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Essay Instructions: Wireless technologies paper. This paper will address wireless technologies in the student?s work organization (US NAVY)or in an organization with which the student is familiar. The paper must be a minimum of 1,000 words in addition to title and ?References? pages. See the APA example in the Center for Writing Excellence (CWE) for the required format. See the APA example in the Center for Writing Excellence (CWE) for the required format. At least three separate and different professional sources must be cited in APA format and listed on a ?References? page. The references must be different from the UOP assigned course materials and the UOP virtual organization site. The following points must be included with a separate heading for each topic except the introduction:
? Introduction to the entire paper
? Background of the organization including primary products/services, locations, and history
? Description of two current wireless technologies that could be used in the organization
? Explanation of how each of the technologies would be used
? Advantages of using each of the technologies
? Disadvantages of using each of the technologies
? Microsoft? Excel? spreadsheet that rates each of the technologies separately on the following criteria (scale = 1 ? 5 with 5 being the highest score):
? Ease of signal transmission
? Degree of security protection
? Current availability of technology
Use the SUM function to total each column of scores
? Summary of the main points of the entire pape

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Essay Instructions: wireless access to IT. For this Module, your task will be to learn some basic things about the technology environment into which wireless is deployed, and the decisions it entails. In the process, you'll be learning some general things about how the field of information technology contributes to the world of the IT manager, professional, and user.

As your Case Assignment, you are to prepare a 4 page paper on only ONE of the following two topics:

"Wireless technology is compatible with other parts of information systems"


"Wireless technology is difficult to connect to other parts of information systems"


Please note that you're being asked to take one or the other position. Like almost everything, the truth probably depends on lots of things and interactions among them; don't make this more complicated than it is. Just do your research, decide which side of the question better fits the evidence you've found, and write your report accordingly.

Your paper should follow this general outline:

which statement you're going to support, and a brief paragraph summarizing your reasons.

summary description of the major changes in IT systems over the last few years that affect wireless, and how

major information technology issues that are currently unresolved

things other than the technology itself that need to be considered in using wireless

Don't forget your cover sheet and appropriate references to any materials that you consult in preparing your paper. See the writing guidance in the syllabus page.

Required readings for the paper include:

Unisys. (2010) Data Defenders.

MacManus R., (2010). iPhone as RFID Tag and Reader: Coming Soon.

Fedex (2010). Fedex Mobile Solutions.

Nortel (2005) Engineering a Wireless LSN. White Paper. []

You should also plan to consult at least some optional items referenced in the Background Information for this Module; the specific items will depend on what position you're taking and what other evidence you've found. In general, the best strategy is to read broadly and quickly, taking in a lot of information in general before you go back and dig heavily into a few sources.

It is also recommended that you carry out your own searches for further information to help make your case. The Professional Websites included in the Background Information are also a very good source of further information, and they all have their own search tools.

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Title: Wireless Options for the Production Building

Total Pages: 2 Words: 945 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Wireless Options for the Production Building

The staff in the production building often move from place to place and, rather than working at fixed workstations, they want to take portable computers with them as they move between different locations within the building. Create a short report that explains what you recommend.

Lake View Chemicals produces chemicals for industrial use and for pharmaceutical companies. There are three building on their business campus. The administration building houses the company’s management, financial, and sales offices. The research building contains laboratories, scientists, and engineers. The production building is used for manufacturing chemical products and for shipping. Each building is currently networked using twisted-pair cable inside the buildings and fiber-optic cable to connect the buildings and to connect floors within the buildings.

Lake View Chemicals has patented many specialized manufacturing and chemical processes and is always researching new products. The company considers its research teams to be some of the best in this line of business, and it carefully guards its research secrets.

Some areas of the company have decided to explore the use of wireless networking. For consulting help they hire you through Aspen IT Services.

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Title: Wireless Broadband Technology

Total Pages: 50 Words: 20344 Sources: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I need a 50 pages thesis paper on "Wireless Broadband Technology". There's no minimum quotations, citations, or footnotes. What ever seems reasonable. The paper should contains: Overview of Wireless technology, What types of wireless protocol and technology out there, and then maybe talk about the popular applications that are wireless, like PDA, cell phones, medical equipment, RFID, etc. This is only a guide and you don't need to follow it if there's already something similar out there. I will email some research pdf files that I found on the internet that might aide in your writing. Some of the pdf files are very long.

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