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Title: wireless networks and bluetooth

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Essay Instructions: it is aprsentation on wireless networks and bluetooth
-background on each one.
-how they became usfull in our life, especially with all the technology advances in the recent years.

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Title: free wireless networks

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Essay Instructions: The term paper must be 20-25 typed double spaced pages, and must include a one-page Executive Summary (see sample at bottom of page). The Executive Summary will stand alone as the first page of the paper and will be included in the page count. Illustrations, drawings, and charts can be included and would count towards the page count. A bibliography or reference list, and footnotes/endnotes are required, but are not part of the page count.

The topic consists of researching wireless
cities. Many large cities has instituted or would like to
institute a free wireless network that is accessible within the city limits.

Preliminary research lists Philadelphia, New York City,
Baltimore, Austin, etc. Investigate some of the following issues:

how built?
who funds?
laws related to free access
who can access?
how to deal with spam, viruses, filters for Internet
existing conduits--can/will they be used? at what cost
benefits to taxpayers
what hardware/software is allowed?
what protocols/platforms are allowed?

Executive Summary Sample:
Executive Summary

Since the construction of the Super information highway, its? use to distribute information has become phenomenal. Information gathering and dissemination is the most valuable asset for a business to succeed. As the competitive market strives, the need to reach out an touch the masses will exponentially increase. Businesses have absorbed the advancing information technology, combined it with marketing strategies and created what is called ?Spamming? to extend their reach.
This paper will define what this fast spreading approach is and what effects it has on the information system. It will delve into the intricacies of its? birth and the forecast of life expectancy. It will define meaning of words such as ?destination operator?, ?mailing list agents? and ?recipients? relative to spamming. While the legalities of spamming are still pending, the ethical standing will be addressed explicitly. It will reveal ways to counter spamming for those who consider it to be an imposition. After unveiling the facts concerning spamming, one will be able to view the recommendations and conclusion herein as substantiated.

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Title: Wireless Networking

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Essay Instructions: Your class project paper guidelines follow:

Please choose a topic that is "cutting edge" or "leading edge" in networking. Suggestions include but are not limited to: Voice over IP, Storage Area Networks, Wireless networks, Multicasting, IP version 6, GPS.

NOTE: (I have already chosen Wireless Networking)

You will write a 8 to 10 page paper on this topic. You should follow MLA guidelines in formatting and presenting the paper as well in using citations.

The scenario you will follow in the paper is as follows:

You are CIO (Chief Information Officer) of a company that you posit. Your CEO has asked you for an evaluation of the technology for possible implementation in the company. You will provide an executive overview, a discussion of the technology in sufficient depth for a moderately tech-savvy CEO to evaluate, financial data, and implementation plans or concerns.

You can either recommend for or against the implementation based upon your conclusions of its readiness for market, costs, benefits, return on investment, and overall suitability.

You will need to posit a business problem that the technology would solve if you are recommending for it. If you are not recommending for it you can justify the reasons it will not solve the business problem.

Please email me with your chosen topic by the end of Week 2. You are not limited to the technologies enumerated above -- these are merely suggestions. If you have a real life business problem at work that you would like to investigate, that would probably be the easiest way to go.

Good luck and I look forward to reading your recommendations. (By the way, I will be CEO for the next seven weeks. I hope you enjoy your jobs as CIO.)

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Essay Instructions: SLP3

Standards 802.11 "a", "b",?"g" and "n"allow different applications to be deployed as mobility services. Based on the readings what might be the steps to setup a wireless network.?

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