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Title: What is Art Now

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Essay Instructions: What is Art Now? A more precise topic will you to develop a specific argument, which is essential to a successful paper. This draft thesis statement should include the essay topic.
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Title: What is Art Now

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Essay Instructions: After writing the thesis statement, continue in a 1500-word paper, respond to the question: What is Art Now? For the final paper, you will want to narrow down your answer to focus in on one issue that was raised during the term. A more precise topic will allow you to develop a specific argument, which is essential to a successful paper. Your paper must include a thesis statement in the introduction, a body and conclusion, footnotes and bibliography, and figures (i.e. illustrations) where appropriate.

You are required to include at least 5 sources in your bibliography, which will also be cited in footnotes. You may use any style of citation, as long as you use it correctly and consistently.

The written thesis statement:
The Art Now series deals with presenting audiences with presentations held by a wide range of artists and individuals involved in art. This course displays innovative elements meant to assist people as they focus on getting art majors. Guests provide audiences with information regarding their work, contemporary issues in art, and generally speak about pioneering ideas meant to help students in finding inspiration for their personal works. We are likely to experience creative progress during this course as a result of being exposed to an important amount of works belonging to a wide range of domains related to art. Seeing talented and successful artists as they put across their feelings concerning their works and as they express tips in regard to attitudes that people should employ while working in art-related fields enriches one’s personal experience and makes it possible for the respective person to restructure his or her thinking with the purpose of being able to exploit his or her abilities to the fullest while creating. For example, considering Bruno Billio’s sculptural installation, people are likely to acknowledge that art can enter society without actually doing it in an artistic environment, as it can interact with people who are not necessarily interested in it and make it possible for them to be presented with the world of art in spite of their initial hesitation about doing so.
In the lectures, many contemporary artists spoke about their personal works, what inspired them in coming up with certain ideas, and reasons for which one needs to adopt certain techniques in creating art. Artists such as Mandy Espezel, Faye Heavyshield, and Bruno Billio influence people in opening their minds to art and in generally understanding that it does not have to be restricted by conventional concepts. Although these three artists come from different backgrounds and focus on creating works of art that address particular publics, they provide an overall contribution to our experience while in this course.
Espezel’s discussion regarding art extended to the relationship between a series of elements that the artist disposes of at the moment when he or she creates. An individual needs to focus on successfully combining his or her experience, the materials that he or she uses, and innovative concepts that he or she is interested in expressing through his or her artwork. She speaks about how it is important for the individual to focus on his or her background and on his or her personal experiences in creating art that is as unique and as intriguing as possible.
Faye HeavyShield’s is probable to have influenced her overall style and her position in regard to art. Even with that, the fact that she considers minimalism important makes it possible for students to understand that complexity is, in some cases, the result of simple ideas. She advises audiences to concentrate on their past, their present, and their imagination as they try to understand or produce art. Consequent to listening to her presentation, one is inspired in getting actively engaged in the process of creating art through becoming one with his or her ideas and with the resources that he or she wants to use. From this artist’s point of view, art can be fabricating through using one’s personal convictions and through also expressing focus in new concepts, as conceptual art can be particularly important in shaping an individual’s personality in accordance with what he or she want from art and from life as a whole.

Course Description: Art NOW is an innovative course built upon an extensive Visiting Speakers in the Arts Program, one of the largest and longest running such programs in the country. Art NOW centres on presentations by guest speakers including artists, art historians, critics, cultural theorists, curators and filmmakers. Up to three different speakers per week, representing a wide range of contemporary practices, discuss their art, ideas, working methods, and issues in the visual arts. Through the diverse spectrum of lectures, students gain a broad exposure to a range of work including painting, sculpture, photography, performance, drawing, installation, video, sound art, public art, social practice, and collaborative practices.

Course Aims: The aim of Art NOW is to familiarize students with contemporary art, building a base of knowledge and confidence that will allow them to critically engage with contemporary art and the issues that it raises.

In this course, we talked about many artists. They are Lyndal Osborne, Markus Andresson, Robin Moody, Denton Fredrickson, Michael Campbell, Mandy Espezel, Collin Zipp, Don Gill, Joy Charbonneau, Kelly Mark, Robbin Deyo, Catherine Ross, Faye HeavyShield, Rita McKeough, Ken Allan, Spring Hurlbut, Miriam Simun, Kyla Mallett, Melanie O’Brian, Marina Roy, Scott McFarland, Bruno Billio, and Sarah Cale. I hope the paper would mention about some of their artworks and how they influence your thoughts.

Additional Resources: Many contemporary artists have their own websites, which will provide information about the artist as well as a bibliography of articles on their work. You can also search the website of Canadian Art for relevant articles.

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Title: propaganda vs art

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Essay Instructions: i need a paper that explores the idea of propaganda vs. art. look specifically at leni reifenstahl. the thesis statement should be something like this, "before the onset of world war II MS. REIFENSTAHL and other german artists were considered a truly innovative , after the war their work was reviled as propaganda and not art. what constitutes the artists role in the world of a despotic regime. what are the boundries that address this question. do german artists of the period have a responsibility for what transpired in nazi germany.overall what is art and what is propaganda, is there a distinction between the two or is it just the result of who wins and who loses. i will need 2 citations per page.

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