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Instructions for Woman On The Edge Of Time College Essay Examples

Title: Woman on the Edge of Time

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1458 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: This essay must be a full five pages. Double-spaced without extra spacing inbetween the paragraphs, typed in Time New Roman 12-point font.
The essay MUST contain a meaningful title.
Analyze the rise of the feminist utopia and feminist science fiction, using Marge Piercy's "Woman on the Edge of Time."
You must cite at least 3 passages from the the above book, and use three sources from the web that are considered scholarly sources only. Cite at least twice from each source but make everything in the essay flow together. All citations MUST be cited using proper MLA format, Author and page number. Single space and block any quotes over four lines. Cite all sources in a Work Cited page, using proper MLA format.

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Title: Novel review

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1218 Sources: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: essay format: times new Roman /// 12 /// total about 1200 words

Woman on the Edge of Time by MARGE PIERCY
The Handmaid?s Tale by Margaret Atwood.

Identify a significant aspect of these two novels (plot, characterization, history, narrative structure, power structures, limitations, roles, boundaries, goals, fears?) and explore it in each text. with a clear thesis, a solid introduction and conclusion, effective paragraphing and transitions, and clear explanations and connections.

the essay should be more than a catalog, more than a listing of how X, Y, and Z play out in each novel. Why is it significant that both of these novels contain and explore and represent this element? What do they suggest, taken together, about the assumptions of their authors, or about the commentaries on our future (or present) these authors may have intended? What do they suggest about the nature of power, gender, politics, or other structures?

Go beyond facts to ideas. They both explore X, and this is why that?s interesting. Your essay should have a clearly stated thesis, and that thesis should go beyond stating that both novels contain X. Why is it important that they both contain X, whether they represent it similarly or differently? What do these representations suggest about X, about dystopian fiction, about the directions in which our society might be going? Someone reading your essay should feel that your insights have added to his or her understanding of the novels, of their significance, and of the specific topic (X) you?ve chosen to explore.

You can refer to our present, to our recent history or current state, as a way of exploring your topic, but the focus should be on the novels and their representations of possibilities.

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Title: Science Fiction

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Essay Instructions: This paper needs to be compared using two books: The Time machine by, H.G. Wells and the second, Woman on the Edge of Time by, Marge Piercy

It must have an introduction paragraph that includes: Society of the future fears/hopes based on the two novels and their differences.


H.G. Wells, his view on dystopia society of the future (what?s the future like)

M. Piercy, her view on utopian society of the future (what?s the future like)

Next Discuss:

H.G. Wells, the negative aspects if no changes made with regards to society. (society doesn't look good)

M. Piercy. the positives aspects of society if changes are made.


There needs to be two Primary sources (Piercy and Wells) and two secondary reputable sources (academic articles or books) Please include copies of source material or web links. Bibliography must be MLA format.

Please email me upon Receipt.

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