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Title: Religion

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Essay Instructions: Your final project should be a 6-8 page Word document or PowerPoint presentation containing the same amount of information, and respond the following questions:
1. What is religion? Be sure to include concepts such as beliefs, symbols, rituals, and ethics in your analysis. Illustrate how the religion practiced by the group you visited qualifies or does not qualify as a religion, based on your assessment.
2. How does religious practice shape individual and group identity? Be sure to discuss the formation of shared meaning developed through religious practice and participative rituals. Illustrate ways you note individual and group identity is shaped by the experiences of the religious group you visited.
3. How are religious groups shaped in part by cultural elements, and how do religious groups engage or affect secular culture? Be sure to include observations of cultural elements in the religious experience at the site you visited to support your conclusions.

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Essay Instructions: 1. What is the ?sociological perspective? and how does it impact the way we study religion? How is it different from non-social scientific (philosophical, theological) approaches to the study of religion? From other social scientific (psychological, anthropological) approaches?

2. What is religion and where does it come from? Discuss the relative merits of theories proposed by Durkheim, Marx, and the Rational Choice theorists.

3. Why is religiosity difficult to measure? What are some of the ways in which sociologists measure religiosity and which do you feel is most accurate? Make sure to offer support for your position.

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Title: Question of Dimension Religious

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Essay Instructions: ** Please let me ASAP if writer willing to complete this order on time. Thank you!

Instruction: Create your own questions for each lecture. Questions need to base on each lecture topic. Questions need to be 200 words

For example:

Lecture 6 Topic : Sacramentionalism
My Question: the influence of justice upon people's life

Since justice is so important in the Prophetic Religions, I'd to know how it affects people's daily life? Once I read a newspaper, and I was so surprised by the parents who spend more than 10 years to find the murderer of their missing child, even the murderer dead long time ago by claiming for justice. I don't know to what extent justice is embedded in people's mind. If one want justice in everything, I'm afraid he will no time left to pursue other things.

In addition, a related question is the forgiveness, which is also emphasized at least for Christianity. I wonder how people balance the two? Or, does that mean one should first find justice if he is the victim, then after defining who is right or wrong according to justice, then he can forgive the offender?

The following lecture base on Readings: Haught, What is Religion?,
Lecture 6: Sacramentalism

Lecture 7: Mysticism

Lecture 9: Religion as Reassurance and Mystery

Lecture 10: Religion as Adventure and Morality

Lecture 11: Critiques of Religion

The Following lecture base on Readings: Smith, Forgotten Truth
lecture 12: Science vs. Religion?

Lecture 13: Religion and Reality

Lecture 14: Religion and the Self

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Title: The Tragedy of Hamlet

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Essay Instructions: u need to read the Tragedy of Hamlet first.
after u read, answer the questions with your thinking and opinion. u dont need to write in a essay form, just answer and questions. dont use a big word or hard word.
1. Describe Claudius. is he purely evil, or is he merely a flawed human being? Could the play also be called " The Tragedy of Claudius, King of Denmark"?
2. Characterize Horatio. Why does Hamlet Trust and Admire him? How is he different from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? Are these Charaters round or flat? How can one justify Hamlet;s arrangement for the deaths of R& G?
3. the story is Full of conflicts that oppose people to other people, to society, and to themsevlves. list all the conflicts you can find in the play. Decide which of these is the central conflict, and explain your choice.
4. what is the crisis of the story? When does it occur? Whom does it affect? What is the catastrophe? The Resolution?
5. In Act 4, Claudius notes that "sorrows battalions.? By the end of the play these sorrows include the deaths of all the major characters except Horatio. To what degree can Claudius be held responsible for all the sorrows of the play? Which sorrows may be particulary traced to Hamlet?
6. what is nature of man? is man basically good or evil? how does it show in the story?
7. how and what is religion or believe in that day (in this play)? how is this belief or religion effect in the story. and compare it with the believes that people have today.

answer the questions and give some thinking. and use simple words.
Thank you

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