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Title: case study of Abu Dhabi stock market efficiency and transmission mechanisms

Total Pages: 42 Words: 11185 References: -30 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: we will pay more!! please take.

please note the project should cover the following chapters:
1. introduction
2. stock market and economic growth
3. economic performance in United arab Emarites and in paricular focus on Abu Dhabi
4.introduction to Abu Dhabi stock market
5. the Abu Dhabi stock market index and the price of oil ( stock market index history of last 5 years is available, let me know if you need it).
6. is Abu Dhabi stock market efficient? testing weak form efficient is appropiate for Abu Dhabi stock market.please use simple explanation of the method.
7. conclusion.
please make sure that the dissertation divided into: abstaract, introducton/motivation, historical/institutional background,litrature review, data and methodology,results/finding, conclusion.

please note the total word requirment is 12500 word excluding bibliography/references

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Title: Urban and redevelopment planning Acomparative study of the emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Total Pages: 16 Words: 4983 Works Cited: -32 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: The changing economic climate was having different impacts on the process of urban development in the UAE's cities. I wannted to look beyond the two cities (Abu Dhabi and Dubai)experience in order to better assess urban development options without any negative compitition between the two cities.I will do two case study in The urban mege projects such as palms islands in Dubai and Lulua island In Abu Dhabi.
The conceptual framework will be the regulation theory.
I want in this proposal the following points:
-the research propblem - letirature rievew - methdology -
also i will send anather helpful information related to the subject.
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Title: Health Policy and Global Health

Total Pages: 2 Words: 846 Bibliography: 8 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: This time I am looking to Data collection:
Data collection will base on the stage of transforming from no insurance system to insurance companies.

Because in past the fund was mainly from minstery of health (MOH) which covers all the seven emirates, but since UAE is a federal country which consist of seven emirates. Abudhabi and dubai had established their own health authorities with their own fund that lead to new health care system based on health insurance leaving the five emirates depend on MOH for fund.
So in this essay I would like you to collect data mainly about health insurance in abudhabi health authority and evaluate how the system is working by answering all the listed questions below.

Data are depend on reports, studies, articles and statistics from
1-Abu dhabi health authority
2-daman &thiqa
3- newpapers.

These are the Questions to be answer exactly and percisely

1- Brief description what is meant by health reform from my own health system view?
2- Why is the system being reformed
3- What is the new vision driving it
4- Key element of the reform
5- What is the new system be like, how will it work
6- What is driving health reform in my system
7- What are the obstacles and barriers to reform
8- critically evaluation how well the reform programme is working

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Essay Instructions: I am doing a market analysis paper on Dubai.

i want to write 2 paragraphs on my competitive supply- Abu Dhabi's tourism industry and how it support the economy

A paragraph on monitoring strategy on Dubai

Excerpt From Essay:

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