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Instructions for West Side Story College Essay Examples

Essay Instructions: West Side Story (the movie)
Analyze the film's value as an historical document
illuminate the era in which the film was produced
Summerize the plot ( one page)
What were the circumstances surrounding production of the film (2 pages)
How did critics and the public regard the film
How did the film reflect America's interests (3 pages)
Biography of people involved in the production of the film or someone who wrote a book or article about the book.
use footnotes, double spaced, font 12

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Essay Instructions: From the film West Side Story, identify and describe as many as possible in the film about ethnicity on page 12, 14 from the book Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness, Rachel E. Spector, and heritage consistency from Table 1-2 and from the description found non page 14 -16 identify and describe the factors in the film.
References: must support qthe characteristics you have identified with research. Must use textbook Unit III, Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness, Rachel E. Spector 7th edition plus a minimum of one other reference.
Web side,

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Essay Instructions: Topic: West side Story 1961 Movie

It should be two to three pages in MLA format.
You don't need to cite anything so there should not be a Works Cited page or any source material.
You should include your response to the movie which consists of your reaction, your thoughts, your feelings, and / or your appraisal of the event, and then use some terminology and analysis from the appropriate chapter in your textbook.
If you watch a movie, read some information on film-making and use some of the terminology. If you watch a play, read about the elements of drama.
Try to connect your cultural event to something we have seen, watched, or listened to in class. What did it remind you of? A response is NOT a summary of the event or the film.

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Title: Musical Theater west side story

Total Pages: 2 Words: 742 Sources: 1 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: This is a dance ch=lass so reference to dance and styles movement important.

West Side Story "COOL"

2 page analysis of the choreography dance style form West Side Story- "COOL" What is “Cool” about? As a human? As a performer? To you? Why is “Cool” challenging to today’s dancer? What method of dance was introduced in this piece. How are the characters developed

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