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Title: Ibsen Hennrik

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Essay Instructions: Hello, I would like a essay on the dollhouse by Ibsen Henrik.
This is the subject matter: What was the role of the woman in the 19th centery society? Does A Dolls House express the need for woman to escape from the confinemnet and restriction they faced in the 19th centery European Society?
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Title: A Dolls House

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Essay Instructions: Essay Title:

'In Patriarchal society, "femininity" involves playing a series of roles'. Discuss with reference to A Dolls House.

Points to consider in essay:

1500 words in length
explain the terms "patriarchal society" and "femininity" at the start.
Role playing in the context of broader patriarchal society.
how role play theme informs the play as a whole.
**most of essay rooted in specific examples which explore the language of the play.


A Dolls house by Henrik Ibsen

publication; Dover Thrift editions , NY. 1992 isbn 0-486-27062-9

very important to quote from this publication.

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Title: Love

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Essay Instructions: Hello
Well first about my essay. This is my last (final) paper for my literature class. The theme of the paper is Love. In the essay, discuss a theme that has recurred in at least three works. You may choose three of those works: “Eveline”, “The Lady with the Pet Dog”, “Death of a Salesman”, “A Rose for Emily”, “A dolls House”, and “Love in L.A.”. Essay should address the different treatments of the theme. Some authors treat themes in a similar fashion, and other authors have taken completely different viewpoints. My essay should include personal observations on reaction to the literature. For example, after comparing the treatment of love in three different works of literature, essay should discuss the impact on personal opinion.
Now little about me. I moved in US 4 years ago, so I am still learning English. So I would love to my paper to be written as someone who’s English as second language. Which mean easy to understand, not too many complicated words. However, paper need to have good Substance, Structure, Focus, Accuracy, and Technical control. If you have any question please contact me. Looking forward hearing from you. Thank you so much.

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Essay Instructions: In a Dolls House, by Henrick Ibsen, many characters are foils to other ones. Pick any two characters that are foils for each other, and please write a 2 page paper analyzing how that relationship works in the play by using quotations from the text. I need 3 body sections that demonstrate and show through examples from the text how these character work or do not work as foils. Also, a stated thesis must be present in the first introduction paragraph. Bibliography should just be cited from a Dolls House in MLA format.

I know you guys do this and i appreciate you all so much!!!! =)

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