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Essay Instructions: This is a book review for a history class undergraduate level. The book is (Friedrich Engels, The Condition of the Working Class in England, 1844). please read the book and write a book review about it following the rubric and the syllabus.

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Essay Instructions: Answer the following questions: What was life like in the 19th century for the working class? How were workers treated in the factories, mills, and coal pits? Were women and children treated any differently than the men? What were the sanitary conditions like for the workers? How did these working conditions affect their health? Overall, why do you think workers were treated in this manner?

Sources to use

*Use Parenthetical Citations to quote your sources. Cite the author?s name and the title.
*Papers must be 1,100 to 1,250 words - no less, include word count at end of paper.
*You must have a thesis statement in your opening and concluding paragraphs.
*Use 12 point font in Times New Roman.
*Double space between lines.
*All margins should be set at 1 inch.

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Title: American History

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Essay Instructions: Explore the ways that working class whites in America defined their rights and what they did to assert those rights in the late 19th and early 20th century. These rights may include the right to employment, fair wages, and safe working conditions; the right to vote; the right to protect "the race"; the right to buy things.

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Title: Labor Management

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Essay Instructions: Week 1 - Discussion 1

Labor-management (or capitalist-working class) relations and conflict was a central element of Marx's analysis of capitalism. Conduct a web search using the key words "labor-management relations" and locate some recent concrete examples from websites (labor or corporate) and news postings that indicate how the relations between labor and management continue to be characterized by conflict, compromise, and negotiation. Post the links on the website and discuss your findings. ******PLEASE DO A RESEARCH AND ANSWER EACH QUESTION INDIVIDUALY***** (1st PAGE)

Week 1 - Discussion 2

Evaluate the following quotes in the context of the organizational tensions and concepts discussed in class. How can these statements about organizational processes be related and interpreted in light of the organizational tensions, paradox, and other concepts and frameworks discussed in the text?
"The stars are indifferent to our opinion of them, and the tides are independent of our theories about them. Human behavior, however, is directly influenced by our actions and our theories of action."
" . . .what's at stake in the division of labor is never simply who does what. Bundles of tasks and the sometimes contested occupational labels associated with them are linked to status, compensation, and position within a hierarchy of authority, and access to promotion."
"Whatever the advantages of dividing a large job into a series of smaller jobs - heightened efficiency, cheapening of labor, tighter control over labor - it is often offset by gains in worker commitment, adaptability to innovation, and increased throughput tied to broader job classification."******PLEASE DO A RESEARCH AND ANSWER EACH QUESTION INDIVIDUALY***** (2nd PAGE)

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