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Admissions, Personal

The optometrists are one of those categories of people that perform quiet miracles. Perhaps not as well-known and acknowledged as the ophthalmologists, the optometrists may, at times, have an even greater role than them, mainly because of a deeper involvement in the patients' problems and a larger spectrum of solutions to solve them.

Life has given me the possibility of experimenting different activities and of having many experiences, which have taught me a great deal. A cheerleader and track runner in my early days, I took contact with life in Mexico and Italy, where I participated in different activities, including construction. However, my cultural needs and expressions were not neglected, as I joined the choir and played in different musicals, such as Peter Pan or Music Man.

My passion for optometry became quite obvious to me later on and I joined the Pre-Optometry Club, in parallel with Kappa Gamma.
The pre-optometry club taught me what helping others is all about and what personal satisfaction you have when somebody you have helped is doing better because of your very own contribution. I worked for several health- related companies, including Healthy Habits, where I operated as an executive assistant, Diabetes Walk and the Advance Vision and Achievement Center.

It wasn't however until my trip to China that it became clear that my goal in life was to become an optometrist. China is a unique experience. No storytelling and no travel account can actually described a country that has 1.2 billion souls, thousands of years of history and customs and traditions that make us, Westerners, sometimes blush. In terms of medical experience, the Chinese teaching is priceless.

Eastern medicine and Chinese medicine in particular encompass nutrition, aromatherapy and….....

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