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Essay Instructions: Aboriginal / Environmental

The Cree's opposition to the James Bay Hydroelectric dam project. The negative environmental impacts on the aboriginals "Cree". For example they were hunters and gathers, the fish are no longer eatable due to the mercury levels, the animals have died or relocated. The environmental disaster to the land and how the cree are connected to the land. This terrible outcome, destroyed the cree's way of live and had to relocate them to a reserve. The environmental impact was not researched enough.
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Contamination of Aboriginal Water Resources

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Title: The instructions file I uploaded This a 4th year Aboriginal Geography class I topic related aboriginal school system Canada aboriginal peoples canada opportunities aboriginals I statistics show aboriginal peoples education aboriginal

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Essay Instructions: The instructions are on the file I have uploaded.

This is for a 4th year Aboriginal Geography class!

I want my topic to be something related to the aboriginal school system in Canada and how aboriginal peoples in canada don't get the same opportunities as non-aboriginals.
I want to use statistics to show that there are less aboriginal peoples with education than non-aboriginal.
The essay should start out broad but then should use a case study to be more specific.

Please let me know if there are any questions.

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Title: Assignment 3 Essay Question How schools empower teachers informed Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Education Critically reflect analyse question engaging main 6 thematic areas Unit including choose State chosen

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Essay Instructions: Assignment 3 Essay
Question: How might schools empower teachers to be better informed about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education?
Critically reflect and analyse the above question engaging one of the main 6 thematic areas from this Unit including: ( you can choose which one you want, just State which one you have chosen).

1. Country and story
2. Indigenous Knowledges
3. Indigenous literacies and Aboriginal English
4. Aboriginal Education Policies in NSW and Federally
5. The stories being engaged in, in the Australian ?history wars?
6. Incorporating and engaging Aboriginal perspectives in the teaching of a chosen curriculum area.

In this essay include the following:
1. critical reflection and analysis of your perceived personal and individual role as future teachers actively engaging in adding Aboriginal perspectives into the curriculum in their classrooms.
2. analysis and reflection of pedagogical components in quality Indigenous education.
3. ground your personal reflections in theory and broader academic discourse. This will build on your own understanding of the concept of Indigenous Knowing.

Assessment Criteria and Weighting
? clear identification of identified and chosen theme embedded within a clear and concise introduction (/5)
? degree of critical analysis and reflection (/15)
? well developed and coherent argument demonstrated through clear illustrations or examples (/15)
? clear identification and commentary on appropriate pedagogy (/6)
? well developed and coherent conclusion (/4)

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Works Cited:


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Title: WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT There 2 pafts assignment Please ensure answer submit parts Part I 5OO 1OOO words Identify ten 10 significant historical issues impacted time and health cultural safety Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

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Essay Instructions: WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT
There are two (2) pafts to this assignment. Please ensure that you answer and submit both parts.
Part I (5OO - 1OOO words)
Identify ten (10) significant historical issues which impacted at that time & beyond on the health and cultural safety of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People.
Paft 2 (75O - 1250 words)
Identify two (2) issues that have had a negative impact on health delivery in indigenous communities.
Suggest strategies in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People to address these issues
Include appropriate communication methods needed to establish and maintain effective relationships with indigenous people.

HLTFIIR4O4D Work Effectively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People MARKING GUIDE
Nanre: Criteria
Provides ten historically significant issues impacting on the health & cultural safety of ATSI people
Provides logical sequencing of events outlined above
Provides an introduction to Fart 2
Identifies trnro issues having a negative impact on health delivery in indigenous communities
Identifies strategies to address these two issues
Denronstrates knowledge of subject
Dernonstrates cu ltu ra lly appropriate cornnrunication
Provides a conclusion

Also In-Text referencing: include the following info within the text of the Assignment
1 Name of the author or authors
2 The year of publication
3 The page number ( if direct quote)

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Excerpt From Essay:


Dunne, P. et al. (1994). Health Services Provision in Rural and Remote Areas: a needs analysis.

Medical Journal of Australia, pp. 161-162.

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Establishing a model of service delivery for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. Australian Communication Quarterly, 7(2), pp. 65-68.

Shnukal, A. (2001). Torres Strait Islanders. In M. Brandle (Ed.), Multicultural Queensland

2001: 100 years, 100 communities. A century of contributions. Brisbane: Department of Premier and Cabinet.

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