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Title: water shortage in the middle east

Total Pages: 10 Words: 3722 References: 6 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Why is the water supply in the Middle East causing conflict?
| Water in the United States we take it for granted. We go to the faucet and clean, drinkable water comes out. That is not the case in other parts of the world. In this paper, I will look at how water shortage in the Middle East has become such a hot issue of today. In addition, I will explore the past, present, and the future of their diminishing water source, population growth, who it involves, and why it is causing them conflict. This paper will focus on Israel and Palestine. I will research to see if they have any current agreements between each other about the water, what are the main sources they share, and if they use de-salinization. This paper will also include a map that outlines the area of conflict between Israel and Palestine (i.e. Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea). This map will explain why there is an increasing conflict between the two. The map shows the water source, Israel’s security, and the countries that are fighting for an equal part.

In this paper, I will use the following sources to gather information and come up with a conclusion. The sources include:
Two website,, and another.
two, three, or four journal articles, “Water Wars in the Middle East: A looming Threat”. “Water Trade between Israel and Turkey: A start in the Middle East?”
Also including one book, “Water in the Arab World: perspectives and prognoses”.

Guidelines for Annotated Bibliography
• Frame your particular issue as a research question.
• Find five pertinent sources.
o One must be a book.
o Two must be journal articles.
o Two must be appropriate web-sites.
• Read this information. Take notes as you read. Ask yourself why this source is valid.
• Go to this link for guidance on writing and formatting: What is an Annotated Bibliography. Follow its instructions closely.
• Find/create a map that locates the issue and places it in some spatial context. This map will be part of your final project.
What will your final project look like?

1. Introduction: This will be similar to your proposal introduction. However, it will be longer because you have learned more about your topic.

2. Annotations: Use the guidelines on the link above.

3. Map: This map will be one that you have created or found which is directly related to your research question.

4. Conclusion: This will be few paragraphs in which you answer your research question based on the sources you have gathered.


Do not include lengthy quotiations in the annotations.

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Title: Arizona over use of natural resources and the shortage of waters

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1688 Works Cited: 6 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: 5 page term paper
Nature and values: Arizona's Water shortage- What values might be emerging that could lead to a change? Or how have values changed that have lead to this shortage? Main idea behind this term paper is nature and values how we value our natural resources and what changes in the values of the people in Arizona have lead to this over use of water which has not caused a problem. What measures need to be taken to correct this problem and bring the focus of nature and protecting natural resources back into the forefront of Arizonians values.
Term paper INSTRUCTIONS- Organize paragraphs into an argument, with an introductory paragraph organized around a clear thesis statement, supporting arguments in the body of paper, and a genuine conclusion (i.e., a statement that is more than a summary).

Arizona – Land and Water an Intertwining Issue
It is no secret that the Southwest is largely a desert, so it is not uncommon for the land to be dry and parched. However, recent developments have shown Arizona will be facing several serious water management challenges throughout the next three decades. Land use planning and conservation are ways to help alleviate this, but they must begin now if the relentless drought and low precipitation that have been occurring are to be adjusted for. The people who live in that area must have water, but it is running out. Since it is not possible to make more water, what is available must last longer, and as the population grows it must be spread out between more people. Growth and development of Arizona are intertwined with water usage and it is necessary for water users, water managers, governmental and nongovernmental organizations to work together to control the depletion water resources through the use of conservation measures and proper planning for the land that is left.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Future Wars of the Middle East will result over water shortages

Total Pages: 75 Words: 22307 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Proposal
Tittle Page
Signature Page
Approval Page
Works cited Page
Acknowledgement Page
Table of Contents
List of Tables/Charts/Figures/Graphics/Pictures
List of Symbols/Abbreviations
Literature Review

Request status updates.
Request you provide copies of cited sources.

Governments around the world have a primary concern over water and the Middle East and North Africa are no exception. In this part of the world, future water shortages can be catastrophic and the catalyst for future wars. Current conflicts, peace initiatives, and international relationships between nations in the region have water or the lack of water as a common element. In the future, water could be the primary reason for nation states to go to war.

A few considerations of many possiblities in no specific order:

a. Increase demand.
b. Decrease supply.
c. Population explosion
d. Region tension, disharmony, and centuries of conflict.
e. Significant border disputes.
f. Vague international and national laws.
g. Geography
h. Desert / drought
i. Economic growth
j. Pollution
k. New water exploitation methods

(a). Examine variables
(b). Predict possible future Middle East and North Africa hydro-based conflicts.

Establish findings and conclusions.

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Title: Conflict of resources

Total Pages: 9 Words: 3478 Sources: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: The research paper's topic is the war for resources. The topic is related to chapter six in the book Just Peacemaking. This paper needs to be nine pages long, not including the bibliography. The paper should discuss how we fight for resources; For example the Persian Gulf War was in large part a result of who were the owner and controller of oil there, any examples like that would be useful. In the chapter I am sending, it discusses how the next war will be for water. I need the paper to be about the resources we have fought for, the resources that we may or will fight for, ways of conserving the resources, and ways for fixing shortages of the resources. For example with the water shortages, maybe find a good way to purify salt water. On top of all this I need to tie all this into peace making. For example if we find a way to limit our resources so everyone can use them, we will live in a more peaceful manner.
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Excerpt From Essay:

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