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Title: Admission Essay

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Essay Instructions: I need to submit an Admissions Statement and a Personal/Biography Statement.

250 words for an admissions statement
350 words as an Personal/Biography Statement

I will attach a document with information about myself that will answer these questions.

I would do this myself but I need your help putting it in to correct words and laying it out into the two different statements.

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Title: Admissions essay

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Essay Instructions: Please write a 6 page essay titled, "Admissions Summary and Analysis"....The name of the article to be summarized and analyzed is "Post Partum Depression and Correlated Factors in Women who received InVitro Fertilization Treatment"....This article can be found in the Journal of Midwifery & Women's Health, Volume 56, Issue 4, pages 347-352, July/August 2011,Shu-Hsin Lee, Lin-Chuan Liu, Pi-Chao Kuo and Maw-Sheng Lee
You can also access this full text journal from under the professional resources tab using my login info: user name: 33498 and password of: mcle33498

Please write at least 6 pages, 1000 words to summarize/analyze article, please use apa format.
give enough detail so that readers will be able to understand the methods used as well as the results...Include information on the study objective, sample and sample size, methods, such as measurements and statistics used, results, and author's conclusions. Please make this an objective summary of the research article. (this should encompass at least the first 2-3 paragraphs)

Next critique the study's strengths and limitations. Identify several strengths and weaknesses and comment on how the weaknesses might be improved and add some of your own ideas to the mix, such as do you agree with the author's conclusions, why or why not...Then link this reasearch to the discipline of midwifery. Please include how does this research contribute to midwifery...Keeping everything in full apa format...

The heading on the next sheet of paper should say "Admissions Essay Questions"

page#1 use at least 3 paragraphs for each of the following questions:

a) Past experiences with midwifery and why you want to become a midwife( I have studied the field of nurse midwifery independently and am an associate member of the American college of Midwives, I currently subscribe to the journal of midwifery and women's health & Obstetrics and Gynecology...I would very much like to be a midwife in order to offer emotional support and a caring environment to women throughout their child birth may add in additionalmaterial)

b)How you see the role of midwives an how it differs from the practices of nursing and medicine
page #2 use at least 3 paragraphs for each of the following quesitons

a) Your experience with distance education and what you anticipate your strengths an challenges will be in using this mode of education ( I have used the distance education mode through 2 associate degrees and my bachelor of science degree...also when I was an investment banker, most of all the training was through distance education, so I have much experience with this)

b) why now is a good time for you to start your midwifery education ( now is the perfect time for me as I am making a career change and completing my RN license...I have always desired an advanced practice license in nursing as a practitioner so that I can offer the most caring support and comfort to others in need)
page #3 use at least 3 paragraphs for each of the following questions

a) How will you adapt your life to integrate the time and energy necessary for success as a midwifery student. (I am fortunate enough at this time in my life to have my husband's financial and emotional support and tremendous amount of drive and motivation to see this career goal through to the finish)

b) Characteristics and experiences you bring to midwifery (I am a caring and compassionate person who is very motivated to gaining entry into the Midwifery field. I am committed to the field of nursing and take alot of my own initiative to meet my goals..I have a background in Business having been a licensed banking and obtaining several licenses, Life/accident/health, series 6, and 63 and have a current LPN license since 2007...I currently hold a Bachelor of Science degree with three depth areas: Nursing, Psychology, and Sociology and an associate degree in Science and will soon complete my Associate of Science in Nursing and you can add additional ideas to that question)

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Title: Admissions statement

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Essay Instructions: Instructions for Completing your Personal Statement:

Addressing each of the following statements, prepare an essay of approximately 1,000 words discussing your interest in social work. This essay should be typewritten, double spaced, and grammatically correct. Be sure to include your name on the cover letter. Please organize your essay using the following headings:
Part I:
1. Why are you seeking a graduate degree in social work at this time? (I am seeking a graduate degree at this time to gain licensure into the field of Social Work).
2. Explain why you chose your macro administration and community practice concentration to focus on for your advanced year studies. (I would like to further my career and education in the community and administration forum, although, I still desire to work to help the needs of women and their children)
3. What specific career goals and aspirations do you have following your graduation from the Master of Science in Social Work Program at University of Texas - Pan American? (I would like to work with women, children, families, and the elderly)
4. Why have you chosen to apply to University of Texas - Pan American, Department of Social Work to pursue a master?s degree in social work? (Answer this question as you may)
Part II:
1. Discuss the personal, vocational, and educational experiences you have had which have helped you define your choice of social work as a field of graduate study. Include a description of relevant human services practice experience. (I have a bachelor's degree with three depth areas: nursing, psychology, and sociology, Master of Arts in Human Services, I am a licensed Vocational Nurse, since 2007, I have volunteered, shadowed over a 100 hours in a senior rehabilitation center and through various surgeries and I am in the process of applying for volunteer experience with the local VA center in McAllen, TX...Add whatever else compliments my educational experiences)
2. Examine your personal strengths and limitations. Explain how your personal characteristics support, inhibit, and generally influence your ability to pursue graduate study and to establish a professional career in social work. (My personal strengths are: kind, compassionate, empathetic for others, determined, ability to complete assignments on time, team oriented, some other areas to consider are: Evaluating the situational motivation and actions of individuals, groups, organizations, communities and society, and how they interact in a given environment. Selecting and implementing proper strategies for positive interaction outcomes. Understanding the major human systems and what influences the deviation and alteration to proper functioning, as well as cause?effect relation and adopting specific methods of crisis management and treatment. Understanding and applying proper interventions models to help clients improve a given situation and attain a desired outcome. Interventions may include assistance, referral, advocacy, or direct counseling. Exhibiting consistent behavior in selecting intervention methods and crisis management models that are consistent with the highest values in Human Service profession. If you demonstrate the above listed qualities, you are considered a good social worker, without a doubt. But if you add compassion, thoughtfulness and kindness to everything you do and to the way you approach your job and mission, you will be considered a great social worker and human services specialist. - See more at:

Part III:
Briefly identify and discuss any special circumstances that you believe the MSSW Admissions Committee should consider in evaluating your application. (Examples: military service; single head of household; primary caretaker for a family member with disability; special abilities) Special circumstances should be indicative of your ability to overcome obstacles or your potential to succeed in the MSSW program. (I have moved alot because I grew up in a military family and married young to a military soldier and was divorced and a head of household, single parent for most of my adult life and have experienced many issues that young mothers face and the difficulties of maintaining independence and stability for their families. I hope to specialize in a helping young mothers with children to develop themselves emotionally, spiritually,and financially to reach their most optimal health state.

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Title: admissions personal

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Essay Instructions: This is a personal admissions essay to optometry school, the question is please list your activities since high school. Include jobs held, extra-curricular activities, service and volunteer activities, honors and awards. Also, explain in detail any two of the acitivies that wre most meaningful to you. Below are a list of thins i have done and held that I need creatively written into an amazing essay. Also to focus on the china trip and vision therapy experience for the two things in detail. This essay needs to answer the question in a creative enticing way. Remember it is for admissions os must be exceptional.

Spanish Club ? food bank
Mexico Missions (2yrs), Juarez, Helped outreach and with construction
Colorado ? missions VBS
Hawaii ? missions, help move school
Musicals (Fiddler, Peter Pan, Music Man, Pirates and Pensants)

Pre-optometry club
Kappa Kappa Gamma
Longevity Formulas - Customer Rep
Healthy Habits ? Executive Assistant
Prevent Blindness America
Diabetes Walk
Advance Vision and Achevement Center
Planned Parenthood
Scottsdale Healthcare

My desire to become an optometrist has undoubtedly been influenced by both my personal experiences and my unrelenting fascination with the science of medicine. In the summer of 2004, I was nominated by one of my professors to travel to China with the International Mission on Medicine. I was grateful for this opportunity and anxious to learn more about the ways in which other cultures practice medicine. Eastern medicine is of particular interest to me because it encompasses nutrition, a passion I share with my father and brother who work in this industry. In China, I watched as doctors performed acupuncture, aromatherapy, traditional Chinese massage, and various nutritional therapies involving the use of herbs, roots, and other organic substances.


As an optometrist, I want to offer early interventions that helped me as a child and that I have seen change the lives of children with whom I have worked at the Advanced Vision and Achievement Center. Pediatric vision therapy benefits children with vision impairment and can also help those with near-perfect vision who suffer from a range of learning disabilities. Just a little over a month ago, I began treating an eight-year-old boy who has a focusing problem that interfered with his ability to read. He was completely frustrated, because he knew how to read, yet his eyes skipped around on the page. After six weeks of therapy, he now comes in with a huge smile on his face and happily announces his latest reading conquest, the most recent being Indian in the Cupboard. In order to optimize vision therapy successes like this one, I may, if my research into the area is as promising as I hope, add an after-school tutoring program so that children could work with developmental optometry to correct their vision while improving academic performance and self-esteem.

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