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Essay Instructions: To fulfill this requirement, you must actually a paper consisting of a comparison and contrasting of two (2) websites. You must spend a few hours surfing the web looking for two websites on the same topic related to psychology.
For example: Schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease, brain development in early childhood, motivating employees, prejudice...there are many possibilities!

The final version of each review must include the following elements:
1. URL and date of your visit.
2. Name of individual, corporation, institution or school who created and maintains the site.
3. An appraisal of the format in which the material is presented at the site (easy to read, good illustrations etc.) Feel free to compare your two sites - If a friend were seeking information on this topic, would you recommend one over the other? Both? Neither?
4. Three things you learned from visiting the site. If you didn?t think the site was very good, give three reasons why you formed this opinion.
5. Refer to the links on website evaluation for further tips on doing a good website review.
6. To find a psychology website, you can utilize a general search engine such as Google, or Alta Vista, or you can use a psychology search tool such as PsycInfo. Type in a search term ?depression;? ?drug addiction? or the psychology topic of your choice.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Marketing evaluation of Kraft Foods website

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1055 References: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Here is the assignment:

Marketing Website Evaluation Assignment :

Kraft Foods uses the above Website as a part of their marketing strategy. Review the Website and write a 3 page paper on its effectiveness as a marketing tool. Include the things that you feel work well and the things that you feel could be done better.
My notes:
Please cite three (3) credible online references (not wikipedia, ehow, marking for dummies, etc...) , that have a direct online link and do not require a password to access (unless they are from EBSCO or Proquest). They must be online references such as Wall Street Journal Online, New York Times Online, or a publication that I can access through Proquest or EBSCO (please indicate if any sources are from EBSCO or Proquest so I know).

These sources should play only a minor role in the answer. If you use a direct quote please make sure to add commentary to it, to ensure it flows within the context of the paper. Do not use bullet point format for any part of this assignment. Please include a references/works cited section.

Please use the following textbook as one of the three sources/references:
Marketing Management by Philip Kotler and Kevin Lane Keller, 14th Edition, ISBN: 0-13-600998-0, Prentice Hall, Inc.
I will send the user/password info for this book shortly in the "talk to writer" section.

Instructor guidance:
This assignment is to be a Graduate-level marketing evaluation of the Kraft website. Your paper must be in depth and not just a few colloquial paragraphs. Please make sure you write your paper by conducting some research and citing both our text (Marketing Management, Kotler) and 2 external credible online sources. It adds value to your assignment and will certainly boost your points. Remember to focus on the assignment and don't go off topic. Please follow the APA form and style of writing.

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Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Computers

Total Pages: 1 Words: 444 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Choose any topic related to computers.

Note: If the topic you choose is not related to computers, you will not receive credit for this assignment.

a. Go to and find three resources related to your topic. You will need to find 1 website and 2 resources from the following categories (you may not find 3 "textbooks"). You need to use SPC's electronic library to find all of these resources:

1. Website - required

2. Journal

3. Magazine Article

4. Textbook

5. E-book

6. Newspaper Article

b. You will format (type) the three sources using APA formatting as learned on this lesson. You may use the Citation Machine to help you with the formatting. Answer the following questions for each of your resources.

Text of Assignment:

1. Answer the following questions for all of your resources (except the website). Note: The website has its own set of questions - see below. Use the following questions as a guide to evaluate the benefits or shortcomings of your selected sources.

a. How did you locate your resources?

b. Which search engine or subject directory did you use?
c. What search terms did you use? d. Did you use the advanced search feature of your
search tool to narrow your topic?

2.Cite the site (for all resources)
Fields required:
Author's name. Name of Website. Date site published or most recently updated.
Sponsoring institution. Date site accessed.
Landsburg, Steven E. "Who Shall Inherit the Earth?" Slate 1 May 1997. 1 Oct.
1999 .

3. Website Evaluation - to be used for the websitea. Who developed the site?b. What is the author's affiliation? credentials?c. Does the author have a bias? a sales pitch?d. What is the mission of the "parent" organization or institution?e. How often is it updated?f. What is the purpose of the website?g. Is the site trying to sell a product?h. Who is the intended audience?

Excerpt From Essay:

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