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Title: Vertebrate Zoology Evolution How birds evolved from their dinosaur ancestors

Total Pages: 6 Words: 2034 Works Cited: 10 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Specific Topic: Vertebrate Zoology - Evolution: How birds evolved from their dinosaur ancestors.

Must have at least 10 sources required from scientific articles, books and magazines. Limited internet sources OK if reputable but NO Wikipedia.

6 Pages, Double Spaced, Times New Roman - 12 point font, Microsoft Word Document

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Title: reproductive biology of rotifers

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2090 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: must contain at least 10 full pages of typing and illustrations, although no more than 2 full pages can be taken up by illustrations. the typing is to be doubled spaced with one inch margins and should be in an easily readable 12 point font. half to a full page should be an introduction. one half page should be a statement or analysis of the major questions or problems associated with the topic. three to five pages should consist of observations or evidence that have bearing on the question or problems you've to two pages should be on recommendations for specific research to solve the problems or answer the question, and the remainder should concern the significance of the work you've discussed. give each section a heading. should cite at least seven references that you used to obtain information for the paper. at least 4 references must be from primary research articles.(research articles are those, when published, provide the first description, results, and interpretations of experiments, theoretical models, or conceptual issues)
4.some of these journal must be used if possible:
american naturalist
biological bulletin
bulletin of marine science
canadian journal of zoology
ecological entomology
ecological monographs
journal of crustacean biology
journal of experimental bilogy
journal of experimental zoology
jounal of invertebrate pathology
journal of morphology
journal of parasitology
journal of protozoology
journal of zoology
marine biology
physiological zoology
southwestern natualist
systematic zoology
transcations of the american microscopical society
zoological journal of linnaean society
5.if possible, i would like copies sent with paper of the aritcles used and other research used throughout the paper.
6. i would also like the paper sent via mail to my home and also by email.
7. it should also have a cover page.

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Essay Instructions: RED WOLF>>>>>>>>>RED WOLF

BIO 122: Zoology ? Spring 2013

You are required to complete a term paper on the life history of a vertebrate. The only limitation is that the animal cannot be a widely domesticated species (example: cat, dog, horse). The complete paper must be typed. Please note the below additional criteria:
? The typed paper needs to be at least 2,000 words, excluding title and references. This will end out being about 5.5 pages if you use 1? margins and Times New Roman font.

? The paper must include at least five (5) references that are to be properly cited, both within the paper and in a literature cited section at the end of the paper. The five references cannot include newspaper articles or your textbook; general encyclopedias are not acceptable either.

? Quotes are nice, but should be limited to less that three in the entire paper!

A number of potential resources are available for information on your favorite animal. Sources include (but are not limited to) scientific journals, Internet, books, encyclopedias and government publications. A well written paper will include a number of these resources. You must include at least one scientific journal article as a reference in your paper. We will spend at least one class meeting on searching for references and on how to properly cite these references in your paper.

A well written paper should include many different aspects of a species. Below is a list of various topics that you should consider. It is not a requirement to cover ALL these topics; however, an excellent paper will include information on most (7 or more) of these topics:
? Taxonomy ? common and scientific names; Family, Class, Order
? Morphology and anatomy ? diagnostic features; closely related species, if any; difference between sexes
? Distribution ? overall distribution; migration and/or home range; habitat preferences; factors limiting distribution
? Feeding ? types of food eaten; how food obtained
? Predators ? others eating your species; parasites; other major causes of death or sickness
? Behavior ? daily activities; seasonal activities; hibernation and/or migration; social patterns
? Reproduction ? age at first reproduction; reproductive longevity; courtship; incubation or gestation time; number of offspring at a time; characteristics of newborn
? Development ? extent of maternal care; morphological or anatomical changes with maturity; age of typical individual at death
? Demographics ? chances of survival to reproductive age; capacity for fast population growth; proportion of population reproducing
? Economic Value ? does this organism have an economic impact on humans, either positive or negative?

Your paper needs to reflect a steady progress to a well written paper, not a night-before-it's-due frenzy. Hence a number of dues dates are listed:

Tentative organism selected ? Friday, January 25
? Scientific and common name of organism
? One photocopied reference

Outline and references for your animal ? Friday, February 22
? Outline, including major sections
? Proper citation methods should be used (at least five references)
? Literature Cited section

Draft of paper ? Friday, March 29
? This should include most or all of the paper content
? Literature Cited section complete

Final paper ? Monday, April 15
? Your paper shall be electronically submitted to charles. as an attached file no later than 4:00 pm that day.
? One half letter grade (5 pts) per day late!
? The cover page should include the title, your name, the date (or at least semester in which it is completed) and that is for the course (BIO 122).
? The type should be double spaced with one inch margins and have each page numbered.
? The typed paper needs to have a word count of at least 2,000, excluding the title page and Literature Cited page).
? Potential plagiarism will be checked. Discovery of such may result in a zero in the paper and possibly an F in the course.

The total grade on your paper is 100 points. It will be based on the following:
? Topic selection & reference ? 5 pts
? Outline ? 5 pts
? Draft ? 5 pts
? Paper ? 85 pts [content (65 pts); proper citations (10 pts); style (10 pts)]

Please note that a 5% dction will be assessed per day late on any of the above due dates unless permission is granted ahead of time.

BIO 122: Zoology


Tentative organism selection (5 pts)
? Scientific name
? Common name
? One article selected w/citation
? On time?

Outline and references for animal (5 pts)
? Content outline (with major sections)
? Five references
? Proper citation method

Draft of paper (5 pts)
? Content
? References
? On time

Final paper:
*Content (65 pts)
? Taxonomy (required)
? Morphology & anatomy (required)
? Distribution (required)
? Feeding
? Predators
? Behavior
? Reproduction (required)
? Development (required)
? Demographics
? Economic value
* Proper citations (10 pts)
* Style (10 pts)



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Title: proposal

Total Pages: 2 Words: 606 References: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Imagine that Caltech plans to build a new statue to honor an inventor or innovator of the Scientific Revolution of the 16th-17th centuries. They have put out a call for statue proposals on behalf of any historical person. Pick an inventor or innovator of the Scientific Revolution that you feel is worthy of this statue, and has not gotten enough recognition (in other words, you can’t pick Copernicus, Galileo, or Newton). See the list below for ideas. Imagine you are going before the Caltech Board of Directors to make a “pitch” (a persuasive argument) that they build a statue you’ve proposed. So…

1. Design the statue. You should sketch it a picture of it and describe it. Consider:
a. How big should it be?
b. What material should it be made of?
c. Is your person in it? In what pose or posture? What is he or she doing in it?
d. Are there other symbolic items incorporated into the statue? (as in, is your person holding a certain book, or a piece of scientific equipment, etc). Why?

You can hand-draw the picture, though it should look finished and professional, but these explanation pieces should be typed in a short paragraph.

2. Write your proposal to convince the board. You will have only two minutes to make this pitch so your proposal should be no longer than a page or a page and a half, double-spaced. Make sure that you:
a. Explain in a compelling, persuasive way why this person was so significant in terms of his or her importance or innovation that she or he deserves a statue at Caltech.
b. Write it in a way that it will be read aloud and sound great. Think of this as a speech, rather than as a paper. If all goes well, you’ll perform this in front of some of your peers.
c. Cite your sources with Chicago-style footnotes and attach a Bibliography.

Some ideas for innovators or inventors to choose from, and their fields, more or less (if you pick someone not on this list, check with me first):

Johannes Kepler - astronomy
Maria Winkelmann - astronomy
Andreas Vesalius ??" anatomy
William Harvey ??" anatomy
Regnier de Graaf ??" anatomy
Marcello Malpighi - anatomy
Ambroise Pare - surgery
Maria Sibylla Merian ??" zoology and botany
Pierre Fauchard ??" dentistry
Blaise Pascal ??" physics, etc
Margaret Cavendish ??" natural philosophy
John Hadley ??" navigation
Leeuwenhoek - optics
Denis Papin - engineering
Abraham Darby I ??" engineering
Otto von Guericke ??" electricity
Robert Boyle ??" chemistry
Antoine Lavoisier ??" chemistry
Leonhart Fuchs ??" botany
Edmond Halley ??" astronomy
Thomas Newcomen ??" engineer

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