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Title: Admission Essay

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Essay Instructions: Admission Essay:

Submit a 1-2 page detailed personal letter highlighting academic goals and preparation for university-level study.

Background Information:
?? Completed high school up to Grade 12, did not go back for my OAC??s (grade 13) for I thought College would be enough for me to determine my career.

?? In second year of my college program my marks feel dramatically due to three reasons 1) my grandmother had passed, 2) my mother feel ill for a period of 5 months and 3) I began to dislike my program.
1st semester: 3.30 GPA (Grade Point Average)
2nd semester: 3.00
3rd semester: 2.04
4th semester: 2.00

?? It came to me on vacation in Italy when I was helping my little cousin how to speak, read and write English that I wanted to become a teacher.

?? My academic goals are to attend University, obtain my BA and apply to the Faulty of Education to become a teacher. Obliviously I would want to do well, and succeed in all my courses.

?? I feel that I am prepared to attend university for I have been working for the past two years and still attending some college night courses to improve myself. I would say that the biggest challenge this year for me was when I was working on creating and designing a 200 page Dental catalogue (by myself) that had to be completed in 3 months and at the same time I was taking two night courses. I had to sacrifice a lot in my opinion to meet the catalogue deadline and to succeed in my courses - I would work overtime (average 12-15 hour days) plus on weekends if I had too, and read, and completed my assignments on breaks, lunch and any other spare time I had. I completed the catalogue a week early from the deadline, and received a 78 and an 82 in my courses. (They probably could have been better marks, but I think they were pretty good considering the workload and stress I was under)


Even though the admission essay is about my academic goals and how I am prepared for university-level study, I also have to submit my High school and College grades. With that saying, I would like to mention why my marks were not the best, and why I did not complete my OAC??s. I would also like to stress my desire to succeed and become a teacher, for I love children, and found my calling when I was in Italy. If there is anything else that you may need, please do not hesitate to email for call me. I included what I began writing, but I am completely lost, to tell you the truth scared that I won??t write the right thing, or at least not in proper format.

The Road Not Taken:

Tu poi insegnare me inglese?, my 8 year old cousin asked while I was vacationing in Italy. Translation: can you teach me English? That is when I knew I wanted to become a teacher.
I decided back in my high school years that I would complete my OAC??s, that I would go straight to College and find myself there. I figured that my ??passion?? would bloom and I would know what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, but unfortunately I did not. After 2 years, I graduated from George Brown College with a Fashion Management diploma. My GPD was not as high as it could have been for in my second year (3rd semester) 1) I had lost my grandmother 2) My mother feel ill for a period of 5 months and 3) I did not enjoy my program as much as I thought I would. You may wonder why I did not change or put my education on hold, it is because I have a personality type that when I start something I always finish, I never give up or quit.

If you need me to resend this in a word document, please let me know. Thanks! =)

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Title: Afro Caribbean

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Essay Instructions: Admission Essay for Masters Program in African Studies

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Please attach a personal statement. Explain your reasons for seeking admission to Montclair State University, including what you believe are your academic strengths and interests. Be certain to explain any situations that may have had an impact, either positively or negatively, on your academic record.

Please list significant activities in which you have participated, both in school and out of school

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Title: success

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Essay Instructions: Admission Essay
Please write an essay, approx. 600 words on the following topic:
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