brave world: Investment banking 2008 (B):KEL380)

Why were proponents of deregulation so successful in the late 1990s? How much can we blame deregulation for the meltdown in the investment banking industry? And how could the government have foreseen and/or stopped the domino effect before the crisis of 2008?

Proponents of deregulation were successful due in part to increase wealth of American citizens. Housing prices were rising at an incredible pace. Many Americans were becoming wealthy by simply "flipping" houses on the market. With this wealth, came an increase in prosperity and a standard of living for many Americans. However, this practice soon came to an end when the housing market bubble burst in late 2006. Much of the blame can be attributed to the greed of the investment banking and financial institutions. Investment banks were essentially giving loans to individuals who could not afford the payment. In turn, the investment...
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