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Essay Instructions: Action Plan Steps Part 2
Submit a paper that continues the explanation of your action plan designed to decrease or eliminate the achievement gap. In this part of the paper, you should:

Describe what strategies will be used to assess the impact of the action plan on the school\'s culture and foster a positive school culture that centers on the diversity of the community.
Discuss what activities you will facilitate to apply principles of effective instruction to improve instructional practices and curricular materials by monitoring instructional practices; making recommendations regarding the design, implementation, and evaluation of the curriculum; planning and using technology to enrich the curriculum and instruction; and providing staff the assistance needed for improvement.
Discuss how you will monitor the components of the school improvement plan to ensure actualization of the identified goals. Discuss the evaluation process that will be utilized to assess the effectiveness of school improvement plan including the data that will be analyzed. Describe how progress toward achievement of school vision and goals will be shared with pertinent stakeholders, including the community. (ELCC 1.4)
Use the Template to complete your paper.

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Essay Instructions: Please this is a report writing. See the instructions below. Please dont forget about the executive summary and the powerpoint at the end if the report

REPORTS should be as long as necessary, but no longer. Grading will be based on content, grammar, and style (i.e., professional appearance/neatness counts; make sure you follow the report format screenshow). Typically, the report should contain at least 14-15 double-spaced pages of ?real substance? ? ?real substance? does not include regurgitation of case background or tables, graphs, or appendices. However, your report should include all necessary, well-designed, professional quality tables, graphs, and appendices that are needed to successfully support your arguments and convey information to your audience. The reports also should contain a professional quality Executive Summary (because it repeats the key points and recommendations made in the report, the Executive Summary does not count as ?real substance.?) Appropriate headers and/or footers and page numbering are part of any professional quality report.

PowerPoint presentations will be submitted to Sakai. You also need to provide a complete script of what you say about each slide. There are three ways this can be accomplished: ?Within PowerPoint, create a ?Notes? page with each PowerPoint slide with your script for that slide. ?Provide a Word document with the script. Clearly indicate the slide to which each section of your script refers. (Probably as an underscored, left-aligned paragraph before that segment.) ?If you really want to have fun, record your thoughts about each slide in a separate *.WAV file, and include your spoken comments on each slide.

The assignment is below.

The Assignment to be used is below. I have attached the case to be used in the uploaded file folder.

Today is June 2, 1998, and you are the advisor to Alan Painter, Director of the Community Services Division of the Department of Housing and Human Services; Alan has worked on the design and implementation of services and programs to assist homeless people for over a decade. You are just leaving the press conference in which the Mayor announced his ?ZERO HOMELESS FAMILY PLEDGE.? (Neither you nor Alan were6T aware of the content of the press conference before you heard it ?live?!)

You and Painter understand the political power of counting and publicly emphasizing the size of the homeless population in Seattle. Even so, the practice makes both of you uncomfortable. Schell?s pledge raises the stakes and the scrutiny of the homeless street count. You wonder what effect the pledge will have on the supply and demand for shelter space. Even if additional shelter space is developed, you fear that some of the target population still might choose the streets. Furthermore, factors beyond the City?s control have a significant impact on the number of homeless people.

According to the best estimates, of the 1,300 homeless people living on the streets without shelter on a given night, over 700 are homeless families with children or single women in Seattle, the categories described in Schell?s pledge. You wonder what it will take to bring that number down to zero. You also wonder who will be counting and how they will do so.

In this case your Report should propose (to Alan Painter) a detailed (and well justified) ?action plan,? that Alan will make to the Mayor, in which you/he will set forth your proposal for fulfilling the Mayor?s pledge. Make sure you address how you will resolve the several competing tensions in the case.

Obviously your Report also will need a timeline and project budget. (You may assume present technology and technology costs. For anything else, assume 1998.) The projected budget must be ?realistic? within the parameters set forth in the case ? don?t ?assume? that any sudden gigantic windfalls will come your way, or that the Mayor will throw open the purse strings to support his pledge (which is not to say you can?t weasel some additional funds out of him).

This is your chance to shine ? and to improve the situation for Seattle?s homeless in the near term, and, perhaps, the longer term as well.


A few hints I passed along to folks in prior semesters regarding the ?Homeless in Seattle? case. When ambiguous, you = you walking in Alan\'s shoes.

Make sure you are careful in constructing the problem statement?
How much money do you have to spend?
Not much. But exactly how much depends on Seattle?s fiscal year.
You can re-prioritize some proportion of Alan\'s budget (and Alan\'s effort), but not all of it. And much of what Alan/you are presently doing in your shop already is addressing the problem. But, see bullet above, do you have a full year?s budget to re-prioritize, or is a portion of it already spent.
Can you only spend ?your? money?
Your recommendation is to the Mayor. Thus, you can suggest he spend some of the money under his control. While he has more money, many of the same constraints above apply. Can he lay off all the police and firefighters to address his Homeless Pledge?
What about the grant?
Who was the grant awarded to?
What about the multi-year bond money?
What was the specific purpose of the bond?
Can the bond money help you without putting you behind bars? (You don?t want to go to jail do you?)
I didn?t say there was no money from these sources, but make sure you can justify what you want to use.
As Alan Painter, you care about the ?long term? solution to the homeless issue. But that is not the problem right now.
You would, however, like to do minimal harm to current efforts at long term solutions.
I said you didn?t have much money, but perhaps you have ?resources??
Perhaps the Mayor has resources?
Who are your friends in this battle? Your enemies?
How willing will the King County Exec and Council be to help Seattle\'s Mayor?
Think about what you know about the homeless from your knowledge and experience. Think about what you know about City/County/State politics from your experience.

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Title: A Critical Analysis of Tampa's Strategic Action Plan for the Redevelopment of the Channelside District

Total Pages: 22 Words: 5938 Bibliography: 10 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: I need a critical analysis of Tampa's strategic action plan for the redevelopment of the Channelside District. I will be sending the website address that contains the actual plan. I need 30 pages of text analyzing the status of the plan, the issues that are being faced, such as funding, bringing in new business, and attracting people to moving to the Channelside District. Basically, I need to address the issues that are stalling this plan and what actions the city government need to take to make it happen.

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Title: roles goals due dates and action plan

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1432 Sources: -2 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: i need a an essay based upon my roles,goals,action plans,and due dates that i will list here.
-To give unconditional knowledge, strength, and determination to all that seeks GOD's unchanging loving faith. I need this in the begin of the paper and to have this mission statement lead in to the roles that i provide for this essay.

-a loving and faith husband- just got married last year and still a newlywed.I need this role to express how complex marriage is and it's long term effect.
-a future loving father to my children-plan to start a family soon now that i married. i need for this role to express how challenging parent can be and how loving your children will be essence of being a parent.
-a devoted college student-return back to school from a 8 year layoff. i need this role to express a determined and passionate student who is eager to finish his degree this time around.
-a loving friend for guidance and understanding to young people-Realizing that the real world has many pitfalls for our youth i want this role to express how being out there already i can be a guide to young people and let them surpass this pitfalls of drugs,gangs, and not being the big shot but to just be a citizen within yourself and to your fellow man.
-a cheerful giver to find a cure for AIDS-this is a deadly disease and no cure has been found so in this roles i want to express by being part of the team to help out with my donation to find a cure for this deadly disease.

each of the roles above will have a goal after being expressed. The goal will basically improve upon the role that is stated. in others words the goal will state "my goal for this role is to improve upon" and then elaborate
on the goal for each role stated.

for each of the roles along with the goal to improve the roles an action plan and due date will alos follow as well.
the action plan will be a step by step process aiding the goal that is helping the designated role. for example for the role of "a cheerful giver to help find a cure for AIDS" just say some what on the lines of step1: to set aside some funding from my personal income to contribute to the cause. Furthermore, elaborate just a little bit about the steps after stated it. as far as the due dates concerns try to say for all of the roles expections to be achieved will be accomplished within 3 months from today. Make sure you put a month,date, and year for the due dates.
if you have any question or concerns about the essay call me at 219-801-1838 i will gladly give you more information for the essay.

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