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Title: The Relationship between Metacognition and Academic Achievement in College Students

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Essay Instructions: Title:
The relationship between metacognition and academic achievement in college students

This research study investigates the relationship between metacognition and academic achievement/performance among college students (using Schraw and Anderson?s 1994 Metacognitive Awareness Inventory), so it relates to educational & cognitive psychology.

This custom paper will include the INTRODUCTION AND LITERATURE REVIEW chapters combined into one as in a research report. The paper will introduce the study by stating the problem to be investigated, the purpose of the study, the rationale for conducting the study, and the study?s potential contributions to the field, highlighting metacognitive training.
The research questions to be investigated later include:
Is there a significant correlation between metacognition and academic achievement?
Are there differences in grade point averages (GPAs) between men/boys and women/girls?
So, introducing the study and reviewing the literature will be done in line with the above questions.
Three are various conceptualizations of metacognition in the literature, almost all based on Flavell, but this paper will adopt Schraw and Dennison?s (1994), viewing metacognition as having two major components: KNOWLEDGE OF COGNITION (Declarative knowledge, Procedural knowledge & Conditional knowledge), and REGULATION OF COGNITION (Planning, Monitoring, Evaluating etc...).
Sources will be uploaded, along with a word document containing the common list of references...

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Title: The Effectiveness of Academic Achievment through the use of Block Scheduling in High School Classrooms

Total Pages: 25 Words: 6471 Sources: 20 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I need the first three chapters as outlined below. APA format. 12 Point Font, New Times Roman. General alignment needs to be, Justified. I need you to compare one school that has block scheduling and one school that has traditional scheduling and show the effects of academic achievement based on those two school. The schools need to be from Missouri and within my living area. The two schools I prefer would be Sullivan High School and Owensville High School. They are of similiar size. Owensville has traditional Scheduling and Sullivan has AB block scheduling. the use of End of Course Exams and ACTS scores would be sufficient in using for the comparison. Charts and Graphs should be used in the Methodology section. A History Traditional and Block Scheduling Practices , a History of Educational assessments, Student Achievement, and Instruction in today's classrooms are some of the topics that should be covered in the review of the literature. The use of professional educational journals like Educational Leadership and other should have a presence in the paper if they meet the needs of the paper.

Chapter 1:Introduction and Statement of the Problem

Introduction: in this section you are to hook the reader by presenting a story that hooks the reader

Statement of the Problem: The purpose of this study is to examine block scheduling and its effects on academic achievement in high school classrooms


For the purpose of this study the following definitions will be used

Limitations: What the study is limited to,Where the research project will take place, the population, and other circumstances are written here.


Chapter 2: Review of the Literature


Statement of the Problem:The purpose of this study is to examine block scheduling and its effects on academic achievement in high school classrooms

Review of the Literature


Chapter 3: Methodology


Statement of the Problem:The purpose of this study is to examine block scheduling and its effects on academic achievement in high school classrooms




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Title: Learning Styles and Academic Achievement

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2174 References: 1 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Research Proposal

Title: Learning Styles and Academic Achievement: Are Parent?s Expectations Too High?

Do high school students? learning styles coincide with their parent?s academic expectations? This study will investigate the relationship between learning styles and the academic achievement of high school students and seek to identify if learning styles coincide with a parent?s expectations of academic achievement.

Instructors instructions for the Proposal:

The sections of your proposal will parallel the first three chapters of a dissertation: introduction, literature review, and methodology.

By now you should have a good idea of the research design you will use for your proposed study. Recall that research design accomplishes two major purposes:

It helps you answer your research question. A good research question implies an appropriate research design. If this is not the case in your situation you may want to go back and redo your research question(s).

It helps you control variance. That is, it helps you enhance the validity of your study and rule out rival hypotheses.
Specific learning objectives:

?Develop a defensible educational research proposal.

?Distinguish between directional hypotheses, null hypotheses, research questions, and statements of purpose in a proposal.

Incorporate appropriate ethical, legal, and human relations considerations in a defensible educational research proposal.

?Give examples of possible research situations involving legal, ethical, or human relations issues, and describe how such issues can be handled effectively.

?Use ERIC and other electronic databases to help conduct a literature review.

?Use Internet search engines to help conduct a literature review.

?Describe several flaws that weaken the reporting of a literature review.

?Determine sample size for a research study.

?Identify a defensible sampling technique for a research study.

?Apply the APA style to a research proposal.


I. Refine the introductory section of your proposal. Recall that you must have a strong alignment between your introduction, literature review, and methodology sections. In particular, closely examine your research question(s) and your limitations and delimitations.

Keep in mind that a good research question implies the type of study design. Two examples are:

Quantitative research question: Is there a difference in college graduation rates between students who were referred to the counseling service and students who utilized the counseling service at their own initiative? [Implies a quantitative causal-comparative study (it would be unethical to manipulate the independent variable)]

Qualitative research question: What is the process associated with coming home and reuniting the family? [Implies a qualitative grounded theory study with in-depth interviews and observations]

II. Develop a literature review section of your proposal.

III. Develop the methodology section of your proposal.

V. Your proposal should not be longer than 14 pages. Since your title page, abstract, and reference sections are on separate pages, you have no more than 11 pages for your introduction, literature review, and methodology sections.

Please Let me know if you are able to complete the proposal, specific to these details. If not, please notify me in writing asap and do not charge my card. This is doctorate level research proposal and should reflect theory and writing at the doctorate level.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Topic: Cultural Diversity and Academic Achievement related to biological psychology

This paper will also need an Abstract and Conclusion with five sources provided.

Excerpt From Essay:

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