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Essay Instructions: Water and wastewater analysis

The Senior Water Quality Management Executive has sent you list of chemicals that he would
potentially like to have monitored in wastewater and drinking water samples. He has requested you to
prepare a report on the current options for analyzing these chemicals in water. He has requested the
report to include the following information:
from the list of elements I select (Cadmium Cd)

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Title: See below

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Essay Instructions: Water Crisis, Watersheds in Japan
1) Discuss the characteristics and severity of any current water crisis and the situation 15-20 years from now (including human and other ecological impacts).

2) tell the reader where they are in the country and what goes on there.

Including at least one map is strongly advised.

talk about what it is (was) like with minimum human activity and what it is like now. If there are plans for the near future already laid out, those can be covered in the section on the future below [5)].

3) Is there a water crisis currently in these watersheds? If not, has there been one in the past few years or decades? If so, how severe is it? Remember that you're looking at all members of the ecosystem (not just humans). Use de Villiers' early chapters as a guide to this part. You can sometimes say clearly yes, or clearly no. Sometimes it's hard to tell.

4) Are there any obvious policy or other economic measures that you could (would) introduce to ease the situation TODAY.
5) Looking 15-20 years ahead and using your knowledge from the urban part of the course: What do you think the watershed(s) is (are) going to look like?

6) Repeat 4) for the future situation. Has a water crisis appeared where there was none before? Has the crisis worsened if it was there before? Discuss the policy and economic measures in the future context.

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Title: Zero Tolerance in School

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Essay Instructions: Water Gunman: Administrators saw three students at the Union Colony Charter School in Greeley, Colorado, playing with a water gun. According to the school's interpretation of the state's zero tolerance weapons law, which mandates suspension of students who "carry, bring, use or possess a firearm or firearm facsimile at school", the unnamed boys have been suspended. According to standard practice in weapons cases, the boys must now face expulsion hearings.
In an essay of at least 900 words, discuss the effects of zero tolerance in your particular school environment. What would you do in the aforementioned zero tolerance situations? come up with a plan of action and outline the pros and cons of your plan.
Evaluate the repercussions and ethical implications of expulsion in your school environment. Be sure to cite case law in a discussion of possible court rulings if your decision were taken to court. Regarding ethical implications, what does the research indicate regarding expelled students? What does your expulsion policy say to your community? How are other students, parents, and faculty impacted by these decisions?

Im hoping that you can cite a small portion of the essay from 2 particular articles - I will send them ASAP

You can cite any case law you feel is relevant to the essay
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Title: English

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Essay Instructions: Write an essay about water Water Pollution, using 5 sources, which include a New York Times article,new york times editorial, other news sources report/ editorial, 3 organizations representing both sides and info from 2 books.

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