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Title: Water Restrictions Block billing

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1408 References: 5 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: It is to be a persuasive research paper. My topic is related to our local water restrictions and block billing that the city council designed. The block billing was averaged from September 06 - Feb 07, the time when consumption is lower. The latest twist in this case is that last week we were put on a stage 4 alert regarding water usage. I need to site a minimum of 4 sources and it needs to be between 1200-1800 words. Below is a list of references I had found. I don't need to use those specific ones but it will give more direction as to where to find material about our local requirements. I also was using another city for comparison, Santa Fe New Mexico. I am against the block billing especially since the charges are not based on real normal use, but for water conservation.
Blackburn, Elliott. Homeowners face tougher watering rules Lubbock Avalanche Journal, June 27. 2006 also available at
Comprehensive Water Conservation Requirements, Santa Fe New Mexico,
Gray, Stacy. City lays down law on water conservation, Lubbock Avalanche Journal, July 30, 2006.
Water Rate Information” Calculation Method, April 1, 2007
Water Ordinance”, City of Lubbock, January 12, 2007 First draft, February 22, 2007 second reading.
Blackburn, Elliott. Homeowners face tougher watering rules Lubbock Avalanche Journal, June 27. 2006 also available at

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Title: Water Awareness and Education for Sustainable Watershed Management

Total Pages: 11 Words: 2917 Works Cited: 15 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: This is a Project Proposal to address a sustainability challenge that relates to sustainability with regards to water protection. Need assistance making it relevant to
? Relationship to people, prosperity and the planet
? Relevance and significance to developing or developed world
? Implementation of the project as an educational tool

I have started the Background but it is not complete (see below) - needs to specifically address the previous bullets. I have some references already but will need more. I need assistance developing the project which is the development and initiation of innovative and interactive educational workshops for inhabitants of the Medina River Watershed (Bexar & Medina County TX) which will address non point source pollution in urban and agricultural environments; water conservation at home and on the farm and establishment of extensive collaboration between the local townships, farmers, ranchers, general public and school districts. It needs to outline purpose, scope, data to be used and how will results be measured.



Background and Problem Definition
(What is your project and why is it relevant?)
? Relationship to people, prosperity and the planet
? Relevance and significance to developing or developed world
? Implementation of the project as an educational tool

Purpose, Objectives, Scope
(How will your project resolve the problem you defined?) (Include the five sustainability questions here.)
(1) What is your proposed technical challenge to sustainability? Describe it in some detail, cite sources used.
(2) What innovative design approach (with technical merit) will be used to address the challenge?
(3) How will the proposed challenge address sustainability, specifically to people, prosperity, and the planet?
(4) What is your strategy for measuring results, evaluation and demonstration?
(5) How will the research/project concepts you propose be used as an educational tool?

Data, Findings, Outputs/Outcomes
(Quantify its value to society.)
? Streamlined life cycle costing and analysis, if appropriate
? Quantifiable and qualitative benefits to people, prosperity and the planet (estimated or actual)

Discussion, Conclusions, Recommendations
(Why is it worth funding?)
(Note: Wherever possible, the report should provide quantitative data to more completely describe how the criterion has been addressed. It is appropriate and acceptable for the quantified benefits to be projected or likely as long as the implementation assumptions are clearly identified.)

(Funding or sponsorship needed (local highschools as meeting places, support from conservation groups, technical support for developing workshops, professional support) Anticipated budget is $10,000.)

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Title: Florida's water source

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1865 Bibliography: 12 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

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Demonstrate through writing an understanding of th natural water processes of Florida its significance in sustaining and developing human society, and the impact of human development on the water supply.

Minimum of 5 pages maximum of 8 pages

MLA citation style.

At least one newspaper article.

At least two magazine articles.

At least two governmental-entity resources.

At least two authoritative texts no older than 10 years.

At least one pamphlet.

At least three web sites.

Works cited

Bibliography of works consulted or pages visited.

Somewhere in the paper define the terms Aquifer, Karst Terrane, Sinkhole, Recharge Zone.

Begin the paper talking about hydrologic cycle and provide a full rendering of the cycle.

Answer the following questions in the paper.

Why is water a renewable resource?

What is a disappearing stream?

How does rainfall enter the aquifer?

How is the aquifer recharged?

What is the population density of Florida?

How much population growth has Florida undergone in the last forty years?

How are sinkholes created?

How can individuals conserve the natural water supply?

What steps can be taken to reduce water consumption?

What is the significance of reclamation water?

How do wastewater treatment facilities reclaim water?

What is the geologic composition of the underlying bedrock of Florida?

What animal is responsible for the geologic composition of Florida?

How Does human activity affect water quality?

Topics need to include

the Hydrologic Cycle (start here!!!)

Aquifers, Floridan, Surfical, Biscayne, Sand and Gravel Confined, Unconfined.

Karst Topography

Sinkholes and Disappearing streams

Wastewater treatment

Water conservation

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Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: These are forum discussions that I have run out of time to complete due to work schedule. I have up to the 26th of November to complete east coast time. I will attach text resources for some of the topics to reference to. If you need anything else please let me know. It may take a day or two to get back with you because of the time zone for which I work in(overseas).

Part I: Questions
Discuss water conservation and water supply by responding to the questions below in your initial forum post of a minimum of 250 words due by Thursday.

Water Conservation Water conservation is key to reaching a sustainable water balance. Please respond to these questions:

What is your perspective on the availability and use of water in your area? (?Your perspective on water differs whether you live near the Great Lakes, in the arid west, or by the coast.?(McCarthy, 2009)
Outline a brief water conservation plan for your own daily use. How will these changes affect your personal life? What impact will it have on your local water supply?

Water Supply In order to supply water to humans certain technologies must be utilized. Pick one of the following water supply solutions that you think should be pursued and describe the pros and cons of the solution and why you chose it. Use reference sources in your research and discussion.

Reclaimed/ Recycled Water

Dams and diversions
Part II: Participation:
Respond to at least two (preferably more) classmates' or instructor posts prior to Sunday. Your follow-up posts should add additional insight to your classmates? opinions and can challenge their opinions. Check back throughout the week to respond to ideas and comments.

United States Geologic Survey (USGS). n.d. Where is Earth's water located? Retrieved from

McCarthy, J. (2009). Saving Some For The Fishes And Rethinking The Future of Our Water Supply. Retrieved from

This discussion group will focus on global climate change. Many scientists think this is the number one environmental issue the world faces today. In order to have a useful and enlightened discussion, it is important to understand data behind global climate change.

Part I. Questions:
Please choose one or more credible reference sources of your own or from the Global Climate Readings and Activities section below and then post a thoughtful 250 word minimum response about global climate change no later than Thursday. You may use any of these questions in your response:
What are the most serious aspects to global climate change in your opinion? What data do you find most and least compelling?
What do you think are feasible solutions to global climate change, if any (e.g., carbon banks , manufacturing plant emissions upgrades, reducing vehicle emissions, etc. (see Berg et al. 2011 Chapter 9)?
Is the United States doing enough to reduce carbon emissions?
Will the recent Copenhagen Climate Conference do anything to slow global climate change?
Do you agree with President Obama?s proposed commitments during the Copenhagen Climate Conference?
Explain, with sufficient detail, the reasons and thoughts behind why you chose your responses to each of these questions. There are no "right" or "wrong" answers only ones without sufficient data and/or thought.

Part II. Participation:
Respond to at least two (preferably more) classmates regarding their ideas about global climate change and solutions no later than Sunday. Your follow-up posts should add additional insight to your classmates? opinions and can challenge their opinions. Check back throughout the week to respond to ideas and comments.

Research and Reference Citations:

Global Climate Readings and Activities-Choose One to Two

Reading: Berg et al. 2011 Chapter 9 [textbook]

Reading: U.S. EPA website with lots of information on global climate change (

Reading: National Science Foundation funded project describing global climate change ( )

Reading: NASA sponsored project for teachers about global climate change

Reading: National Geographic overview of global warming (

Reading: Manufacturing efficiency and reduction of carbon emissions (

Reading:International Energy Agency (2007) on manufacturing efficiency (

In Berg, et al. (2011) Chapter 14, genetic engineering is described. Farmers, animal breeders, and scientists have been making genetic selections for desirable characteristics in farm plants and animals for centuries using traditional breeding methods. Genetic engineering has the potential to accomplish this in a fraction of the time. However, the production of genetically modified plants and farm animals using the new techniques in molecular biology is controversial. Furthermore, the development of genetic engineering technology opens possibility of cloning human body parts or even individuals. This U.S. government website ( contains a cloning fact sheet, and links to other interesting information and news regarding genetic engineering and cloning.

Part I. Questions:
After reviewing your text, the website on cloning technology, and any other credible reference sources, explain your opinion of two or more of the following questions in a 250 minimum response no later than Thursday:
Is genetic engineering fundamentally different than traditional plant and livestock breeding? Does that matter?

What is your opinion on creating, growing, and consuming genetically modified plants (GMOs)?
What is your opinion about using genetic engineering to develop "better" farm animals?
Can genetic technology offer a solution to world food shortages (an environmental problem)?

Optional: Often with a discussion of genetic technology other scientific and medical applications are brought up. If you would like you may also include your opinion about (A) using genetic engineering to cure human diseases (gene mapping and pharmaceutical development) and (B) using genetic engineering to clone human body cells, tissues, organs, limbs (therapeutic cloning).

There are not right or wrong answers, what is important for our discussion is how you explain your position

Part I. Questions:
Environmental topics are in the news every day. Focus, both in our classroom and the media, is often on the major environmental problems. Too often the positive success stories go unnoticed.

Choose a success story related to the environment utilizing at least one reference source. Write and post a 250 word minimum discussion of the success story prior to Thursday. Include these areas in your discussion in sufficient detail:
Background to the success story
Summary of the success
Application of the success to other environmental issues or problems

F#3 Constitution Day

Part I: Questions

The preamble of the US Constitution directs the Federal Government to "promote the general welfare"...."secure the blessings of liberty" ..and protect "ourselves and our posterity". When thinking about our obligation to protect the environment, can a case be made that we are constitutionally bound to do so based on the quotes I gave you? What do you think? If so, how does that play into our responsibility to conserve and lessen our ecological footprint? If not, why not?

Excerpt From Essay:

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