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Title: deviance in society

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Essay Instructions: Abortion as a deviant behavior and examine it through the lens of the labeling theory in sociology. You should begin the paper with a description of abortion and its prevalence in the U.S.supporting your description with media sources and other suitable data.You then introduce the labeling theory and explain why such deviance occurs and how it may serve some functions for society.2 scholarly sources are needed. conclude with discussion.

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Title: legal and ethical

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Essay Instructions: ABORTION-Discover a legal action that has either been set into motion or has been to court within the past ten years. Include the following information

*Case Title
*Case Summary
*Your Comments

*If final decision has been made, do you agree to disagree with it, and why

*If a final decision has not been made, what should it be; explain why you feel this way
*Use at least three references, one may be your text

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Title: Abortion and the Significance towards Women's Health with Evidence

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Essay Instructions: This paper should begin with a brief introduction about Abortion (background, significance for women's health, definition, statistics, and treatment now) then summarize in one paragraph and critique in two separate paragraphs (one on strengths and one on weaknesses) single research studies in 3 fairly recent journal articles related to Abortion. The research studies must be from refereed journals at the library (or from WEB- BUT they must be peer-reviewed journals). The journal article paragraphs should include the results as well (each journal should have 3 paragraphs to it). In the last part of the paper, you should offer ideas and/or suggestions for gender-sensitive health promotion and intervention strategies related to Abortion. These should be original and creative. COPIES OF THE JOURNAL ARTICLES used must be attached along with this paper please.

Side note: Please try to choose interesting and easily understood peer-reviewed journal articles.

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Essay Instructions: For the Final Paper, you will identify a specific claim relative to one of the topics listed below and defend it with as strong an argument as possible. These topics are presented below as questions. The best way to develop a thesis statement is to offer an answer to the question, and then state in a clear and specific sentence the basis for your answer.
? Should abortion be legal? - Abortion Should Not Be Legal

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