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Instructions for A Brave New World College Essay Examples

Essay Instructions: **This paper will be cut into 2 separate papers covering the same topic and using the same references**

paper 1 (4 pages) Literature Review for the course History of Canadian foreign policy

paper 2 (3 pages, can be written in point form) Reaction paper

Topic (for both): A brave new world - Canadian foreign policy in the new millennium

paper 1 (4 pages): This paper is a literature review of 7 references I have attached. Summarize the readings, what are the main points/ideas (can be grouped together if authors say similar points), what are the main themes, outline in a logical flow/transition of readings, what are the ooutcomes/impacts of events that happened in the readings, important points to ponder, what are the courses of action / conclusions that came about.

paper 2 (3 pages): This paper is a blog type response and can be done in point form. What were the lessons learned from the readings, was the Canadian foregin policy role established, what role did the Canadians achieve, were there any other options / do-overs, were the main themes covered, what was the end state, any other key issues / arguments that could be withdrawn from the readings.

**only 1 reference list can be attached for both papers. No title page necessary. Make sure to get the main points across and key issues addressed**

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Technology and Project Mgmt 6

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1319 Sources: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Please answer each section individually with inline citations and list references.

1. TSC
What Is Reality?
Why do we pursue technologies such as those associated with virtual reality? Going back to one of our definitions of technology, what problem are we trying to solve? What are the risks associated with these technologies?

2. Technology, Morality, and Ethics
In the article by Leon Kass, ?Preventing a Brave New World,? the author argues for a worldwide ban on all forms of human cloning. Do you agree with the author?s arguments? Could we realistically allow therapeutic cloning but ban human cloning? What are the ethical questions raised by cloning? Is there any moral difference between applying genetic engineering technologies to humans and applying them to animals and plants? What role should governments play in making policies regarding ethical issues?

Project Mgmt
3. Case Study: Western Oceanography Institute
Review the case study. Answer the three questions at the end of the case. Your answers must be supported by the facts of the case.

Case Study: Kerzner Office Equipment (graded)
4. Review the case study. Answer the four questions at the end of the case.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: I'm after answers to the following 3 questions. Answers should be based on the following article which I'll e-mail to you:

A brave new world : Investment banking in 2008 (B):KEL380)


1.Why were proponents of deregulation so successful in the late 1990s? How much can we blame deregulation for the meltdown in the investment banking industry? And how could the government have foreseen and/or stopped the domino effect before the crisis of 2008?
2. How much of the industry-wide crisis stemmed from investment banks? financials and current economic climate as opposed to investor panic and speculation?
3. Could Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs survived without becoming bank holding companies? What were the benefits and disadvantages of becoming bank holding companies? What does designation as bank holding companies mean for the way Morgan and Goldman operate going forward?

Excerpt From Essay:

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