Essay Instructions: Each student will view two movies focusing on adolescent development and will then complete a three to four (3?4) page critique of the movie as it relates to adolescent development and crisis. Give attention to how you might use the ideas presented in the movies to counsel adolescents and their families.

The two sources Jaffe and Golden

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Title: Adolescent Development Socialization and the Internet

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Adolescent Development, Socialization, and the Internet
Both social learning theory and Merton's strain theory maintain that humans are social creatures. The social environment is paramount to human development; it is how we learn acceptable behavior, goals, and values?the essence of social learning theory. Conversely, the social environment can create antisocial behavior, behavior that results as a disconnect between societal values and goals, and the ability to attain these accepted values and goals?the essence of strain theory.

Imagine, then, what can happen if the social environment is online. With an estimated 90% of teenagers digitally engaged (Dretzin & Maggio, 2008), any examination of adolescent social development must include their use of the Internet, especially social networking sites. As you have learned, adolescence is a time of experimentation and individuation. What do you think would be the impact of going through this period of life "online"?what are the effects to adolescents of socializing digitally? You often hear of the negative consequences of Internet use by adolescents, e.g., cyberpredators and cyberbullying. Are there potential opportunities for adolescents as well?

To prepare for this assignment:
Review the information on social learning theory and strain theory from this week's Resources (attached) and consider how these theories might apply to adolescent development.
Review the Frontline episode "Growing Up Online." Consider the impact that adolescents' use of the Internet and social networking sites has on their development.
Review information on cyberbullying.
Conduct an academic literature search in the Walden Library for at least one scholarly article that examines the impact of Internet use, especially social networking sites, on adolescent development and behavior.
Think about how social learning theory and strain theory can explain adolescent behavior. Then, consider the impact that use of the Internet, particularly social networking sites, could have on this behavior.
The assignment (3?4 pages):
Evaluate how social learning theory and strain theory could be used to explain adolescent development and behavior.
Synthesize this information with the impact that adolescents' Internet use, specifically the use of social networking sites, could have on their development and behavior. Support your analysis by citing an academic journal article.

Support your Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation.

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Title: Late Adolescent Development Should Marijuana Be Legalized

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Essay Instructions: Writer?s Username: Writergrrl101
APA Style
Only Primary Scientific Resources, Peer Reviewed!
Write paper as if it were a SPEECH!

Topic: Physical, Cognitive, and Socioemotional Development in Early Adulthood.

Assignment: Late Adolescent Development, Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Marijuana is the third-most consumed addictive drug in the U.S, second only to alcohol and nicotine. It is also the most frequently abused illegal drug. Marijuana use is the highest among people in early adulthood. They underestimate the potential addictive and health problems associated with repeated marijuana use.

You are a representative of the newly formed federal and state task force on substance abuse. The dean of the college has asked you to give a speech, providing some expert information to the students, regarding the biological, psychological, and sociological consequences associated with repeated marijuana use, specifically focusing on this age group. What challenges are present in this age group that would make this particular conversation difficult?

Prepare a transcript of your speech. The dean would be evaluating your speech and handing out the transcript to the Faculty and students. The transcript should not be more than two to three pages in length.

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Title: Child Psychology

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Essay Instructions: The Reflective Paper should address the following Three Learning Outcomes: The learner will:

Compare and contrast three learner selected developmental theories from the perspective of:

1. Three key concepts of each of the theories
2. Three major points of similarity
3. Three major points of difference.

From an analysis of each of the three theories identify two points from each theory explore in your own words, citing appropriate at least one literature source, the impact of the point on child and adolescent development (Thus, there will be the three theories and two points for each—six points to be explored.)

Discuss the interaction of cognitive, physical and emotional development on the overall development of the child.

Explain why the understanding of normal child and adolescent development is important in assisting each child to reach their potential.

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