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Title: a character's struggle with himself and what the outcome of that struggle reveals about the character

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Essay Instructions: In his acceptance speech for the Nobel Prize for Literature, William Faulkner identified "the human heart in conflict with itself" as the only subject truly worth writing about. Discuss how in two of the assigned (or unassigned) pieces of fiction we become witnesses to a character's struggle with himself and what the outcome of that struggle reveals about the character.

Two storys: William Faulkenr, "Barn Burning" and James Joyce, "Araby"

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Title: william fulkner

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Essay Instructions: the book we are using is selected short stories of william faulkner, the 3 stories we read were barn burning,a rose for emily,dry september, with those 3 stories the professior indicates he wants 3 termpapers in one. he wants an introduction,body and conclusion for each. now the topic is to give information on william faulkner then to write about each story and how it is realted to him. the professor likes qoutes and explaintions.

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Title: New Criticism

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Essay Instructions: Do a New Critical Reading of William Faulkner''s "Barn Burning" using at least eight of the tensions and oppositions listed below:

1)Loyalty to kinship/rights of others
2)Folly, misery, inhumanity/friendship, consideration
3)Decent behavior, moral imperative/ blood ties, family loyalty
4)Primitive revenge/ultimate reaction
5)Moving, burning, trial/stability, property, respectability
7)Property owners/sharecroppers
8)Natural, intuitive harmony/culture of rebellion
9)De Spain''s mansion/black man''s oppression
10)Temperate, cultured life/violence and resistance
11)Conventional justice/primitive justice

The paper must be approximately 750 words and MLA format is required.

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Title: Compare and Contrast essay

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Essay Instructions: I need 3-4 pages in MLA style that compares and contrasts two works.The works are : "A Rose for Emily" by William Faulkner and "The Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka. the tone and writing style of both works should be discussed.For each work we should :
1. Identify the character's motivations, inner conflicts and doubts.
2. Consider whether the character changes or learns anything in the course of the story.
THe essay should also:
1. explain how the historical period or cultural context in which the story is set might affect what happens and does not happen and why.
2. Consider whether the narrator is a character in the story
or an all-knowing, disembodied voice who knows what every character thinks,feels and does.
3. Consider wht the narrator is not able to see or what the narrator distorts-- for example, certain truths about himself or herself, about otherr characters, or about what happens in the story.
....Also notice who in the story exercises power over whom, what causes the difference in power, what its effects are, and whether the balance of power changes during the story.

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