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Title: This paper cut 2 separate papers covering topic references paper 1 4 pages Literature Review History Canadian foreign policy paper 2 3 pages written point form Reaction paper Topic A brave world Canadian foreign policy millennium paper 1 4 pages This paper a literature review 7 references I attached

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Essay Instructions: **This paper will be cut into 2 separate papers covering the same topic and using the same references**

paper 1 (4 pages) Literature Review for the course History of Canadian foreign policy

paper 2 (3 pages, can be written in point form) Reaction paper

Topic (for both): A brave new world - Canadian foreign policy in the new millennium

paper 1 (4 pages): This paper is a literature review of 7 references I have attached. Summarize the readings, what are the main points/ideas (can be grouped together if authors say similar points), what are the main themes, outline in a logical flow/transition of readings, what are the ooutcomes/impacts of events that happened in the readings, important points to ponder, what are the courses of action / conclusions that came about.

paper 2 (3 pages): This paper is a blog type response and can be done in point form. What were the lessons learned from the readings, was the Canadian foregin policy role established, what role did the Canadians achieve, were there any other options / do-overs, were the main themes covered, what was the end state, any other key issues / arguments that could be withdrawn from the readings.

**only 1 reference list can be attached for both papers. No title page necessary. Make sure to get the main points across and key issues addressed**
Excerpt From Essay:

Granatstein, Jack. "The Foreign and Defence Poliies Canada Needs." 205-231. Canada, 2012.

Hart, Bill Dymond and Michael. "The Potemkin of Canadian Foreign Policy." Policy Options, 2003-2004: 39-45.

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