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Title: Admissions essay

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Essay Instructions: Admissions essay for pharmacy school. Need to describe why I want to go to pharmacy school, how I plan to meet the curricular requirements of the program. Describe services to others and leadership activites related to being in the pharmacy profession.

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Title: Does social media and instant communication stifle imagination

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Essay Instructions: Admissions essay on the following prompt"

PROMPT: In his 2010 address to representatives of Jesuit universities worldwide, Fr. Adolfo Nicolas, SJ, Superior General of the Jesuits, discussed imagination. He believes that exercising an imagination which grasps reality and involves "a refusal to let go until we get beneath the surface" is a crucial element of Jesuit education. In the same speech, he worried that today's instant and global communication technologies discourage such deep reflection and engagement with the real and instead foster a "globalization of superficiality."

QUESTION 1: To Fr. Nicolas, imagination requires going to the depths of reality and recreating (re-imagining) it. Do social media and instant communication pose obstacles to such reflection and serious thinking? How can college students practice serious reflection in our always connected and instantaneous world?

Below are the links to the statement and mission statement.

Fr. Adolfo Nicolas Statement found at

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Title: Graduate School

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Essay Instructions: Admissions Essay Topic

Marianne Schneider Corey and Gerald Corey discuss the importance of examining personal motivations for becoming a counselor. The authors recognize that many individuals become helpers to satisfy some of their own personal needs. The need to make a difference or impact, to be in control, to be needed, to care for others, may be important factors in choosing a career in the helping professions. Identify and discuss your own personal needs as they relate to your decision to enter the helping professions. How will these needs enhance or detract from your ability to be an effective counselor?

Information about me:

Would like to make an impact because I care for others
Child Care- 13 and 11 year old girls: development of psychology in adolescents.
Helped them and guided them with problems and school pressures.
-Had the opportunity to speak to them on a personal level and was able to be there to counsel them.

Academic Background: Excelled in all of my psychology and education classes grade wise. As a history major and a minor in psychology with an almost completed teacher education certification, I found my greatest interest in my psychology and education classes.

For one of my education classes, I tutored a student in a middle school. As a tutor, I worked individually with one student in the eighth grade. I came once a week for an hour and helped him prepare for the state test, ASK. In addition, I would bring in different materials to help my student improve in his verbal skills. At the conclusion of the program, both my student and I did notice great improvement in his confidence and verbal skills. He also talked to me on a personal level. He would say how he was getting bullied and that he was unorganized. So I did help him in academic advisement by suggesting ways to become organize and not to be a procrastinator as well as listen to his problems and suggest ways to deal with it. I told him to practice confidence and speak to the bully verbally, but never use any anger towards him/her. He did try it and the following speak told me that the boy stopped bullying him.

When conflicts arose, I helped to solve problems. For example, coaching a volleyball team of high school girls for three years. Came a time when I had to be a mediator. Gave me the idea that I can become a counselor because the way I coached and counseled my players brought success to the team and players, on and off the court.

Many children find comfort in me as well as being able to trust me with their problems and follow through with/respect my advice. I have heard problems from school bullying, pressures of clothing, low self esteem, etc.

A school counselor helps with academic advisement. I myself am very organized and encourage others to do so. I also encourage good behavior to others and having children realize their potential and with hard work/determination is possible. Growing up in a positive atmosphere is what brings a child to have a good self esteem. As a school counselor, I would love to have each of my students believe in him or herself and work hard in school because that is where opportunities open up.

From my experiences dealing with children, I developed knowledge and an enormous desire to help them on a personal level. To be a school counselor is an obvious choice for me to become a productive member of society.

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Title: My passions and reflect on how it has contributed to your personal growth

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Essay Instructions: Admissions Essay Topic:
The 18th century French philosopher Denis Diderot said, "Only great passions can elevate the soul to great things." Describe one of your passions and reflect on how it has contributed to your personal growth.

-Approximately 500-700 words.
-will be faxing my draft I have put together, so if you could revise on that I would greatly appreciate it.
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