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Instructions for Wind College Essay Examples

Title: Wind Turbines

Total Pages: 10 Words: 3239 Works Cited: 8 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: This is a research paper on wind turbines. Please follow this outline:
-Explain how it works.
-Compare it to at least one other technology.
-Describe a typical installation.
-Speculate on the future of this technology.

Please use reliable and credible sources(academic journals, scholarly articles, etc) and properly cite all references.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Effect of building shape in the wind load

Total Pages: 11 Words: 3104 Bibliography: 6 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Hi, this is a report for my first semester project. I have listed the chapters with descriptions. I would send you all required resources to write these sections.
For all of the resources going through just abstract & introduction would be enough, so there is no need to read analysis & results.

Title: The Effect of cross-sectional Shape of tall buildings on Wind Loads

1. Introduction (2 or 3 pages, most important section)

Write about the rapid increase of construction of high-rise buildings and importance of the design as it affects the PERFORMANCE of the structures.

Different cross-section will lead to different flow around building so we need to know which shape would perform better. There are 3 methods to understand this. Explain very shortly about CFD (computational fluid dynamics) just like the ones in the papers. Conclude numerical simulation is better than Full-scale & Wind tunnel test.

Write a critical paragraph explaining however a lot of work has been done, the lack of comparison between 2 different cross-section is tangible

Finally write that the RANS based models of the triangular and square cross-sectioal high-rise buildings will be developed by using CFX software

Abstract & introduction of papers #1, #2, #3, #4 & background of ABL (from resources)

2. Atmospheric Boundary Layer (4 pages)

I’ve found a comprehensive literature review for this part. I will upload it in my resources (named ABL). Summary of first 7 pages would be perfect for this section. It only needs to be rephrased to avoid plagiarism and use the same reference the source has used ;)

3. Computational Fluid Dynamics (6 pages)

I will upload a resource called “Stangroom”. Use only this source for this section.

Numerical Modeling (2 Pages)
3.1. Direct Numerical Simulation (page 74)
3.2. Large Eddy Simulation (page 75)
3.3. Non-linear Models (page 76)
3.4. Detached Eddy Simulation (page 77)

Turbulence Modeling (4 pages)

3.5 The k-? model (page 83)
3.6 The k-? RNG model (page 86)
3.7 Summary of k-? models (page 90)

4. References

if the uploaded sources have used an article to refer for a specific fact, please refer to that paper. (sorry for my poor English)

Resources I will upload:

#1 Experimental investigation of aerodynamic forces and wind pressures acting on tall buildings with various unconventional configurations
#2 Dynamic responses of a tapered tall building to wind loads
#3 Experimental investigation on aerodynamic characteristics of various triangular-section high-rise buildings
#4 Numerical evaluation of wind effects on a tall steel building by CFD
#5 ABL
# 6 Stangroom

*you can also use any valid source related to the topic*

There are faxes for this order.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Wind Farms

Total Pages: 9 Words: 2540 Sources: 5 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: I would like this to be an 11 (more than 10) page technical research paper. Please use ABC format (Abstract, Body, Conclusion) This paper should be written with an engineering prospective and must have a persuasive tone. (Pro expansion of wind farms for the reasons I have written in my outline). This should look very professional and presentable. It should be expected to be read by a boss you were trying to provide persuasive, detailed information to on Wind Farms and Wind Turbines. The outline is to help the writer and is not necessary if unwanted. It should details about how a wind turbine works. Also, what a wind turbine consists of. Any additional technical data in table format would be excellent. (I.E.Turbine's efficiency vs. other forms of energy) Please do not hesitate to call this number:, with any questions or comments. Call any time of the day.

Abstract includes:
-Cover/Title page
-Table of Contents
-List of Illustrations
-Executive summary

The paper should follow like this:
-Cover/Title page
-Table of Contents
-List of Illustrations
-Executive summary
-Discussion Sections
-Conclusions and recommendations

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Argument Research Essay

Argue for a specific position (yours) regarding the issue of wind turbines proposed for the
Poor Mountain/Bent Mountain area. Use research to support your argument. Length:
approximately 1,500 words / 4-6 pages (not including Works Cited).
For an essay of this kind, you might find the following arrangement helpful:
? Introduction (1 paragraph). Establish exigence (i.e., ?So what? Who cares??),
identify with audience, state thesis. Get your audience?s attention, perhaps through
the use of an appeal to their emotions (pathos)?make the issue real to them.
? Narration (1-2 paragraphs). Before beginning to argue for your position, if
necessary, give a short background or history of the issue. Make clear what is
happening that requires resolution or rethinking. Introduce readers who might know
very little about the topic to the information they need to know in order to follow
your argument. If necessary, define key terms.
? Partition (1-2 paragraphs). For complex topics, narrow down exactly the issue
you?ll be supporting. Tell your audience what you won?t be focusing on.
? Confirmation (multiple paragraphs, maybe 3-6). This is the ?body? of your
essay. These are the positive arguments (claims) supporting your position (thesis).
Use the common topics to construct your claims, and support them with evidence
and analysis. To help your audience see how these ideas fit together, link them by
using words that signal logical relations.
? Refutation (multiple paragraphs, maybe 2-4). Here is where you confront
arguments opposed to yours. You should have found some of these in the course of
doing your research. This can be a separate section that follows the confirmation, or
you could alternate between confirmation and refutation paragraphs. Either way,
you should show evidence of how your opposition?s arguments are mistaken,
misguided, too limited, or otherwise problematic.
? Conclusion (1 paragraph). Because this is a bit longer of an essay, your audience
might need some reminders of where you?ve taken them in your discussion. You
should: stress your major points, remind readers the stake they have in the debate,
and leave them with a positive impression of your argument

Excerpt From Essay:

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