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Title: Warren Buffett

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Essay Instructions: Background on the research paper provided by my professor:

In view of the economic meltdown of 2008 and the renewed interest in government regulation, as well as business ethics, a close examination of individuals who might be called wheelers and dealers or, at the very least, enterprising people seems warranted not only in the immediate aftermath of the myriad shocks of '08 but going forward for several years, if not for a decade or longer. For that reason, you are going to be asked to choose an individual from the list which follows the explanation of this assignment. Please note that while some of the people on the list were convicted of wrongdoing, not everyone on the list is a villain.

I choose to do Warren Buffett. Below are the instructions my professor provided:

1. Find six sources dealing with your individual. If a biography or autobiography of the person has been published, this must be one of your sources. Your other sources should be articles which have appeared in reputable periodicals or newspapers.

2. From your collection of six sources, choose the one which you found most informative and write a two page critical analysis of that book or article.

3. Attach to the critical analysis of the source three pages containing the following:

a. a discussion of your subject's wealth accumulation strategy

b. your views on the individual's impact upon the American and/or global economy

c. a discussion of the person's philanthropic initiatives

d. your assessment of the person - Is this an individual you would like to meet? Why?

Has this individual, in your opinion, been a force for good or evil in the nation and in the world? What criteria would you use to determine this?

4. Attach a bibliography containing complete citations for your six sources.

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Essay Instructions: CASE 1: Warren Buffett:
Using the information in Case Study 1 answer the following questions.
(a) From Warren Buffett?s perspective, what is the intrinsic value? Why is it accorded such importance? How is it estimated? What are the alternatives to intrinsic value? Why does Buffett reject them?
(b) Critically assess Buffett?s investment philosophy. Identify points where you agree and disagree with him.
(c) Should Berkshire Hathaway?s shareholders endorse the acquisition of PacifiCorp? Why?

CASE 2: Bill Miller and Value Trust:
Using the information in Case Study 2 and the finance textbook by Bishop, Faff, Oliver and Twite, Corporate Finance, answer the following questions.
(a) How well has Value Trust performed in recent years? In making that assessment, what benchmark(s) are you using? How do you measure investment performance? What does good performance mean to you?
(b) What might explain the fund?s performance? To what extent do you believe an investment strategy, such as Miller?s, explains performance?
(c) Consider the mutual fund industry. What roles do portfolio managers play? What are the differences between fundamental and technical securities analysis? How well do mutual funds generally perform relative to the overall market?
(d) What is capital-market efficiency? What are its implications for investment performance in general? What are the implications for fund managers if the market exhibits characteristics of strong, semi-strong, or weak efficiency?
(e) Suppose that you are an advisor to wealthy individuals in the area of equity investments. In 2005, would you recommend investing in Miller?s Value Trust? What beliefs about the equity markets does your answer reflect?

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Title: authentic leadership

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Essay Instructions: Chose a leader, present or past whom you think is an authentic leader: - Research about that leader- Reflect on the facts- Write about their core values in a critical way.- What worked and didn't work in their life- What did you learn about that authentic leader

I was wondering if you can write about Warren Buffett, because that is the leader of my choice. Also please make sure that you quote every source you use.

I need the paper to be APA format with a bibliography. I have to add more pages so I can go ahead and complete the conclusion.

Ultimately, I want my papers writing style to match my other paper that is being written by Bolvans right now, so if possible I would like him/her to write it or just anyone that has pretty much the same writing style.

If there are any questions or if something is not clear, please feel free to contact me for details.

Thanks a million,

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Title: Case Study

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Essay Instructions: Master's Program, Course "Financial Issues for Managers"

The case study is from Case Studies in Finance,,Managing for Corporate Value Creation, Fourth Edition, author Robert F Bruner, The McGraw-Hill/Irwin serioues in fiance, in0surance and real estate

Instructions....see the case below to read and the instructions at the end of the case.

Case-Warren E. Buffett, 1995

On Agust 25, 1995, Warren Buffett, the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, announced that his firm would acquire the 49.6 percent of GEICO Corporation that it did not already won. The $2.3 billion deal would give GEICO shareholders $70.00 per share, up from the $55.75 per share market price b efore the announcement. Observers were astonished at the 26 percent premium that Berkshire Hathaway would pay, particulary since Buffet proposed to change nothing about GEICO, and there were no apparent synergies in the combination of the two firms. At the announcement, Berkshire Hataway's shares closed up 2.4 percent for the day, for a gaiin in market value of $718 million. That day, the S&P 500 Index closed up 0.5 percent.
The acquisition of GEICO renewed pubolic interest in its archit4ect, Warren Buffett. In many ways, he was an anomaly. One of the richest individuals in the world (with an estimated net worth of about $7 billion), he was also respect4ed and even beloved. Though he had accumulated perhaps the best investment record in history ( a compound annual increase in wealth of 28 percent from 1965 to 1994). Berkshire Hathaway paid him only $100,000 per year to serve as its CEO. Buffett and other insiders controlled 47.9 percent of the company, yet he ran the company in the interests of all shareholders. He was the subject of numerous laudatory articles and three biographies, yet he remained an intensely private individual Though acclaimed by man y as an intellectual genious, he shunned the company of intellectuals and preferrred to affect the manner of a down-home Nebraskan (he lived in Omaha), and a tough-mined investor. In contrast to other investment "stars" Buffet acknowledged his investment failures quickly and publicly. Though he held an MBA frtom Coluymbia University and credited his mentor, Professor Benjamin Graham, with developing the philosophy of value-based investing that guided Buffett to hisw success, he chided business schools for the irrelevance of their theories, of fiance and investing.
Numerous writers sought to distill the essence of Buffett success. What were the key principles that guided Buffett? Could these be applied broadly ini the late 1990"s and into the 21st century, or were they unique to Buffett and his time. From an understanding of these princi;les, analysts hope to illuminate Berkshire Hathaway's acquisition of GEICO.

Instructions-complete and submit a 350-700 word report analyzing and responding to the three questions below. Also, briefly discuss agency theory and how it applies to Berkshire Hathaway's management and shareholders.

Under what assumptioons, would this acquisition make sense? What were Buffett's probable motives in the acquisition? Would the acquistions of GEICO prove to be a success? How would it compare to the firm's other recent invesments in Salomon Brothers, USAurm, anad Champion International?

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