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This is not to imply that social media is responsible for our current issues. However it does not take a great leap of the imagination to see that society is becoming reconnected in a different, electronic way, and personal connections and interactions are suffering. Fr. Nicolas asserts that because of a lack of imagination empathy is lost. One can also see this as a manifestation of greed and situational ethics as in the Bart Simpson school of morality, "I didn't do it; you didn't see me; you can't prove it anyway!" Or in the philosophy "It's not cheating if you don't get caught" which evolves into "If you're not cheating you're not really trying."

Unfortunately, these attitudes are becoming more prevalent in our world. The irony of social media is that it fosters less sociability. We become technologically insulated from each other. As Fr. Nicolas pointed out, "When one can become 'friends' so quickly with mere acquaintances or total strangers on one's social networks -- and if one can so easily 'unfriend' another without the hard work of encounter or, if need be reconciliation -- then friendships can also become superficial."

The truth of the matter is relationships are everything. It is only through relationships that we can truly define ourselves. It is the depth of these relationships that works to identify our character.
And it is the content of our character by which we will be judged.


One way for a college student to practice serious reflection in this hyper-connected fast passed world is to put aside the time to speak and especially listen to others in person. Establishing real connections will enhance the depth of our conversations with others and our inner conversations with our self. It is essential that one strives to keep ones spirit constantly questioning and alert. Another means to accomplish this is through service to others. Though these may seem like simple ideas and actions they have far reaching consequences. If we are to become effective people on this planet then we must invest the time and energy to create personal relationships with others as well as God.


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