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Title: Master of Science in Digital Forensics

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Essay Instructions: A personal statement (essay) not exceeding 500 words describing the applicant's academic and professional experiences and goals.

Will email you my resume for professional and academic experiences.

There are faxes for this order.

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Title: A personal statement

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Essay Instructions: A personal statement for a college essay about a boy. Please include details like, blue eyes from his father. father died at 8 years old and then he was diagnosed with a rare oral cancer at 12 years old. Still a very happy and driven kid who used golf to help keep him focused. The boy has memory issues(short term) due to the head and neck radiation. Please talk about the hospital environment being a different world, open 24hrs a day and the flourescent lights. The point of the essay is a personal statement allowing the boy the oppurtunity for the college to know him better. Please ask me any questions you need to clarify.

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Title: the humanitarian lesson

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Essay Instructions: a personal statement for admissions/entrance to school of management.
2-3 page essay
describe my experience and learning,including learning outside of the classroom,such as employment,family,military,volunteer workand participation in community organizations.
explain my reasons for further study and personal professional goals.

I wanted to write about one of my missionary trips to Ghana, Africa last year.
It was a group of 40 or so American Health care workers.We opened a clinic and operating room as a MASH unit in a rural area of Ghana for 11 days.Seen over 200 children from ages neonate to 21 yrs.We had to select the correct patients based on their survival rates and post care management(wellness) after we were back in the states.Only 44 children were selected at the end.It was a humbling,devasting but rewarding trip.One that i will never forget.It was one of those trips that made you realize how priviledged we are here in the usa for many reasons.It changed me as a person and health provider.
It also is a main reason why i would like to pursue an advance degree in healthcare/ order to be in a position to create a better healthcare system here and abroad as a visitor.
The writer can be creative about the development of the essay but,keep the plot the same if possible.

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Essay Instructions: Hello, Sir/Madam,
My order might be a bit unusual this time and I hope you'll be able to help me. I drafted a personal statement on the topic: why do I want to become a Physician Assistant professional? Entire draft is a free write to help readers to get to know me better personally and professionally, but mostly personally. I need it to be more professional, thus I will email my resume along with the draft to you to use for an additional information. Personal statement needs to convey my objectives in becoming a Physician Assistant, my personal strengths or skills which make me suited to the profession, and any other pertinent information regarding my preparation for the profession.
Please, let me know if you need more info.
Thank you for your help!

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