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Title: empirical and theoretical debate of political world affairs

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Essay Instructions: Write a paper on anything that has to do with international affairs. Nothing pre 1989, employ all levels of analysis (systemic, sub-systemic). Derive a theory of world affairs, where they are headed? Make sure to analyze something that is going on in the world affairs and theorize. So analyze an issue and theorize what will re-inforce the issue, will is react as a realist, liberalist, globalist?

I. describe the situation (bilateral or multilateral, etc.)
1 paragraph

II. ask a question, a research question

III. form a hypothesis (in this paper I will attempt to argue... theoretically......and empirically....)
2 hypothesis, 2 sentences

IV. Background - part is theoretical, abstract theoretical debate. Talk about the images (realism, liberalism)which is theoretical. Then provide background information of the relationship (history, characterstics)empiraclly.

V. Pro-Con Discussion
What the problem is...
Is it possible to overcome the problem?
How? prospect for overcoming the problem (i.e. working together perhaps?)
reaffirm the hypothesis or refute it
integrate levels of analysis:
systemic (international, global) and sub-systemic (leader issue, border issue, natural resource issue, ethnic issue?)

I was thinking of talking about US and Russia relations post cold war. US emerged as hegemonic power after the cold war due to russia having domestic problems. Perhaps one of hypothesis could be - Can Russia emerge as a super power again?

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Essay Instructions: I have to write a paper no more than 3 pages double spaced that answers the following question:

Given the emerging role of the United States in mid-20th century world affairs, what evaluation can be made of the leadership styles Presidents Dwight Eisenhower and John Kennedy that made them effective or inhibited their effectiveness. Why in the United States is the direct leadership of the President so very important?

The textbook for my class is Vietnam An American Ordeal, Sixth Edition by George Donelson Morse.ISBN-13: 978-0-205-63740-9.

Paper should be APA format

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Essay Instructions: I would like PROFDIGGER to complet this essay no one else....

Essay Question: Given the ‘middle power’ status of Australia in international relations, which foreign policy tradition(s) could best help Australia compensate its relative lack of power so as to enhance its international influence and advance its national interest?

Prescribed text
The prescribed textbook is:
• James Cotton and John Ravenhill eds., Trading on Alliance Security: Australia in
World Affairs 2001-2005, South Melbourne: Oxford University Press, 2007.
(“Prescribed text” thereafter)

Highly recommended text
• Derek McDougall, Australian Foreign Relations: Entering the 21st Century,
Frenchs Forest: Pearson Education Australia, 2009.

Other recommended texts
Stewart Firth, Australia in International Politics: An Introduction to Australian Foreign
Policy (2nd Edition), St Leonards: Allen & Unwin, 2005.
Allan Gyngell and Michael Wesley, Making Australian Foreign Policy (2nd Edition),
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007.

Some useful websites
Australian Strategic Policy Institute
Lowy Institute for International Policy
On Line Opinion
Centre for Independent Studies
The Age
The Australian
Australian Financial Review
The Diplomat
Sydney Morning Herald
Australian Government Websites:
Prime Minister and Cabinet
Foreign Affairs and Trade
Attorney General

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Title: Response to Showdown with Iran video

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Essay Instructions: This paper is a response to a video (Showdown with Iran) available in

The paper is related to the video, but it is all about a response to the four questions after watching the video:

1) Do you agree that the U.S efforts to install democracy in Iran have served the Iranian interests? If yes why? And if Not why?
2) With respect to the current war in Iraq what roles does Iran play in this conflict?
3) Tracking the tension between United States and Iran: What are best/worst case scenarios facing the two countries against each other.
4) Do you think that the video is relevant to the themes of the course Middle East in World Affairs? How? And do you recommend this video for other viewers?

The paper is not a complete video review, it is a response to these four questions relating the video.
Introduction and conclusion are required.

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