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Title: Morale Issue in Social Service Agency

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Essay Instructions: Administration And Policy Development: The Organisational Context

Assessment task: This assignment requires you to analyse a hospital that provides a social work service, and suggest strategies for change as a result of this analysis. Your analysis will be framed around a problem you identified or observed during your placement. The problem identified may relate to how services are delivered to clients, how staff are treated within the organisation and/or be related to barriers, injustice and inequality. Applying theory covered in this unit, you will analyse the organisation and provide an argument/rationale for
why the problem exists.
Your analysis should include exploration of the following components in order to gain an understanding of the identified problem: - Name of organisation - Description of the identified problem and explain how it is a problem and for whom - A brief description of the purpose(s) and mission of the organisation, the auspice under which it operates the range of social work/welfare services provided
- A chart of the organisations official structure (may be included as an appendix) - A brief description or map of the organisation?s direct and indirect task environments - A brief commentary on the official and operative versions of the organisation, especially in terms of goals, structure and culture - The opportunities and constraints experienced by social welfare workers at the front line in this HSO - The nature and extent of any current change (positive or negative) coming from outside or inside the HSO and how social welfare workers are affected - The power and influence (or lack of these) of consumers in the HSO - Indigenous and cross-cultural issues impacting on the HSO or its clients - Overarching analysis of the problem in relation to the components explored above.
At completion of your analysis you are required to identify what organisational change is needed in response to the problem identified. Briefly discuss strategies for how you, as a social worker, would try to implement such change within the organisational context. Your ideas for what needs to change and strategies for change must be informed and supported by theory. The different theories/perspectives (such as bureaucracy, scientific management, and human relations) must guide and inform your analysis and be clearly identified and referenced where appropriate. Insights, observations and critical reflections from your time within the organisation should be included. It is recommended that where possible you attempt to link these with theory. Your analysis and strategies for change should be clearly set out. Use headings to guide the reader.
Assignment 2: Marking Criteria HD D C P N Clear identification and description of the problem and the organisation. Presentation of a clear and informative description of the selected HSO. (10%) Demonstrated engagement with the analysis process and clear presentation of analysis informed by theory. (35%) Analysis demonstrates a high level of critical reflection on content and readings for this unit and on information and insights gained within the organisational context (placement). (20%) Clear articulation of changes required and strategies for implementing changes in an organisational context as informed by your analysis and theory. (25%) Academic skills, including: structure, syntax, evidence of reading, appropriate and accurate referencing. (10%)
The learning outcomes that must be met
ULO3: Apply theory in order to analyse the systems and processes of organisations and how these may impact clients and service delivery, with particular focus on identification of barriers and injustice. Engaging in an organisational analysis will help you to achieve a working knowledge of organisational theory and develop skills for analysing the impacts of organisational systems and process on clients.
ULO4: Appraise the need for change within organisations and describe appropriate and reasonable steps for implementing organisational change in order to reduce social barriers, inequality and injustice. Using your analysis of the organisation and applying theoretical understandings gained throughout the unit, you will be able to identify organisational changes that may help to reduce social barriers, inequality and injustice. ULO6: Work independently and/or in groups to creatively and effectively use text-based and audio-visual technologies to communicate, acquire and disseminate information. This assessment requires you to individually demonstrate skills in the use of text-based technologies to present and communicate the analysis of the organisation.
Deakin Graduate Learning Outcome(s) (GLO) assessed:
GLO4: Critical thinking - In this assessment you will need to apply and demonstrate critical thinking skills in your analysis or the organisation and in evaluating areas of change within the organisation. GLO5: Problem solving - Within this assessment you will develop and strengthen problem solving skills by creating solutions to authentic, real world problems within organisations as informed by organisational theory. GLO6: Self- management - As an individual task this assessment allows the opportunity further to develop skills in independent learning and time management. GLO8: Global citizenship - The organisational analysis encourages you to explore issues of ethical practice with diverse communities through the exploration of social barriers, inequality and injustice in service delivery within human service organisations.
These are the references I would like you to use and the topics that you need to integrate.
Organisational Theories
Jones, A & May, J 1992, ?Approaching organisational analysis: Towards a critical perspective?, Working in human service organisations: A critical introduction, Longman Cheshire, Melbourne, pp. 32-81
Organisational goals and structure
Karabanow, J 2004, ?Making organizations work: exploring characteristics of anti-oppressive organizational structures in street youth shelters?, Journal of Social Work, vol. 4, no. 1, pp. 47?60
Organisational Culture
Cameron, K & Quinn, R, 2011, 'An introduction to changing organisational culture', in K, Cameron & R, Quinn Diagnosing and changing organisational culture: Based on the competing values framework, pp. 1-26.
Health Service Offices (HSO) and the service user and the worker
McLaughlin, H 2009, 'What's in a name:'Client', 'Patient', 'customer', 'consumer', 'expert by experience', 'service user' - What's next?', British Journal of Social Work, vol. 39, no. 6, pp. 1101-1117
Power and Professionalism
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Organisational change
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Bargal, D & Schmid, H 1993, ?Organizational change and development in human service organizations: a prefatory essay?, Administration in Social Work, vol. 16, no. 3, pp. 1?13

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Review or Plan Admin System
This assessment task involves the selection of a company of your choice, which may be the company where you are currently working or any other company nominated by your group members.
The company is Strathfield College in Sydney

The objective of this task is to provide a detailed overview of administration system requirements that the nominated company may need to implement for operational purposes.
1. State your chosen context and establish organisational and budgetary requirements for an administration system within your nominated company. Administration system may be electronic or paper based.

Answer should include the context of the chosen organisation nominated by the student. It should contain some brief background of the company and some budgetary figure expressed in $AUD that would be used as a basis of selecting an administration system.

2. Within the chosen context identify requirements of, or modifications to, administration system through consultation with system users and other stakeholders in accordance with your previously established organisational and budgetary requirements. System requirements may include:
a. components of the system
b. number and type of users
c. organisation/staff requirements
d. purpose and nature of the organisation
e. size of system
f. skills of existing staff
g. staff training needs
h. type of system
i. work practices
System users may include: casual personnel, external clients, organisation?s personnel.

Answer should include the outline of the current administration system if there is one in place. Company system requirements should be clearly outlined in relation to the: components of the system, number and type of users, organisation/staff requirements, purpose and nature of the organisation, size of system, skills of existing staff, staff training needs, type of system, work practices. It should also include company personnel that will be using the administration system with their roles clearly defined.

3. Outline the organisational policy and procedural requirements to obtain quotations and form the basis of selecting a supplier. In essence prepare a ?Purchasing policy? for your nominated organisation.

Answer should include a company policy titled ?Purchasing Policy? using an appropriate policy and procedure template, which would outline the process of obtaining a quote and selecting a supplier as well as person responsible etc.

4. Obtain three quotations from suppliers/developers of system in accordance with the established organisational policy and procedures. Suppliers and developers may include: administration system consultants, computer/software suppliers, efficiency consultants, equipment suppliers, information technology trainers, internal staff/clients, office equipment suppliers.

Answer should include the type of supplier and developer that was consulted as well as a basis on which quotations were obtained i.e. the categories using which the suppliers can be compared to each other. For example: price, system features, support offered, running costs etc.

5. On the basis of the quotations provided make a selection of one supplier or developer in accordance with organisational policy and procedures.

Answer should include the reasoning behind selecting one particular supplier over the other two.
The company is Strathfield College in Sydney

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: administration of public institutions

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1754 Sources: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Identify and interview three public administrators within your geographic area where you are located. Lessons should be learned as follows:

1. Indicate what they see, from a public administrators role, as some of the pluses and minuses of PA.

2. Note what they foresee as the challenges to public administration in the future.

3. Describe some of the unique duties that they, those interviewed, undertake that goes beyond the content contained within the course.

4. Include a summary of what you learned through the interviews.

5. Contain an analysis of your future professional career direction with regards to public administration.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Course: Compensation Management in a Knowledge-Base World

Topic: Administration process with a benefits program and the role of federal and state legislation.

Essay Question:
Describe the administration process involved with a benefits program and how federal and state legislation plays a role in the process.

Essay needs to be at least 350 words in length in an APA format.

There must be at least one in-text citation in the essay.

2 references; the textbook is one reference.

Book Reference
Henderson, R. I. (2006). Compensation management in a knowledge-based world (10th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Chapter 17, and 18

Excerpt From Essay:

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