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Title: Prison Rehabilitation for Men and

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Essay Instructions: I first want to clear that I need "5 book sources" done. The rest can be Internet. So at least 5 books, and the other 5 can be internet. I have sources sorted from internet that I want you to use. They are explained below:

In the following paper I want research information on rehabilitation of men and women prisoners. With this research, I want to find who are better rehabilitated, men or women? This paper will examine various aspects of rehabilitation of prisoners and the different approaches that can be tried for the rehabilitation of men and women in prison.

(Paragraph 1)Rehabilitation of Prisoners: In this section I want discussed what rehabilitation program does to both men and women. I will talk about how rehabilitation prepares a prisoner for when they are released back into society. The prisoner will have a task of their own, depending on the prison or even the country they are in. (Howell 2001)Prisoner rehabilitation is essential for the society so that it can have upright and useful working for its gain rather than unhappy or unproductive person.

(Paragraph 2) United States Prison Statistics: In this section I want to go over population of men and women in prisons. I will find out how these people made it there. Also, I will research how much money is put into these overcrowded prisons. Perhaps rehabilitation and the expenses that are associated with it may be the reason why capital punishment exists. (University of Virginia 2004).

(Paragraph 3) Some Prison Rehabilitation Programs: I want, elaborate on programs such as education and work for these inmates in this section. States such as Oregon and Missouri that introduced appropriates jobs to the prison system. Also, Prisons plans for inmates nowadays are to overcome problems such as mental, social or educations that inmates are lacking through literacy program, drug treatment or job training. (Day, 2004).

(Paragraph 4) Women Prisoners and Rehabilitation: This part of the paper will be going over the increase of women in prison. My research will be comparing women with men in prisons. Women prisoners are assigned tasks that are of a female?s roles, such as laundry or in the kitchen. (McClellan, 2004). Education programs are available for women prisoners, as well as men. I will discuss the cost of female prisoner compared to male prisoner.

The following are internet sources I want used please:

(1) Julie Browne. ?The Labor of Doing Time.? 2004. California Coalition for Women Prisoners. April 5, 2004.

(2) Susie Day. ?Cruel but Not Unusual: The Punishment of Women in U.S. Prisons.? July 2001. Monthly Review. April 5, 2004.

(3) Kevin Howells. ?Treatment, management and rehabilitation of women in prison: relevance of rehabilitation principles.? 2001. Australian Institute of Criminology, Conference on Women in Corrections. April 5, 2004.

(4) Dorothy S. McClellan. ?Coming to the aid of women in US prisons.? June, 2002. Monthly Review. April 5, 2004.

(5)University of Virginia. ?Women in Prison: References.? 2004. University of Virginia. April 5, 2004.

Sources 6-10 I want BOOK SOURCES ONLY please...

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: crimial type

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1602 References: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Required readings:
Speculations, Readings in Culture, Identity, and Values (2nd edition), edited by Charles I. Schuster, William V.Van Pelt.(ISBN 0-13-442294-5)
- (P.210-219) Mitford, Jessica "The Crimial Type"
- (P.220-235) King, Martin Luther "Letter from Brimingham Jail"
- (P.263-272) Telander, Rick."Senseless Crime"
- (P.273-282) Wozencraft, Kimberly."Notes from the Country Club"
- (P.382-385) Staples, Brent."Just walk on By:A Black Man Ponders his Power..."

A complete answer to this thesis driven prompt will include an address of the following:

1. What image is conjured up in your imagination when you hear the word ??criminal??? Does your criminal have a specific gender, color, appearance, height, accent, neighborhood?
2. To what extent is prison an appropriate response to crime?
3. Should we treat one class of criminals different from another? Do we already employ this biased treatment?
4. Is there a better alternatives to prison?
5. At what age should a youth be treated as an adult? Or is age unimportant and should all people be treated based on the crimes they commit?
6. Has American Society unfairly categorized a criminal type based on race, class, age and ethnic prejudices?
7. Consider how crimes are ??classified?? and how similar offenses may be labeled differently for different ??criminal types??

Purpose: In this assignment you will be working to explore argumentation, particularly with regard to claims, warrants, counterarguments and qualifiers. Be sure to refer to focus on constructing a sound and well supported argument when addressing the below issue. We will focus on QUOTING and paraphrasing, making sure the different between the two is clear. The end result will allow you to conduct a close examination of complex concepts using incorporated outside sources.

In this essay you will examine how media depictions also help to contribute to the formation of ??criminal types?? within our society. Although on a superficial level crime may appear to be cut and dry?Xa rule is set, and individual breaks or goes against such rule, as such the individual has committed a crime?Xas we will learn, laws are often created, implemented and enforced with prejudice and a decided bias against marginalized peoples. (I.e. lower class; racial, ethnic or religious minority, youth, gender & etc.)

Writing task:
Critically evaluate the ??criminal type?? and our societies response to crime (fines, probation, prison, the death penalty). Then using the method for Ethnical reasoning, at least two of the scholarly articles above, and any other relevant information, write a 5 page, thesis driven response to the following prompt:

According to Jessica Mitford American Are Preoccupied with Crimes of the Poor and as such the ??Crimial Type?? has surfaced in American consciousness as a social creation. That said:

Other suggested reources:


Treating Juveniles as Adults

Child Welfare League of America (includes general stats and stats on
women & Families)

Bibliography, References, Works Cited, Footnotes page needed

Please include a sperate thesis statement seperately
Also allow some grammar and language mistakes

Use AXES to develop topic segments
A- Assertion
X- Example
E- Explanation
S- Significance

Excerpt From Essay:

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