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Title: Colonialism in Africa and Jamaica: Two Novels Based on Actual Experiences

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Essay Instructions: Read and write I don’t know. Other things I know.’ She walked away without looking back.”
Considering Wide Sargasso Sea and the Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad , Discuss the feminist, colonial and postcolonial implications of Christophine’s final exit.

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Title: Shaw Rhys

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Essay Instructions: Question:Discuss the ways in which Pygmalion and Wide Sargasso Sea exploit the traditions and conventions of their genre both formally and in terms of content. Consider points of comparison between the texts.
Consider how Shaw is exploting the structure of the five-act play,the conventions of comedy, and Ovidian myth and fairy tale. Consider the ways in which Rhys structures her novel, how it relates to the novelistic tradition as embodied in Jane Eyre, and how the perspectives, style, and characterization used in the novel relate to established or accepted conventions.Discuss to what extent these authors may be regarded as flouting or attempting to reform generic conventions and traditions.
The essay should be up to 1500 words and I need it as a reference. English is my second language and this is my first year at university.Untill now my best score was 67/100 which is not to bad-but my tutor says I should use more academic language. I don't want A+ I just need to see how a good B should be.
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Title: Biography

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Essay Instructions: Assignment:
Write an essay in which you assert that the author of the book either is or is not a heroine. You will need to define what you mean by hero. Keep in mind that she may qualify, in your mind, in some ways and not in others. Do not force defending an either/or assertion about which you have reservations. Explain exactly what it is you precieve and support your ideas. Use quotations and specific examples from the book, being careful to give page numbers in parentheses after any direct references. Use the MLA style of documentation with citations in the text and a work cited listing at the end of your paper.

Author:Jean Rhys-"Smile Please. An Unfinished Autobiography"
My Assertion: A heroine because she led a life of lonliness, failed romances, isolated, drank heavily,and forgotten for 30 years but did not self-destruct. Rediscovered in 1960''s and wrote her best work "Wide Sargasso Sea" Her stories mirror her life.
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Title: City Country Empire Women's Places in British Fiction 1850 2000 class title

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Essay Instructions: This is a comparative paper dealing with three specific text: Charlotte Bronte''s , "Jane Eyre" ; Virginia Woolf''s , "A Room of One''s Own" ; Helen Fielding, "Bridget Jones''s Diary. The class has tracked the changing roles of women from Jane to Bridget, role of women, jobs, aspirations, goals, etc... you don''t have to use Woolf''s although some mention of it should be used if possible. Brdiget has money and a job yet she still is primarily concerned with her physical appearence and getting a nice husband/ boyfriend. Jane of course came from much harder beginnings yet married into wealth. To give you an idea of the class here is a list of texts we read, although you can only use 3 texts in the paper to demonstrate your ideas.

Bronte, jane eyre , Cusk, The country life, Fielding bridget jones, Rhys, wide sargasso sea
Smith white teeth, Woolf, mrs. dalloway and a room of one''s own

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